EndSARs: Muhammadu Buhari Addresses Nigerians | Video


There have also been cases of extrajudicial killings by some officials attached to SARS in different parts of Nigeria.

Buhari’s address came after weeks of local and international agitation against the now-dissolved controversial unit of the police.

In recent years, officials of the SARS unit of the police have been in a public bad light for harassment, illegal arrest and extortion of citizens, especially youths.

Nigerians, mostly in thousands online and offline demanded the scrapping of the police unit. Many of the protesters demonstrated overnight – especially in Lagos State.


The government, however, responded to these protest when Nigeria’s inspector general of police Mohammed Adamu on Sunday announced that the SARS unit has been dissolved.

“New policing arrangements to address the offences of armed robbery, and other violent crimes that fall within the mandate of the dissolved Special Anti-Robbery Squad shall be presented in due course,” Adamu said.

Despite announcing the dissolution of the unit, Nigerians – home and abroad continued the protest, demanding an overhaul of the police, an end to brutality and an executive order from Buhari to the scrapping of SARS.

Many were injured and one person killed during the protests in different parts of Nigeria when police personnel shot at protesters during the weekend. One of the protesters Jimoh Ishaq was shot dead in Oyo State on Saturday.


Buhari said he has directed an investigation into the Ishaq’s death.

“We also deeply regret the loss of life of the young man in Oyo State during the recent demonstrations. I have directed that the circumstances of his death should be thoroughly investigated,” Buhari said.

The president said the majority of Nigeria Police personnel are “diligent and hardworking in performing their duties” and their image should not be tarnished because of “a few bad eggs.”

Buhari stated that the responsibility of police personnel remains to protect citizens.


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