Storyline: How Akeredolu’s COVID-19 infection could hinder his re-election


For the next 14 day at least, Ondo Gov. Rotimi Akerdolu will lie low, nursing his health to beat the covid-19 virus that invaded his system.

In times like this when every second counts, the Ondo No.1 citizen’s latest health status has a lot of political implications

  1. His primary election campaign team will first experience shock, as all of them we have to go in for tests and isolate themselves for 14 days too.
  2. The psychological impact of this will tamp down the excitement and optimism of his team
  3. His arch enemies, within and outside the APC, will take advantage of that. More importantly, his estranged Dep. Gov. Agboola Ajayi who just defected to the PDP to battle in the coming guber election will get in the saddle. How will Akeredolu hand over to him?
  4. His APC challenger for the party ticket, Kayode Oke, will also take advantage of the disarray in Akeredolu camp to gain some more ground.
  5. If there are no underlining health condition may come back a changed man—very careful in his re-lection drive. After all, thunder must not strike same place twice.



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