Shocking: Messi already left Camp Nou


Jorge Valdano has given his opinion regarding the situation with Lionel Messi and Barcelona.

The Argentine, who spent three years as a Real Madrid player, believes that Messi has played his last game for the Catalan giants and the sooner Barcelona realise it, the sooner they can prepare for life without their superstar.

“Either he goes to another club or back home, he has already left Barcelona, I have no doubt about it,” Valdano told El Transistor.

“The sooner Barcelona can accept that they are going to lose their best player, the sooner they can focus on rebuilding their club.

“At 33 years old, he isn’t able to drag Barcelona out of situations alone anymore, but he wants to continue being Lionel Messi,” he added.

Valdano also compared the current situation with the one that saw Messi temporarily retire from international football.

“The situations are completely different, because there were no contractual agreements when Lionel left the Albiceleste, I don’t know how long this saga can continue, but the longer it goes on, the more toxic it gets for everyone involved,” Valdano said.

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