Pst Adeboye reveals reason for his decision to retire as RCCG G.O


The Open Heavens was written in a special way that every day had a specific message and a blessing attached to it, twenty years later, the daily journal has become one of Nigeria’s best selling books.

With over 5 million members worldwide, The Redeemed Christian Church of God is no doubt one of the biggest churches in Africa and the world at large.

Founded in the early days of 1952 on 1-5 Redemption Way, Ebute-Metta, Lagos with numbers rallying in tens and hundreds.

68 years later the church average attendance now stands at 100,000. Founder Josiah Akindayomi passed the baton to Enoch Adejare Adeboye in 1981 and under his leadership, the church have grown on to become a well respected figure in Nigeria.


Pastor EA Adeboye who was 39 at the time he took the mantle was backed with the grace of the Lord and blessed with the guidance of the holy spirit, through his leadership many souls were converted to heavens. He still felt like more could be done to impact the daily lives of Christians worldwide and in 2000 after 19 years in charge, he launched the Open Heavens daily manual.

Of recent, Pastor Adeboye have been sharing rather personal stories to inspire the masses. On sunday, he shared a personal story of how he had just been appointed the General Overseer of the church, he went to meet a friend who he believed was a close friend and after sharing the news and hoping a for a little advice, the friend drove him out.

The friend clearly told him that he never liked him from the onset and that he should never visit him again, the name of that day’s lesson was Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.


Today again, he shared another personal story of the time he got depressed. According to him, it was time after he had already been appointed General Overseer, the church was growing and people were coming in. However, he felt like the people he was pastoring and teaching were not showing any appreciation. He felt like his fasting and prayers were in vain as the people he was doing it for didn’t show any care and that he made a decision to resign from being the general overseer of the church.

After a short nap, he woke up to see a little girl that presented him with a cake saying she appreciated all he had done for everyone and that moment changed everything. He realized that even though people were not showing it, they cared and most especially God cared about him.

The title of the today’s message was Freedom From Depression II and it encouraged people suffering from depression to embrace the Lord. He also advised them to talk to someone and that food, alcohol and sleeping was not the answer. May we all be blessed


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