[Nigeria] Alaafin Of Oyo’s wife Queen Ola Attacks Queen Memunat On Birthday.


Queens of the Alaafin of Oyo’s palace, following the sour end of the enviable relationship between Queen Badira Ola and Queen Memunat.

Recall with NobleReporters that Queen Ola who turned 30 last year and Queen Memunat who is marking her birthday today, used to be best friends.

When the going was sweet, the two Queens who are both mother of a set of twins, were fond of wearing same clothes and are always at the beck and call of the Alaafin, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi.

Both friends, who are Alhajas (went to Mecca at the same time in 2017) were pregnant at the same time and gave birth to their babies a week apart.


First, Memunat had her twins, a set of two girls, while Ola had hers a week after and it was a set of two boys.

Sadly the relationship has now turned sour and a source in the palace said that Lizzy Anjorin had a role to play in it.

The two Queens who loved to display public affections for each other on social media, now shun each other and have stopped following each other especially as the Alaafin of Oyo now adores Queen Memunat more.


“Olori Ola believes that Olori Memunat is always spread false information about her, plus she doesn’t appreciate her new closeness with Lizzy Anjorin especially as she has now lost her position as the favorite Alaafin’s olori.….” Our source claimed.

It will be recalled that the Queens especially the Queen ola despised Lizzy Anjorin due to her closeness with the Alaafin, as a matter of fact, she has even once been caught on camera staring at Lizzy Anjorin with disgust.

Lizzy Anjorin however warmed her way into the hearts of the other Oloris especially Olori Memunat after she publicly debunked dating the Alaafin of Oyo.


In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote, “For those that are curious that maybe am his wife.. For your information, he can’t marry a woman that is not a virgin. Alafin is not OBA shakushaku ..For those that don’t like me or pick on me it’s because your internal and spiritual eyes are not functioning…A born ruler and authentic king can easily identify his/her fellow young or old and the chemistry always work like a magic…..Save your energy from curiosity and pray for who will love you like that. Just leave me and that baba alone. His love for me is something I can’t explain because am too young and I no get kobo for hand ..He is the one giving me…”

Liz Anjorin and Alaafin of Oyo
Months after, all the Queens, except for Queen Ola, honored the actress and business woman Lizzy Anjorin with birthday shout outs and tributes, letting the world know that all is well between them.

“The other young Queens have now taken sides with Olori Memunat who is now best friends with Lizzy Anjorin, leaving Olori Ola to herself…also, they will rather be associated with her for being humble and accommodating, than with Queen Ola who loves to carry her shoulders high. ” our source further disclosed.


Truly, when Queen Badira Ola was hit with the scandal of having extra marital affairs with Kwam 1 a few weeks ago, none of the Queens showed any form support to her, however they are presently celebrating Queen Memunat’s birthday today with PDAs and the kindest words on their Instagram pages.

Queen Ola on the other hand shunned the celebrant’s birthday and posted crytic messages on her Insta story instead.

Cryptic message that reads “Hijab isn’t a crown that shows the world you are a perfect muslim, it is a gesture of love, that shows Allah you are trying….Allah please remove all the fake people from my life, remove all those who “pretend” to like me but actually think negatively of me and speak ill of me. Please purify their hearts and remove them from my life, Amen”


Meanwhile, Queen Memunat shared a family photo of herself and her kids with the Alaafin of Oyo earlier today to mark her birthday

“I pray to You, dear Almighty Allah,to make all my dreams come true, for the years have taught me that as hard as I may try, I still cannot realize them through my own strength and wisdom.I pray that negativity is a thing of the past and that today marks a new, prosperous era in my life.” she wrote



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