EndSARs: Nollywood Actors protest Justice.


Seyi Edun also told this newspaper that she is demanding a permanent end to police brutality.

Popular Yoruba actors, Yomi Fabiyi, Adeniyi Johnson, Shoneye Olamilekan, Lala Dapo, Funke Etti, and Seyi Edun have joined the protest against the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) taking place at Ikeja, Lagos.

Bearing banners that read, “Nollywood is saying: #justiceforJimohIshaq and others, #Endtotureinstations, #Endpolicebrutality and #ThankyouforendingSARS,” the actors said the entire police force needs a reform.

Yomi Fabiyi said at the event that Nigerian police officers need to stop harassing and brutalising Nigerians.


He said, “Can you slap your father like that? Can you slap your mother like that? Will you be happy if your children are slapped and beaten up?

“People are now afraid to come into Nigeria for the fear of what SARS could do to them. We cannot continue to live in fear. The government needs to put an end to police brutality.”

Speaking to Noble Reporters Media‘s known Media, Adeniyi Johnson said it is important for himself and his colleagues to be present at the protest because lives have been lost to the activities of SARS and it shouldn’t continue.

“When we were young, our parents will say I’ll call police for you and we’ll be scared. At this age, we are still afraid of police. Police are meant to protect us, not terrorise us. We should feel safe in the police stations but once you have reasons to be there, you’ll be scared for your life.


“If you don’t go to them, they’ll even come to you. Everybody is hungry in this country and fending to make ends meet. These men will still burgle our homes, break into our cars like criminals to rip us off, worst of all, rob us of our lives. All these must end,” he said.

“It is just wickedness. Police should stop brutalising people and killing them. Let there be a complete reform in the police force. We want police reform, don’t redeploy them into other units. They are still the same people. End police brutality, we are not criminals,” she said.

Funke Etti also said at the protest that the government should not stop at just ending SARS but there should be a total reform of the police force.


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