Teni schools troll for shaming ‘sagging breast’ ladies.


Teni replied the troll with ‘Sagging breast no be sin! Make breeze blow the breast abeg”

Sensational Nigerian female singer, Teni has taken out time on twitter to school and enlighten a troll who thinks sagging breast is a big deal.

According to Teni in the reply she gave the troll who attacked her over her decision to do away with a bra because she wants fresh air, sagging breast is not a sin.

‘No be everyday bra, sometimes make breast rest’ the plus-size singer tweeted

Reacting to this, a twitter user identified as @RichardMayowa4 wrote;


“What of sagging breast? They will be the cynosure of all eyes including you Teni’

Teni replied the troll with ‘Sagging breast no be sin! Make breeze blow the breast abeg”

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See their conversation below;

See how some social media users reacted to Teni’s reply;


ella_az wrote “Our sagging boobs are just obeying law of gravity. We no kee pelzn. Bra na stress abeg.”

eniolajolade wrote “Even the under part needs breeze… That’s why paynt is not for some of us…”

princesschikaodili wrote “Who even invented bra sef”

duchess_faith_ wrote “Some sagged breast is natural , breast way fall don fall the one way stand go still fall abi ur preeq dey stand always ?”


kreamz_hairworld wrote “Finally someone gets it , I find bras so uncomfortable”

vyvyanz wrote “Make breeze blow the breezzz abeg oooo”



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