COVID-19: Diagnosed players now feels good – Szczesny says.

Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny said on Monday that the players of his team who were infected with COVID-19 feel good and they don’t have any symptoms of the disease.

The team is in isolation after Daniele Rugani tested positive for coronavirus. Blaise Matuidi and Paolo Dybala were also both infected with COVID-19.

“Mentally it’s a hard situation. For 10 days all the team was isolated and we had to stay at home. The players who have already tested negative on coronavirus are allowed to leave the flat for example to do shopping. The streets are empty,” Szczesny was quoted as saying by Polish media on Monday.

“Rugani had a fever and asked for tests, just after he tested positive the club decided to isolate the team. Now all players who were diagnosed with COVID-19 feel good. We are still in touch and talk via social media because we feel solidarity in such circumstances,” added Szczesny.

The Pole decided to support Italy in the fight against coronavirus outbreak. “One might consider himself unlucky to be in Italy at this moment, the country hit hardest by the virus. But I don’t agree. I feel lucky to be here because I know this is a country that will beat this virus with unity and passion that Italians are famous for. I’m proud to share this difficult moment with the people of Italy,” wrote the player in social media.


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