‘People are after distractions’ – Leke Adeboye give reason in new post


Pastor Leke Adeboye has taken to Instagram to question the priorities of Christians in Nigeria today as many seem to be uninterested in things of the spirit and more interested in other ‘distractions’.

“According to Leke, who is the son of Pastor EA Adeboye, says, he realized from the interaction on his Instagram posts that “people don’t really want God.”

He further disclosed that, they are just after distractions. He further stated that posts with bible scriptures get only a few interactions while irrelevant posts get lots of views.”What’s wrong with us?” he asked.

Read his post below;

“I posted Bible passage at most would get 150likes, I post heart shaped pothole, I get 7,500 views. I post morning devotional I get 120likes. People dont really want God, they are just after distractions or what they can use to judge you. What’s wrong with us?” he wrote