‘WAP’ – Cardi B was not ready for this amazing mashup & Taylor Swift’s debut.


The internet has once again excelled itself as one creative fan created an amazing remix of Cardi B’s WAP and Taylor Swift’s hit single, You Belong With Me.

Yup – 2020’s most explicit track got mixed with Taylor’s 2008 country pop track and even Cardi B was surprised by the results. The rap star reposted a clip featuring Tik Tok star Niamh Adkins’ hilarious take on the WAP challenge, playing on her creative mix. Cardi wrote alongside the clip: ‘I ain’t saw that coming.’

WAP, which features Megan Thee Stallion, was released earlier this month and has become one of the most divisive songs in recent memory.

However, it debuted at number one on the US’ Billboard Hot 100 chart earlier in August and earned the most streams in the first week of release with over 93 million plays. I ain’t saw that comin.

Fans have celebrated the female empowerment anthem – which stands for Wet As P**y – while others have criticised the explicit lyrics. But a highlight of fan reaction has come in the form of the WAP challenge and the ever creative mashups


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