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Ric Hassani is a fresh wave of Nigerian music. Kechukwu Eric Ahiauzu also known as Ric Hassani is a famous Nigerian Pop Singer and songwriter, born on January 6, 1989, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. His birth sign is Capricorn. He is the last child in his family.


Ric Hassani’s biography is an interesting story of self-transformation, searching for unique style and self-confidence. He sang in classical choir when he was 7 years old. As a young boy, he liked physics, maths, reading and he was exposed to music a lot. His father liked to listen to classical music and high-life records.

Ric graduated primary and secondary school in Port-Harcourt, then he moved to Covenant University for his Bsc. programme. After that, he went to England for his Masters in Energy Economics.

His music career started in 2013 with the first attempts at playing piano and singing. Eric chose a nickname Hassani from TV series Fresh Prince.
Ric defines his genre of music as African-Pop. The singer admitted that he was influenced by such musicians as Sam Smith, Craig David, Chris Brown and his favorite band is Boyz II Men.

New life•

Since 2010 he has been working and living in Lagos. Ric has his own record label Riverland Records. He is a frequent guest at such festival as Malawi’s Lakes of Stars Festival.

Ric Hassani is known for his single “Gentleman”, and his debut album “The African Gentleman”. The album turned out to be very successful. The video clip for the song “Gentleman” established Ric as stylish African gentleman in western-style clothing with national African prints. Ric Hassani nationality adds a special taste to his music, since he does not forget about the roots.

Ric says that his biggest inspiration is movies, he loves to watch movies a lot. He describes himself as “effeminate emotionally” man. Hassani was trying to hide his high octave voice under the aggressive shield of rap music. Listening to his last soft songs it is very difficult to believe that he was a rapper. His rap nickname was Rico Slim. Hassani’s new style is devoid of aggressiveness, he represents intelligent and well mannered musical genre.

Ric Hassani has his own dressing style. Actually, he looks like a top model. He likes Tom Ford collection with African prints. Actually, he is working on his own clothing brand.

Ric says that his fashion style was inspired by Triple MG co-founder, Ubi Franklin. The singer tried to express by the clothing a style of his music, it is classic, African, and modern simultaneously.

In 2015 he released three projects – a compilation album called “African Tour Select Singes 2015” and an acoustic EP tagged “Ric Hassani” and the single “Gentleman”. This famous song has beautiful acoustic instrumental and smooth vocals.

Last year Ric Hassani was nominated for three AFRIMMA Awards in such categories as Best R&B/Soul Artist, Video of the Year, and Most Promising Artiste. Hassani’s team ran a web analysis and found out that 65% of listeners and fans of Ric are men from Lagos.


His songs can be called “soulful,” with repeating beat and minimal baseline, adorned with masterful acoustics. Ric pours his heart out through his lyrics. The main theme of his songs is love.

Ric also has the songs with drums for example “Believe” and “Number One” “Sweetest thing” these songs can even be called dance music. He has also successful marriage tracks such as “Marry You”.

“Gentlemen” is a song dedicated to two most important women in a man’s life, his mother and partner, and recently “Do like say” ft. DBYZ. This song has become his breakout song. Ric Hassani is working now on a new album with his producer Doron Clinton. Therefore, fans are waiting for new hits from a wonderful artiste.

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