Insecurities: Resign of Buhari will not sack you – Tambuwal


The former Speaker of the House of Representatives also called for reduction in the cost of governance.

Due to the increasing spate of insecurity in Nigeria, Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State has called on service chiefs to honourably resign their appointment if President Muhammadu Buhari refuses to relieve them of their job.


Tambuwal also asked the Buhari-led federal government to admit failure in the area of security, saying governing a country and protecting lives and property is not rocket science.

Tambuwal while speaking at a webinar organised by the Emmanuel Chapel on Friday, January 1, 2021, said it was ironical that security agencies were short of personnel even when millions of Nigerians ready to serve were roaming the streets.

He said, โ€œAs far back as June 2018, I made my opinion known about our service chiefs and the Inspector-General and I called for the rejigging of the security architecture.


โ€œThere is definitely a need for the service chiefs to go, either they are asked to go by the President who appointed them or by themselves being honourable enough to say we have done our best. Itโ€™s clear; even the Commander-in-Chief has said it not one or twice that their best is not enough.

โ€œThey should be honourable enough to say, Mr President, we have done our best, our best is not enough, you have adjudged our best not to be good enough, we take a bow, appoint a new set of people that would take charge.

โ€œNo one of us is indispensable. No single individual has the monopoly of knowledge of how to address the challenges we are facing as a nation, more so with insecurity, especially with the fact that they have been tested over the years. The same set of people and we have seen the outcome of their efforts.โ€

According to NoRM‘s known Media, the governor of Sokoto state further explained that security agents should be equipped with the proper weapons, good remuneration, the right technology and possible collaboration with other countries.


He said, โ€œIt is not rocket science; it can be done. We need to recruit more hands and there are many patriotic Nigerians, eminently qualified, able-bodied people that are ready and willing to serve this country in our security agencies. We know Nigeria is under-policed, so what is difficult in employing more hands?โ€

He said the reduction should be holistic and cut across all levels of government and arms of government.



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