Mia Khalifa share result of ‘Nose’ surgery | Photos


Mia Khalifa and her surgeon have proudly shared the results of her recent nose surgery, with the former adult star admitting she ‘could not stop smiling’.

She wrote: “THIS IS THE REAL RE-BRAND. @deepakdugarmd just changed my life and I couldn’t be happier or more ready for 75+ people to stare at my side profile at my wedding.

“This is day 2 post-op and I have a pain scale of 0 so far. I’m gonna take y’all on this whole process with me, and so is @deepakdugarmd so follow him for the Q&A’s we did for y’all about my hopes/expectations.

“What I loved about @scarlessnose was that Dr. Dugar and I were on the same page about maintaining my strong middle eastern nose, just softening it to be more feminine. I can’t wait to show y’all the result.”


Seven days after the op, Khalifa’s cast has now come off – with her rhinoplasty surgeon Deepak Dugar sharing a video of the removal on Instagram Stories, writing: “Cast removal is a painless slow process of rolling the cast off with a Q tip.”

Khalifa – who recently spoke out about how her adult film videos will ‘haunt’ her until she dies – also reshared the clip, writing over it: “Could NOT stop smiling.”

She also posted a video compilation on TikTok, showing the journey she had been through over the past few days.

At the end of the clip, she grins to the camera as she proudly shows off her healed nose.



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