Leo will leave Barca because he’s not happy – Messi’s Cousin confirms


It’s tough for Barcelona fans to imagine Lionel Messi at a different club, but his cousin Maxi Biancucchi feels there is good reason for his desire to leave.

Biancucchi believes that Messi’s happiness is the biggest factor in his wish for a new adventure.

“I thought he’d never leave Barcelona but Leo has to look for the place that will make him happy,” Biancucchi said.

“If he leaves it’s because he’s not happy and wants to look for a new challenge.

“He’s within his rights.

“They have to take into account how he feels.”

Biancucchi also gave his opinion on where he thinks he’ll end up.


“I’d like to see him at a team that plays good football,” he said.

“Of all the teams that have been linked with him, I think Manchester City would be a good fit.

“PSG would be good as well, but let’s just wait and see.

“I hope wherever he goes that he’s happy and at peace.”

However, he did say that he thinks that he’s still a Barcelona player.

“From what I’ve read, he has a contract until next year.

“If we think about it, it would be good for him to leave because the club would get a bit of money instead of him leaving on a free”.

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