Adeboye sends back worshippers wearing ‘no face mask’ from his crusade as Nigeria reports 829 cases


The General Overseer said that the power in the message depends on those sending the message.

Worshipers without face masks were barred from entering into the Crusade ground of Pastor Enoch Adeboye in Babdagry, Lagos on Saturday.

Noble Reporters Media reports that Adeboye arrived in Badagry in a church helicopter which landed at Ajara Grammar School around 9:00 a.m and left for an undisclosed destination a few minutes after.


NoRM reports that COVID-19 guidelines were strictly observed as security operatives disallowed people without facemasks.

Those without personal hand sanitisers were given, as sellers of facemasks made a brisk business of selling.

The churchโ€™s security details maintained that they had direct instructions to ensure that COVID-19 protocols were strictly followed.

Adeboye, ministering on the sermon titled, โ€˜The voice of hopeโ€™, to mark this yearโ€™s โ€œLetโ€™s go a-fishingโ€ programme, said that God had sent him to tell someone at that moment that โ€œit shall be well with himโ€.


According to him, a court messenger can only wish an accused well, but it is only the judge that can free him.

โ€œIf you have a case in court and you go to court and a messenger working in the place says today victory is yours, he is only wishing you well.



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