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I leaped off my stool and ran over to where the cries were coming from, stopping in my tracks as I took in the scene before me.

Sarah was screaming in agony as she clutched her bloody hand to her chest, thick red liquid dripped down her arm staining her clothes and dripped onto the hardwood floor of the beach house. Both Cass and Sarah were sitting on the floor by the couches which explained why I couldn’t see them from the kitchen as the height of the couch blocked my view.

After taking in the scene before me I jumped into action and crouched down beside her, careful not to touch any of the glass that was scattered along the floor, I was grateful I had shoes on. “Hey its okay, I’ve got you.” I mumbled and moved her blonde hair from her face in a soothing manner, trying to calm her down. “Can I look at your hand?” She shook her head vigorously at my question and a whimper left her lips when she accidentally knocked her hand.

“What the hell happened?” This time my voice was a lot less soothing as I directed my question at Cass, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh but we seriously needed to get her to the hospital with all the blood she was losing. The fact that she was also drunk probably didn’t help.

“We were having an arm w-wrestle and t-then her hand smacked the bottle making it s-smash, I d-didn’t mean for h-her to get hurt.” Cass sobbed, it was clear the alcohol still had an effect on her. Thankfully, the glass bottle was green which would make it easier to find the glass in her skin.

“Come on Sarah, we need to stop the bleeding.” I knew that if I could get her to raise her arm then it could reduce the blood flow, memories from a few years ago came flooding back but I pushed them aside to help my friend. I couldn’t lose concentration now. “Do you think you could raise your arm?”

She nodded her head and slowly lifted her injured arm, another whimper left her lips as she done so but at least she had stopped crying. I stood to my feet and inspected her wound, I could hardly see anything due to all the blood but I could definitely see the big piece of glass sticking out of her hand.

“I need someone to hold her arm still and pass me a cloth or something.” Everyone had now circled around us watching what was happening. Xander crouched down beside Sarah and held her arm in place, making sure that he was nowhere near the wound. “You’re going to have to hold her tighter than that because she’ll try to jerk her hand away.” I muttered low enough for him to hear me but hopefully no one else could, especially Sarah.

Someone had passed a shirt to me but I didn’t look up to see who as my eyes were still on the huge chunk of glass. “Right Sarah this may hurt a little.” Ben took that as his cue to walk over and start talking to his girlfriend, distracting her from what was about to come.

I took that to my advantage and gripped the piece of glass and carefully pulled it out from her skin, within seconds I had taken out the glass and wrapped the blue t-shirt around her hand, making sure to keep pressure on it. Her scream made everyone in the room wince including myself.

A hiss left my lips when I noticed I had cut myself on the glass but I put the thought to the back of my mind. “Xander, what have you had to drink?” I asked, hopefully he could drive us to the nearest hospital.

“I had a cider two hours ago.”

“Get your car started, we’re taking her to the ER.” He nodded his head and got up from his crouching position to go start the car.

“Why can’t we call an ambulance?” Ben asked but he was still looking at Sarah who had noticeably gotten pale.

“Because we’re a bunch of teenagers who have a house filled with alcohol and very drunk teens.” I gritted out and tried to get Sarah to stand, her legs gave in as soon as she stood straight and I let her use my shoulder to lean on.

It didn’t help that she had also drank a lot.


The journey to the hospital was quicker than I expected but I guess that had to do with Xander’s speeding, we had made it to the ER and a doctor looked at her wound right away. I was thankful that it was a quiet night for them otherwise she could have been waiting ages.

Xander and I were in the waiting room while the others were still at the beach house, probably cleaning up all the blood so Sarah wouldn’t freak out when she got back. We had convinced Ben to stay as well, it was clear he was still drunk and Sarah didn’t need that right now.

“Remind me never to arm wrestle.” I muttered before taking a sip of the luke warm coffee Xander got me from a vending machine, an hour or so had passed already and we still didn’t hear anything from the doctors.

I had cleaned myself up not too long ago in the toilets but blood still stained my clothes making me look like I had just came off the set of Carrie.

“You shouldn’t arm wrestle anyway, haven’t you seen the videos of people’s arms snapping?” I cringed as I thought about those fail videos that always seemed to go viral.

I was about to respond when I noticed a doctor walking towards us, his hair was greying and you could tell from the look on his face that he had had a long day. “Are you the friends of Sarah Trescott?” I nodded my head immediately and he sighed. “As she is over the age of eighteen she asked us not to call her parents, however I highly suggest that you do. The wound in her hand was quite deep and she needed stitches, if you come with me you can see her.”

I leaped up from the chair and followed the man up a flight of stairs, a few minutes later we were in a large room with curtains separating the patients. The doctor left the room once he had lead us to a nurse who was standing beside Sarah.

“Her wound needs to stay clean to avoid any infections and her dressing needs to be changed every day for the first three days and then every other day for a week, here.” She handed me a piece of paper that had the prescription that we had to get from the 24hr pharmacy on our way out.

“If she is in pain she can take one of these every 4 hours, if she shows any of the symptoms than she needs to stop taking the medication immediately. The effect from her alcohol consumption has worn off but she may feel a little woozy from the medication we have given her.”

I nodded my head at her words and glanced over to Sarah to see her drawing in the air with her fingers. “What about her insurance?” I asked, it hadn’t occurred to me yet that we still needed to sort that out.

“That’s all been sorted, her insurance has covered all the costs so you don’t have to worry.” She smiled before quickly rushing off to another patient when someone called for help.


“Oh my God, Sarah, it was your hand that you hurt not your freaking legs, so get up!” I huffed and tried getting her to stand again, we had just arrived back at the house and I was ready for a shower and bed, I still had dried blood on me.

She made some kind of growling noise and laid back on the leather seats, I rolled my eyes at her behaviour “Fine be like that.” I grumbled and walked away, knowing full well that the others would be out soon enough to help her.

I was so tired and not to mention I was starving, I ate some pizza around 7 but it was now almost 3 am and I was ready for more food.

Ben came rushing over to me as soon as he saw me enter the house and asked how she was, I didn’t have time to explain anything to him before he ran out the house. I noticed everyone had sobered up by how the house looked spotless, you couldn’t even tell that it looked like a murder scene hours before.

“Is she okay?” Cass asked from the sofa, she was now in her pyjamas and had clearly showered.

“I’m going to let Xander explain, I really need a shower.” I pointed to the dried blood on my clothes and in my hair, how it got in my hair I have no idea. I knew Xander had managed to get all the blood off his arms at the hospital so he probably didn’t need a shower.

I didn’t wait for anyone’s response as I made my way to the bathroom and embrace the warm water that rushed down my body.

I was that excited to go in the shower I forgot to grab spare clothes, a towel would have to suffice as I wrapped it around my body and picked up my dirty laundry.

I hoped I didn’t bump into anyone in the hall way but I was that tired that I didn’t care at this point. I made it to my room without anyone noticing me, turning around after closing the door I froze in my spot.

Xander sat on the edge of the bed with his hand behind his back, he had changed from the clothes earlier and was now wearing sweatpants and a loose white t-shirt. “I brought you food.” He pulled the hand from behind his back and held up the brown McDonald’s bag, his other hand scratched the back of his head nervously.

A squeal left my lips as I saw the bag and if it wasn’t for the fact that I was standing in just a towel I would’ve jumped on him. “Thank you so much! Just let me get changed.” I ran across the room into the closet and grabbed cotton shorts and an old band tee from my duffel bag, I stayed in the closet as I got changed, barely drying off my body from excitement.

Once I stepped back into the room Xander was sitting on the bed with his back leaning against the pillow, he had taken out the food from the bag and laid it across the bed. My mouth watered at the sight of the fries and nuggets.

“I didn’t want to take too long so just ordered the sharing nuggets, fries and cola.” I smiled widely at him and sat down beside him.

“This is perfect, thank you.”

“Yeah yeah, I’m amazing I know.” I rolled my eyes as his response but the smile never left. “Now eat your food.” He didn’t have to tell me twice, within minutes we had consumed the food while watching Brooklyn nine-nine on his phone, neither of us spoke apart from the odd comment about the show.

I felt at peace, even though I had a fairly stressful night with everything that happened with Sarah and the memories that it had brought back from my early teens, I surprisingly felt great. Maybe it was the fact that I had now eaten and was watching Netflix or maybe it had something to do with boy lying beside me who bought me the food.

Either way I thought this was a great way to end a shitty night.

The episode ended just as a yawn escaped my lips, I gathered all the boxes off the bed and put them inside the brown paper bag before dumping it in the small bin in the corner of the room. Xander also got up and stretched out his body, his fist covering his mouth as he also yawned.

I couldn’t help but notice the way his shirt had risen to show the bottom of his stomach, I knew that him and the other guys worked out together a few times in the week but he had always been slightly bigger than the rest. I guess it was one of the perks of having an outdoor gym and pool, it was also one of the main reasons why he was a magnet to the female population. You would have to be blind to suggest that the twins weren’t attractive.

“I better head off to bed.” The smirk on his lips told me he had caught me staring but he didn’t say anything, I nodded my head even though I didn’t want him to leave. I hated to admit it but over the past few weeks I had become slightly needy in wanting him around me, and that need had only grew stronger after Halloween.

“Or you could stay?” I suggested, I told myself to ignore the way his face lit up at my suggestion but I couldn’t ignore the fact that it gave me butterflies.

“That sounds like a fucking plan.” He moved away from the door and strode over the bed where he climbed in after taking his top off and lifted up the covers on my side too. I flicked off the light and let my eyes adjust to the darkness before making my own way over to the bed, only I didn’t do it as gracefully and almost tripped over a shoe on the floor.

I crawled over to where he was and realised his arm was resting against my pillow, I took that as a sign that he wanted to cuddle and rested my head on his chest while my left leg wrapped around his. The exhaustion of the past few hours hit me like a ton of bricks and within seconds I felt my eyes start to droop, it didn’t help that Xander was massaging my hair with his fingers.

“Goodnight Taylor.” He whispered softly, so softly that I almost didn’t hear it.


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