COVID-19: Majority of Nigerian parents unhappy with School reopening


While private school owners are raring to go and re-open schools, most parents are not ready yet to release their children into the Covid-19 uncertainties out there.

The federal government has revealed that 80 per cent of parents have kicked against the reopening of schools.

According to State Minister of State for Education Emeka Nwajiuba, a survey by the ministry showed that most parents are opposed to schools reopening at the moment because they don’t want their children to be used as experiment.

“We are keeping the children at home because you can’t see coronavirus with your naked eyes and can’t know if a child is asymptomatic or carrying the virus. If he does, and he goes back and infects another person, there is no way for us to know,” the minister said of the survey.


“If there are parents willing to experiment – to check whether it can work or not, we can invite them to a test,” the parents were quoted as saying.

South Africa, the most infected country in Africa, diced wih the idea of re-opening schools. The result was a massive protest by parents following the spread of the virus among the pupils.

Nigeria, ranking second after South Africa, currently has 22,614 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

No fewer t 7,822 patients have been discharged, while 549 have died.