Bobrisky send message to haters amidst arrest.

Nigerian male barbie Bobrisky has reacted to his arrest and detainment by the police over a failed business deal.

NobleReporters as of yesterday reported the alleged arrest and detainment of the popular Nigerian Barbie.

Reacting to his arrest, Bobrisky criticised people who do not celebrate good things but the downfall of others.

The crossdresser took to his Instagram page to express that he was prepared for haters before choosing the path he has chosen.

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He said: “People never celebrate good news when it happen to someone they know. Wait till something bad happens or any bad gist, You will see them happy and gossiping.”

Bobrisky, who described himself as one of the strongest people on earth, said he does not care about haters, adding that nothing can bring him down.

The male barbie said: “I am a special soul from God made to be totally different from everybody.”

Bobrisky claimed that his party of over N20 million was cancelled unexpectedly because haters could not stand his progress.

He said: “So what else can break me if I can let go 20 million just like that? They are looking for broke and jobless partners. Not me and you.”

We previously reported that popular crossdresser Bobrisky was arrested again, but this time around it was not for his gender or transformation reason.

The internet sensation was picked up by men of the Nigeria Police Force over a failed business transaction. He was said to have been arrested on the night of Friday, March 6.

Bobrisky was arrested by the Lagos police division over his business transaction with Mrs Rosemary who is said to be the original owner of Bob Wing eyelashes which he claimed to be his own when it was launched.

Mrs Rosemary before now had dragged the cross-dresser to court, for allegedly not remitting the revenues generated from the joint venture.


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