Tomatoes price in Enugu major market drops.


A tomato dealer at the Garki Market, Enugu, Mr Garba Adamu, attributed the development to the harvest season.

The Price of tomatoes has dropped significantly in major markets in Enugu metropolis, compared to what it was during the Yuletide.


Noble Reporters Media‘s known Media market survey on Thursday shows that a big basket of UTC specie of the commodity now sells for N7,500 as against N11, 500.

The small basket of the commodity goes for N5,000 as against N8,000.


Adamu said that the UTC specie that comes from Jos had flooded the markets, hence the drastic drop in its price.

He said, โ€œSome weeks ago, the UTC specie was sold between N10,000 and N11,500 while the other species from Benue were scarce.

Mrs Grace Ogbu, another tomato seller at Kenyatta Market, said the price would further crash โ€œbecause this is its seasonโ€.


Also, Mrs Amara Chima at New Akwata-Garki Market said a five-litre-size bucket of the commodity now goes for N600 as against N1,000.

According to Chima, half of the quantity sells for N300 as against N700.

A customer at the Ogbete Market, Mrs Anthonia Ojinaka, said that it was traditional for the price of tomatoes to crash after the Yuletide every year.

Ojinaka attributed the scarcity and high cost of the commodity โ€œduring its off-season to the lack of storage facilities in the country.โ€


She, therefore, called on the various tiers of government to provide storage facilities for farmers and foodstuff dealers.

She opined that the facility would help in preserving perishable goods, making them available and affordable all year round.



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