Who wins UCL determines who gets Neymar


The Champions League could be what finally determines Neymar’s future at Paris Saint-Germain. The Brazilian has recognised he wants to make history with the French club and his main aim is to lead them to the Champions League, with Ligue 1 already sealed.

Meanwhile, the club’s hierarchy has also marked the Champions League as the main objective after further investing in the squad. It is the one trophy they lack. Winning or not could be vital for Neymar’s future, and also for the club’s.

In this sense, in France they are sure that Neymar, who has a contract until 2022 and is not clear if he wants to stay beyond then, could remain with PSG if they conquer Europe this summer.


There are even reports of another contract in that scenario. However, if they don’t win it that could signal the end of his time in Paris once and for all. It would be another failure for Neymar and the club. All eyes, therefore, are on Lisbon, where the games will be played in August.

For now, the relationship between Neymar and PSG remains intact. They are focused on the Champions League.

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