Suarez makes ‘Remarkable Atletico Madrid Debut’


If his debut is anything to go by, Luis is going to have quite the career at Atletico Madrid.

Diego Simeone’s side were already 3-1 up when the Uruguayan made an appearance off the bench in the 70th minute.


It took him just a couple of minutes to have an effect on the game, playing a pass through for Marcos Llorente to score Atletico’s fourth goal.

Later in the match, Suarez won a penalty for himself, going down under the challenge of Fede Vico but, as the striker was preparing to place the ball on the spot, the decision was overturned.

Nevertheless, Suarez didn’t have to wait long for his first Atletico goal, guiding a header past Rui Silva in goal from Llorente’s cross.

In the final minute of stoppage time, the former Barcelona forward netted his second, reaching the rebound from his first shot before any of the defenders to finish past Silva again.


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