COVID-19: Cases in Nigeria hit 2,558 with 170 fresh infections.


Nigeria has recorded 170 new cases of the novel coronavirus, bringing the country’s total infections to 2,558.

Lagos, the epicentre of the virus in Nigeria, and Kano states have the highest figures. While Lagos recorded 39 new cases, Kano recorded 29 new cases.

The spread of the virus further intensified in Ogun state as the state recorded 29 new states.


Bauchi recorded 18 new cases while Kaduna State has 15 new cases, NCDC also announced 12 new cases in Abuja and Sokoto State.

Katsina recorded eight new cases, while Borno had seven new cases.

Nasarawa recorded three new cases while Adamawa had two new cases and Oyo State got one new case.


In total, Nigeria has now confirmed 2558 cases of COVID19, discharged 400 persons, while 87 persons have died.

Nigeria will begin a “phased and gradual” easing of more than four weeks of lockdowns in the national capital and the largest city on May 4, President Muhammadu Buhari said in an address on Monday.



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