Lovely moment Actor Akinola Akano ‘Segbowe’ Weds lover. (Photos)


Akinola Akano, an actor, scriptwriter and producer popularly known as Segbowe, his role in the popular TV sitcom, Awon Alaadun De is now married.

Sharing photos from the occasion, Segbowe via Instagram wrote โ€œ
Dear Bachelorhood,
Thank you for having me thus far.
Thank you for the lessons. Thank you for everything and more.
Cheers to being the King to the Queen of the City of Gods Benevolent Grace.โ€

Already congratulatory messages have poured in from fans and colleagues in the industry!

NoRM recounts that Akinola Akano bagged the role of Segbowe in Awon Alaadun De through an audition.


In a recent interview, the actor had this to say about the role: โ€œThe role Segbowe is a next door neighbour who comes into the house once in a while. Heโ€™s the friend of Junior, the son, in an average family. I could relate well with that character. However, it doesnโ€™t necessary mean that Iโ€™m Segbowe.

Actor, Akinola Akano popularly known as Segbowe in short comic yoruba serie ‘Awon Aladun’ weds pretty lover.

But then, itโ€™s make-believe. So I have to take on that character but thatโ€™s not me. Itโ€™s an everyday character. Maybe, unique in his own way but you can find people like Segbowe around you. Heโ€™s that next door neighbour who comes around to eat your food, scatter the whole house and bring in the street credibility so to say into the life of a โ€˜get-insideโ€™ boy.โ€



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