COVID-19: Another wave could begin from Churches, Mosques – LASG


The Lagos Government, during a press briefing on September 19, 2020, announced the approval of churches and mosques to resume full services.

On Monday, 16th of November, the Lagos government warned the religious community to abide by COVID-19 safety protocols to stave off a second wave of the coronavirus following developments in European countries.

Speaking at the 2020 International Day for Tolerance, Commissioner for Home Affairs Prince Anofiu Elegushi said there was need for the worship centres to take safety protocols very seriously so we donโ€™t report a spike in cases in the state.

He said โ€œAt this juncture, let me reiterate and admonish our beloved people not to relent supporting and understanding the efforts of the Lagos State Government, we should not let down our guard, as it is not yet โ€œUhuruโ€, the battle against this dreaded virus is yet to be over. All guidelines and safety protocols to mitigate the COVlD-19 should still be strongly adhered to.โ€

โ€œWe are all aware that some countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and France among others are currently experiencing the second wave of the virus. We cannot afford to allow this to happen. I beseech us to continue to use our face masks, wash our hands frequently, and maintain social distancing in public places while also using alcohol-based hand sanitizers from time to time to combat infection or transmission. I believe together, we shall overcome the scourge.โ€


The government said mosques can hold their prayers 5 times daily, while churches can also resume weekly services. This was against an initial announcement, where worship centers were restricted to just one gathering weekly, after they were allowed to reopen on August 7, 2020, following the lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease.

Upon the announcement, Governor Sanwo-Olu also reiterated that, โ€˜โ€™We must not forget that the coronavirus pandemic is still very much with us.โ€

He added, โ€œThe only way to avoid this is to continue to act responsibly: maintain the required levels of hygiene, through regular handwashing and use of sanitizers, wear masks in all public places, avoid non-essential public gatherings, and maintain the prescribed levels of physical distancing at all timesโ€.


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