Ruffcoin ft. Rudeboy – Yati Yati | Mp3 Download & Lyrics >> N.Rs


Ruffcoin comes through with a new tune titled “Yati Yati” to start 2019. He features Rudeboy on this Dbigwish produced record.

“Yati Yati” is a sweet blend of hip hop and highlife only a genius can create. Ruffcoin and King Rudy delivered a smashing sound you can’t resist. Mixed and Mastered by MixMonsta.

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Its boy ruff coin nwa Aba
Enyi no. 1
King of the Benz
(Onye ka akpali ego a)×2
(Ogini di putawa nu nogbo)
Now i gari gari gari
Baby toku yati yati yati
See I weep back outoustide yea
Borri borri borri
Now we balling balling balling
She be calling calling calling
When we get girl you talking lover out of warning warning warning
Haters got some for you
Get off! Yati oooh!
See them come up all on your face
Say your don’t care nobody… Yes!
Cause I gari gari gari. hu!
And now you have not even started
And keep on be doing b’cus
No send anybody body body
kpata ego, m gata kwa nu ego
Oga agba kwa apkiri ego ×2
Ihe ga eme ihe ga eme
Ego abata nu (egoo)
Nnukwu ego ka anyi ga eli ma guys
Puta na ogbo…,
I gona live lfe my way no be your life oh
Spend my money kamsi choo
No be your money oh
Onye ka ana akpali ego a brother
(Ipu ikonu)
Onye ka ana akpali ego a sister
(ipu ikonu)
Achugide ya chugideya, nke aga eji kubie onu,
achugidiya chugideya nkea ji eje gbujia ya olu… Yes!
Now I gari gari gari
Ha na akozi yati yati yati
Dem be ya boiling d boy before
But now they wanna paly paly
He he dem don taya to run
Now they don dey circle rest
Start to let whole wide know
Sleeping on the best
When you see a brother were Ego
Don’t you ever hate … Don’t!
Do your best and live the rest
Uwa by cha cha rotate
Are you looking for your loving
Loamy my home
Ain’t nobody do it for me
Gat to do it on my own
Now I gari gari gari
I even never started
Ima keep on just do it me no send anybody body
Obu nwetaa ego iga twa ego
Changie gbam ego Oga gbakwa gi
By ego. ×2
Ife ga eme ife ga eme
Ma ego abata nu ooooh
Nnukwu ego kanyi ge eli ma guys puta
I gona live my life my way no be your life oh eeh
Spend my money kamsi choo
No be your money oh
No be your money Yeee eeeeh!
If you sabi eeh.,
you go chop the money eh
Eeeh busy body Yeee eeh!
Ndi ilo, I go chop my money eeeh eeh
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