As Man City craves to sign Lionel Messi


The forward is a rumored target who Pep would love to have. City have no real competition and if Pep can and wants to woo him this move is possible.

Likely? Of course not, but new reports of unhappiness in Spain can be the catalyst for the move. The move would come as a free transfer given Messi can essentially opt out this summer. Will Messi leave?

Spanish and Argentine press have claimed he is close to a final straw amid disorganization the clubs board level and straight up failure in the transfer window.

Lionel Messi Andreas Cucuttini
One wrinkle to monitor is that Messi can opt out both this summer and next in 2021.

That makes a reunion with Pep difficult unless he does it in the next couple of weeks because this is all likely Pepโ€™s final season at the Etihad. Could a Messi arrival next year keep Pep longer? Of course, will have to wait and find out.



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