US Election: Trump “denied access” to Scotland until Biden’s inaugural


The grudging President also wants his two candidates to win the Senatorial election so that he might later use them against swearing-in Joe Biden on the 20th of this month.

Yesterday, both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden were in Georgia to rally behind their two chosen candidates respectively for their Senatorial contests.

But as it is known President Trump actually had another motive besides the electioneering campaign.

Also in furtherance of his efforts at not having Joe Biden sworn-in on the aforementioned day, he has reportedly made plans to jet-off to Scotland for a Gulf course.

And in addition to the reports from the official Twitter handle of Independent news platform the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has swiftly refused his entry there.


Warding him off, according to @Independent , the Scottish Madame, however hinted that now is not the right time to play gulf as they are presently preparing for a new lockdown measure in Scotland. See the original Twitter posts below:

Well, I think this is simply a polite way to allow him entry into Scotland; hence they are not in support of what he is been up to.



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