Obaseki’s ally collapse during second term inaugural


Obaseki had earlier in his speech said his re-election for a second term is hope for democracy as a participatory government.

The Aide-De-Camp to Governor Godwin of Edo State on Thursday, collapsed while the governor was giving his speech during inauguration .

Noble Reporters Media observed that Obaseki was sworn-in for second term on Thursday.

Half way into his speech, the ADC collapsed, but the governor continued with his speech.

According to Obaseki, democracy and participatory government is facing a crisis of confidence locally and globally, and thanked โ€œPresident Muhammadu Buhari for allowing the will of the people to prevail in Edo State.โ€

Obaseki said given the challenges democracy had faced, โ€œIt is gratifying that Edo State is taking on this onerous task of restoring faith in democracy.

โ€œWhat you, my dear people of Edo State, achieved on September 19 is the restoration of confidence in democracy and its institutions.


โ€œWe have become a point of reference on how the will of the people can triumph in a democracy that functions properly.

โ€œMy reelection represents new hope. I see myself as a vessel in the redefinition of democracy in Nigeria and I am not unaware of the enormous responsibility this places on me.

โ€œAside from the fact that it restores hope in democracy, our victory also offers an opportunity for us to bridge the gap between a challenged past and a promising future.

โ€œIt is time to heal. We are kith and kin with a common destiny. Letโ€™s stop dwelling in the past. It time to take our common destiny in our hands and commence the odious task of making Edo great again.โ€


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