‘If we stay United, Barca can’t stand us’ – Courtois


Thibaut Courtois remains ambitious about Real Madrid’s chances to having a successful season in terms of silverware. Los Blancos go into Saturday’s Clasico off the back of successive defeats to Cadiz and Shakhtar Donetsk.

After those losses – Real Madrid’s first of the season – many have questioned whether Zinedine Zidane’s sidecan compete in all competitions like they did during his first spell in charge.

“I think that when you play for Real Madrid then the objective for very title that is in play is to go all the way and try to win it,” Courtois told LaLiga. “That’s what makes this the best team and greatest team in the world. We know this and try to win everything that comes up along the way. If the team is united, it’s very difficult to beat us.

“I want to win as much as possible at Real Madrid and try to keep helping the team, to keep this up. I try to improve every day because I’m still young and I think I can improve and take even more steps forward and help the team to win matches.

“I think we’re getting better every week and personally I feel that way too, so we’re keen to get going with a month that has a lot of important matches and we’ll try to take as many points as possible.”


El Clรกsico
Saturday’s Clasico gives Real Madrid the chance to strike the first blow in a LaLiga Santander title race with Barcelona. For Courtois, the fixture is a standout one in the footballing calendar.

“It’s a more special match,” Courtois said. “These are games that, from my childhood and even through my time playing at Chelsea, you would watch on TV if you could. These are special matches that you dream of playing in.”

“El Clasico is important, it’s the first clash between the giants. If we win then that’s good, but we can’t get complacent and we must keep winning.

“It’s a long season and there are three points on offer, just like any other week, but obviously it’s important to win for confidence and for pride. Above all, it’s about the pride of winning Clasicos.”


“Barcelona are always going to be good. I think that the noise around them is from the outside and I think that the team is united on the inside. We’ve seen that they’ve started the season well, winning matches. It’ll be a good game and a difficult game.

“They have a new coach and that’ll be different, but Barcelona also maintain a certain style and we have to be good tactically and we have to approach the game with a good mentality. I hope we can win it.”

Courtois goes up against Lionel Messi on Saturday – a player that he is yet to concede a goal to as a Real Madrid goalkeeper.

“Sometimes you try to find a pattern, to see if he tends to do this or that when facing a goalkeeper,” Courtois continued. “But, we’re also talking about a player like Messi and when you think he is about to do one thing then he can change and do something different at the last second. But, you can try to study him.

“Obviously it’s always special, since he is one of the best players in history along with Cristiano Ronaldo, for example. It’s nice to go up against these players. It means you can say to your children and grandchildren that you’ve played against them and denied them some goals.”