MP3: Samzy – Red Dots (ft. Rema) | Lyrics

Year: 2020

Song: Red Dots

Artist: Samzy

Album: N/A

Feat: Rema

Prod: Eem Triplin

ft. Rema


Red dots
What’s going on call the boss
Tell me where to go where tonight
Ha, men I pray I never get caught
Ah, red dots
Ha, woe to whoever called the cops
Is it money boy I got a lot
You go get it if you play your part
Your, way, ah
(Oh my God)

Every day, every day
I be praying for a better day, better day
Shorte never used to like me now
Like me now
I got money so she see me now
See now, see me na yea
Twenty on a rollie coz I know my time is money yea
All my niggas balling when I fall I know they got me yea




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