Nigerians throw shade at Singer, Chike over his tweet. {Details}


Singer Chike has taken to the micro apologize for calling Igbos primitive after Nigerians on Twitter dragged him over his tweet about people who travel to the east for Christmas.


According to the singer, the tweet was bore out of emotions after he lost two of his friends who were on their way back from the village on a ghastly road accident.

He wrote;

โ€Stop travelling to the damn East just coz its Christmas! Is it worth your life?? Stop that primitive behaviour. The roads are busy! Pick some other damn time! Plan. Learn! Learn! Fucking learn!โ€

However, the tweet did not sit well with many Nigerians particularly his Igbo fans who took to Twitter to call him out for the condescending words.


Apologizing for the tweet, Chike wrote

I believe my now-deleted tweet was misunderstood as it was an emotional one. This morning, 2 friends died on their road back from the village. I think the roads are too risky for everyone to be headed home and back. If you have been hurt, i sincerely apologize.



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