Aisha Yesufu reacts to demolition of Beer centres.


Aisha Yesufu, Nigerian sociopolitical activist and cofounder of the Bring back out girls movement has spoken on the trending issue as sh she calls it nonsense.

For some days now, the news of demolition of Beer parlours and alcoholic drinks in Kano by Hisbah has been trending and generating a lot of controversy on different social media platforms.

The same thing is reported to have happened in Kaduna as Hisbah destroys alcohol drunks and demolished beer parlours.


See her post below:

What nonsense is this for crying out loud? Businesses should sur the government and also the VAT from alcohol and co given to Kano should be used to compensate these businesses. Kano should stop getting such VAT.

When is hisbah focusing on the boys being sodomised by men in Kano?

She further says that the businesses affected should sue the government and that the Kano suould stop getting VAT (Value added Tax) from such products since they don’t want it sold in the state.


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