Corey surprises slipknot tribute band’s adverts for new singer


Corey Taylor has surprised a Slipknot tribute band after personally responding to their advert for a new vocalist.

Taylor, the lead vocalist of the nu-metal titans, responded to a Craigslist advert that was looking for an “accurate, dedicated Corey Taylor” that was posted by the New Jersey-based band Of the SiC, who describe themselves as the “most accurate Slipknot tribute in the world.”

“We are in need of someone in the same or near same physical shape as Corey Taylor, 5’8,” reads the post. “That has the same vocal range, stage experience is a must! Be able to command a crowd and act the part.”

Showing a good sense of humour about the vacancy, Taylor shared the advert on Twitter and wrote: “If you’re interested, I’m also sitting at 166 lbs.”


Earlier this week, Slipknot shared their notorious home video collection, reliving their chaotic early days.

The half-hour video, entitled Welcome To Our Neighborhood, was originally shared in 1999 and has been re-released to mark the 21st birthday of the band’s self-titled debut album.

During the coronavirus lockdown, Slipknot have also been hosting a virtual edition of their Knotfest touring roadshow after their entire summer touring schedule was cancelled last month.



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