What Koeman said to infuriate Messi


As the days have progressed since Ronald Koeman’s rather heavily publicised conversation with Lionel Messi, it has emerged that Barcelona fans have every reason to be worried about the Argentine leaving, however the Dutch coach is rumoured to have said something in particular which irked the iconic forward.

Whilst this was more a case of a new coach touching base with his captain rather than any sort of exit-talk summit, the results have been revealing.

According to Deportes Cuatro, it was a meeting of incredible tension and Messi himself was left surprised by the stance the former Southampton coach took.

There was one particular phrase the report has cited which is said to have left Messi somewhat furious.

“The privileges in this squad are over, you have to do everything for the team,” Koeman reportedly declared.


“I’m going to be inflexible; you must only be thinking about the team.”

It was such a show of authoritarianism that Messi took exception to, especially with his relationships with coaches at Barcelona having generally not been that way throughout his career.

What has followed is even further disruption to the idea that Messi will sign a contract extension at the Camp Nou, with several of his close friends and team-mates being told they can leave.

Luis Suarez is the most significant, with the relationship between the two South American forwards known to be extremely good, however he is also likely to be irked by the same message being given to Arturo Vidal.

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