NDLEA nabs suspected drug traffickers


Aloye said that the Command also secured the conviction of 28 suspects for possession and trafficking in drugs to different jail terms at the Federal High Court Minna.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Niger Command, says it has arrested 61 suspected drug traffickers from January to date in different parts of the state.


The acting Commander of the agency in the state, Mr Isaac Aloye, disclosed this to NoRM in Minna on Thursday.

He said that drugs seized from the suspects include, Cannabis Sativa, 3,066.9334 kg, Cocaine:0.014 kg, Methamphetamine, 0.001 kg, and Psychotropic Substances, 62.05kg.

He said that the 3,066 kg of the total drug seized consist of variants of Cannabis Sativa namely, the locally grown strain, the Skunk popularly known as โ€œSKโ€by users, the Arizona(fondly known as โ€œAZโ€), and the Loud.


โ€œThe Command also secured the final forfeiture of 10 vehicles used by convicted drug dealers and temporary forfeiture of 20 others.

โ€œThis is a great feat in the history of the command, and a great disincentive to drug dealers and would-be dealers alike that drug doesnโ€™t pay,โ€ the Commander said.

Aloye said that the quantity and quality of the various drugs seized during the period of COVID-19 lockdown in the state was of great concern as most of the drugs were seized as waybills.

โ€œThe agency is worried that drug traffickers now waybill the drugs to physically distance themselves from the drugs upon interception.


โ€ It takes a great deal to trace and arrest the recipients and senders of the drugs,โ€ the commander said.

He said that the agency would not relent in frustrating the activities of drug peddlers in the state and the nation at large.



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