You don’t have to be dirty after one birth mistake.

Most of young ladies today finds it difficult to get back in shape after kolabo and single birth.

You don’t have to place yourself as an old woman of 4 when you’re just with 1 at tender age.

>> Life is too short to cage yourself… Chop life and flenjo.

These are what to do to move on quickly and find better opportunities in life.

• Forget about the past, no one is above mistake.

• Think of the next big thing.

• Stay neat and fresh always (if compulsory, use perfume, roll on or spray)

• Don’t use wrapper.

• Change your underwears daily, better still twice daily. {Neatness is key}

• Slay again.

• Schedule your target, this time don’t looseguard.

• Do it again if you can’t hold it but be wise.

• It has happened, there’s no reverse.