Just in: French soldiers begins inter massacre in Mali


Both were flown out following the shooting and brought to hospital in France.

A French soldier deployed to Mali as part of the Barkhane force fighting jihadist insurgents has wounded two comrades with a pistol while drunk, the army headquarters said Saturday.


The confrontation under the influence happened overnight from December 24 to 25 at a base in Gao in eastern Mali.

โ€œTwo soldiers from the same unit were getting on each otherโ€™s nerves. One soldier wounded two of his comrades with his service weapon,โ€ an automatic pistol, army spokesman Frederic Barbry told AFP.

One of the two men was wounded very lightly, while the otherโ€™s injury was more serious although not life-threatening

Military police are investigating the incident and โ€œonce the probe is finished, (the shooter) will be flown home,โ€ Barbry said.


Franceโ€™s Barkhane force numbers 5,100 troops spread across the arid Sahel region and has been fighting jihadist groups alongside soldiers from Mauritania, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, who together make up the G5 Sahel group.

Paris is weighing cuts in the number of soldiers deployed in the region ahead of a summit planned for mid-February.



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