MP3: Sam Hunt – Drinkin’ Too Much | Lyrics


Year: 2020

Song: Drinkin’ Too Much

Artist: Sam Hunt

Album: Southside

Feat: N/A



(6.31 MB)


Pour a drink and take a sip of it
Feelin’ like a hypocrite
Couple more and I don’t give a shit
I never used to talk, I never used to talk like this

I’m sorry I named the album ‘Montevallo’
And I’m sorry people know your name now
And strangers hit you up on social media
I’m sorry you can’t listen to the radio
And drive out to the place we used to get peaches down in Pelham
I know you want your privacy
And you’ve got nothing to say to me
But I wish you’d let me pay off your student loans
With these songs you gave to me
‘Member the first time you stayed with me?
Overpacked, and drove up, and went to the CMA’s with me
Two years later, it felt like you were a million miles away from me
And I was the one on stage, drunk
Barely holdin’ on, on ABC
Hope your dad still prays for me

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