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NYSC list conditions for allowing corps members into camps.


Other protocols are “PCMS are expected to go to their dashboard and fill in the COVID-19 test self-reporting format before printing call-up letters.

The National Youth Service Corps Scheme (NYSC) has listed conditions that prospective corps members for the 2020 Batch “B” Stream II must meet, before they are allowed into orientation camps nationwide.

NYSC stated this in its “Safety protocols” issued ahead of the commencement of the 2020 Batch “B” Stream II Orientation Course on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.


“It is imperative to restate that everyone coming into the NYSC camps must undergo COVID-19 test, Corps Members, and officials alike. Only those that test negative are admitted into the camps,” it stated.

“PCMs are to download and print slip generated for presentation at Orientation camps.

“PCMS must adhere strictly to their assigned date of reporting to the orientation camps.


“No PCMS will be allowed into the camps if they come before their appointment date.

“Upon arrival at Camp, PCMS must subject themselves to COVID-19 test.

“PCMs must take responsibility for their own safety and ensure strict compliance with all COVID-9 safety protocols.

“All foreign-trained PVMS must arrive in the country two weeks before the commencement of the orientation course.


“Frequent washing of hands at the wash hand points and use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser
Physical distancing must be observed in all camp activities.

“Avoid touching face with unwashed hands.”



Ozil confirms next club, reveal number.


The highest-paid player in club history has not turned out for Mikel Arteta’s side since March 2020, with the club’s official line always being that the German is dealing with a back injury.

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has confirmed that he is soon set to travel to Turkey to seal a move to Fenerbahce.


The Gunners have reached an agreement to terminate Ozil’s contract six months earlier than scheduled, with Mikel Arteta keen to offload the exiled midfielder and his enormous wage packet.

A move to Fenerbahce has long been seen as the most likely route away from the Emirates Stadium for Ozil, who has been flirting with the Turkish side on Twitter ever since news of his imminent move away from Arsenal came to light, and he has now confirmed the move on Turkish TV.

“I am so happy,” he told NTV. “I’m a Fenerbahce fan. God wanted me to play football in Fenerbahce. I’m proud.


“I am coming tonight with my family to Istanbul, thank God who gave me the opportunity to represent this club. I will wear the shirt with pride.”

Ozil is due in Istanbul shortly after midnight on Monday morning, when he will travel to Fenerbahce for a medical and put pen to paper on a contract which has already been agreed in principle with the German’s represenatives.

Earlier on Sunday, Ozil took to Twitter to post the number ’67’, which is believed to be a reference to the shirt number he has chosen. According to Fanatik, he has gone with 67 because that is the beginning of the postcode of his hometown of Zonguldak.

It now seems like just a matter of time before Ozil’s turbulent spell with Arsenal comes to a close.


Ozil is now set to leave the Emirates with a total of 254 appearances for Arsenal under his belt, in which he bagged 44 goals and 77 assists to earn himself a reputation as one of the Premier League’s most mesmeric creators.

Concerns about Ozil’s work rate have dominated headlines for months and have only been amplified by his high wages, but Arsenal now appear set to confirm his departure and bring an end to all the off-field drama.



Singer, Dunsin Oyekan releases 14-track Album.


Worship Revivalist and Psalmist, Dunsin Oyekan has released a new album, the Gospel of the kingdom.


Announcing the release, Dunsin Oyekan wrote on Instagram “TO THE HONOUR OF THE KING AND HIS KINGDOM!

Psalmist, Dunsin Oyekan set to release new album

MP3: Dunsin Oyekan – I’ll Be Here | Gospel

Psalmist, Dunsin Oyekan set to release new album

THE ALBUM IS OUT! WORLDWIDE on all digital platforms! We present to you the 16 sounds on the new album. We sing revelations not songs, these are the revelations from the Father for this time and season.

“The Lord gave the Word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it:”
Psalms 68:11 NKJV

“To Him who rides on the heaven of heavens, which were of old! Indeed, He sends out His voice, a mighty voice.”
Psalms 68:33 NKJV.


Songs for the secret place….songs for your personal altar…..songs to sing to the Father.”

Known for reinventing and revitalizing the gospel music industry in Africa, Dunsin has continued to deliver spirit-filled projects that have helped shaped the worship mindset of millions around the world.



Quote Of The Day

“You can change. And you can be an agent of change.”

– Laura Dern

US Capitol attack: Trump’s brand ‘tarnished’ after alleged bruise presidency.


Bookbinder said the president should have completely divested himself of his business at the outset of his term.

Donald Trump shot to prominence with a business empire that bears his name, but after four years of political tumult capped by his supporters’ violent attack on the Capitol, the US president’s brand stands tarnished, threatening his businesses, experts say.


Companies that stuck with Trump throughout his term are cutting ties in an 11th-hour stampede, including Signature Bank which closed Trump’s personal accounts and the PGA of America which scotched a plan to hold its 2022 championship at Trump’s New Jersey golf course.

Such announcements not only reflect the business community’s skittishness to proximity with a widely-condemned figure, but further hem in his company, already hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and the looming loss of US taxpayer revenue tied to Trump’s visits.

The president’s role in the Capitol calamity that killed five people and drew international shock has generated withering criticism from diverse groups ranging from the Business Roundtable to the AFL-CIO labor federation.

Trump’s “name is really an albatross,” said Michael D’Antonio, who authored a 2015 biography of Trump, adding that January 6 was a game-changer for the president’s brand.


“He is the most disgraced president in history. This is a person who’s synonymous with a mob attacking the US Capitol,” he said. “I just think this went a step too far.”

Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, said Trump’s brand will suffer long-term damage due to the chaos.


“Before his term, Trump stood for wealth, success and over-the-top luxury,” he said. “Now the brand has associations with anti-government views, racism and extremism. This makes the brand fairly toxic.”

Mixed bag
Recent reports in US media, including The Washington Post, have chronicled low occupancy at Trump properties in Washington and Chicago as the US contends with the Covid-19 crisis.

In addition, Trump owes some $400 million to Deutsche Bank, which reportedly also plans to halt business with Trump after the Capitol siege.


Trump’s company did not respond to written questions from AFP.

The president has dismissed business challenges, stating in an October 15 televised event that the $400 million is “a tiny percentage of my net worth.”

Assessing the state of Trump’s finances is difficult because of the opaque nature of government disclosure information and the private status of the Trump Organization.

However, winning the presidency has most certainly cost the company some business, as when the Trump Organization bowed out of a luxury hotel in Soho, New York, where the president is unpopular.


The overall impact of Trump’s presidency on his business is really hard to estimate, said Noah Bookbinder, executive director of the nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

His sons, Don Jr and Eric, who now run the Trump Organization, had floated a pair of new hotel chains, Scion and American Idea, aimed at the “red states” that are home to large portions of Trump’s base.


But the brothers pulled the plug on the venture in 2019, citing obstacles which they blamed on political opponents.

New directions?
In spite of these setbacks, Trump’s properties have enjoyed a reliable stream of taxpayer revenue courtesy of the president’s regular stays at his clubs and golf courses where he is joined by White House staff, family and Secret service.

CREW estimates that Trump’s properties garnered over $100 million from more than 500 visits by the president, according to a September report.


The document criticized Trump for some 3,400 conflicts of interest tied to hotel stays by foreign governments or lobbyists and fundraising events by other politicians, such as Representative Jim Jordan, who defended Trump during last week’s impeachment debate.

Instead, he used his presidency to promote it, while his sons became vocal champions of his presidency, effectively “melding” Trump’s business and political endeavors.

That decision could limit the brand’s ability to appeal to consumers outside his political base.

“What you have now is a smaller but extremely devoted cult following,” Bookbinder said.


D’Antonio thinks Trump is likely to shift away from his legacy businesses and evolve into “sort of a TV, political evangelist,” perhaps creating his own widely-floated television network then charging fans to watch it.

Under such a scenario, Trump might sell current assets to pay off his Deutsche Bank debt, which D’Antonio said could mean “there may not be any Trump towers or Trump hotels or Trump golf courses 10 years from now.”



MP3 » Ghetts – Skengman (ft. Stormzy)


Ghetts comes through with yet another new song titled “Skengman” featuring Stormzy

Year: 2020

Song: Skengman

Artist: Ghetts

Album: N/A.

Feat: Stormzy


Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., known professionally as Stormzy, is a British rapper, singer and songwriter. In 2014, he gained attention on the UK underground music scene through his Wicked Skengman series of freestyles over classic grime beats. 



US Capitol riot probe link to foreign Gov’ts


Bitcoin payments can be traced because they are documented on a public ledger.

The FBI is investigating whether foreign governments, organisations or individuals provided financial support to people who helped plan and execute the January 6 attack on the Capitol, a news report said on Sunday.

As part of the investigation, the FBI is examining payments of $500,000 in bitcoin, apparently by a French national, to key figures and groups in the far right before the riot, one current and one former FBI official told NoRM‘s known Media.

The payments were documented and posted online last week by a company that analyses cryptocurrency transfers.


The current FBI official was quoted as saying the bitcoin transfers appear to have been made by a French computer programmer who took his own life on December 8 last year after triggering the transfers, according to French media.

The cryptocurrency payments prompted the FBI to examine whether any of the money was used to fund illegal acts, which, if true, raises the possibility of money-laundering and conspiracy charges, the FBI official said.

On December 8, Chainalysis reported the donor sent 28.15 BTC – worth about $522,000 at the time of transfer – to 22 separate addresses, many of which belong to far-right activists.

The Chainalysis blog post, first highlighted by Yahoo News, said far-right podcaster Nick Fuentes received the most money, 13.5 BTC – worth about $250,000.


Separately, a joint threat assessment issued last week by the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and various other federal and DC-area police agencies noted since the deadly January 6 riot, “Russian, Iranian, and Chinese influence actors have seized the opportunity to amplify narratives in furtherance of their policy interest amid the presidential transition.”

Russian state and proxy media outlets “have amplified themes related to the violent and chaotic nature of the Capitol Hill incident, impeachment of President Donald Trump, and social media censorship”, the unclassified intelligence report said.


“In at least one instance, a Russian proxy claimed that ANTIFA members disguised themselves as supporters of President Trump, and were responsible for storming the Capitol building.”

Chinese media, meanwhile, “have seized the story to denigrate US democratic governance, casting the United States as broadly in decline – and to justify China’s crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong”.

The examination of possible foreign influence related to the Capitol riot, which involves the FBI’s counterintelligence division, comes after years of what current and former FBI officials say is mounting evidence that Russia and other foreign adversaries have sought to secretly support “political extremists” on the far right and far left.


‘Mutual affection’

Law enforcement officials and security analysts say there has long been “a mutual affection between Western white supremacists and the Russian government”, as two scholars put it in a February paper on the JustSecurity website.

Some senators were concerned enough about the issue that they inserted a requirement in the 2021 defence bill that the Pentagon “report to Congress on the extent of Russian support for ‘racially and ethnically motivated violent extremist groups and networks in Europe and the United States’ – and what can be done to counter it”.

Fuentes, who spoke at pro-Trump rallies last year in Michigan and Washington, DC, told the ProPublica news organisation he was at the “Stop the Steal” rally on Wednesday, January 6, but did not follow the mob into the Capitol.

One group of Fuentes’ supporters, which calls itself the Groyper Army, was filmed running through the Capitol carrying a large blue flag with the America First logo, ProPublica reported.


“We’re looking at and treating this just like a significant international counter-terrorism or counter-intelligence operation,” Michael Sherwin, the US attorney in Washington, DC, said at a news briefing last week.

“We’re looking at everything: Money, travel records, looking at disposition, movement, communication records.”



Central Mexico City Attack: Five loses to death.


Local media reports said one of the victims was a member of the local Union Tepito cartel but city authorities have not confirmed this.

Five people were shot dead in central Mexico City, the local security secretariat said Saturday, a rare attack in the capital and likely linked to organized crime, according to local media.

The attack occurred late Friday at the town hall in Miguel Hidalgo, one of the most prosperous districts of Mexico City.


Police responding to an alert found “five people on the ground with gunshot wounds,” according to a statement.

Medical services certified three men dead at the scene while the other two were transferred to a nearby hospital where they later died due to the seriousness of their injuries, the security secretariat said.

Despite growing drug cartel violence in Mexico over the last decade, shootings and multiple killings are rare in the capital compared to other areas of the country.

However, the city was shocked by an attack in June last year on its security chief, Omar Garcia Harfuch, by heavily armed gunmen who killed two of his bodyguards and a passerby.


Garcia Harfuch, who was wounded, blamed the attack on the powerful Jalisco New Generation drug cartel.

More than 300,000 people have been murdered since Mexico deployed the military to fight the drug cartels in 2006, with most of the killings blamed on organized crime.



Angela Merkel’s party appoints her ally as next leader.


Another contender could be Laschet’s deputy, Health Minister Jens Spahn, who has reportedly been sounding out his chances behind the scenes.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party picked her ally Armin Laschet as its next leader on Saturday, in a vote for “continuity” as Europe’s biggest economy heads into a key election year with the deadly coronavirus pandemic still raging.


In the close race, Laschet, the state premier of Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, triumphed over old Merkel nemesis Friedrich Merz, after a first-round that saw Merz leading by just five votes.

A third hopeful, foreign affairs expert Norbert Roettgen, was knocked out of the race.

Merz had campaigned on a promise to shift away from Merkel’s centrist path and steer right, writing in a column for Der Spiegel that a “happy ‘carry on like this’ is just as inappropriate as the vague claim to occupy the centre at all times”.

But delegates at the congress pushed online because of the pandemic were not swayed by the 65-year-old corporate lawyer.


Instead, they gave a late victory to Laschet, who pledged to continue with Merkel’s more moderate course.

In a speech minutes before the vote on Saturday, Laschet called for “continuity” and highlighted the challenge of retaining CDU voters without Merkel at the top.


‘Continuity of success’
“What we need is continuity of success,” he said, in a direct rejection of Merz’s vision.

“I keep hearing the phrase, ‘You have to be prepared to polarise’. I say, no, you don’t have to. Polarising is easy, anyone can do it,” he said, adding that he wants to “integrate, hold society together”.

Laschet had been trailing in surveys in the run-up to the vote, but his promise to stay the course has struck a cord with a party keen not to rock the boat further in a year already filled with ructions like the pandemic.


At the opening on Friday of the two-day congress, Merkel had signalled her opposition to Merz as she urged delegates to stay the centrist course.

Undeterred by the loss, Merz tweeted that he had extended an offer to Laschet to enter the current government as finance minister.

But he immediately earned a new rebuff from Merkel, with a government spokesman telling AFP there were “no plans for a reshuffle”.

While popular with the most conservative faction of the CDU, Merz has been struggling to shed his image as an out-of-touch traditionalist.


He was panned on social media on Saturday for an attempt to address his low levels of support among women in the party by highlighting Saturday his good relationship with his wife and daughter.

“Sure, every heterosexual husband and father is virtually a women’s rights movement in their own right,” one Twitter user wrote.


Merkel backs ‘team’
Laschet’s win on Saturday puts him pole position to lead the CDU and its Bavarian CSU sister party into a general election as their chancellor candidate, meaning he is in with a good chance of securing Merkel’s job.

Merkel, who is planning to stand down after four terms and 16 years in the job, had previously said that Laschet “has the tools” to be chancellor.

But the pandemic has reshuffled the cards, and questions are swirling on whether someone other than the CDU chief could lead the conservative alliance into the vote, particularly since Laschet currently polls nowhere close to the top in popularity surveys.


Topping the polls at the moment is CSU leader and Bavarian state premier Markus Soeder, whose robust response to the pandemic has won him widespread praise and given him a national spotlight.

But Laschet should not be written off either, according to Der Spiegel weekly, which praised his ability to “sit out his opponents”.

After being an early favourite in the leadership race, Laschet saw his support plummet thanks to various gaffes in his handling of the pandemic in North Rhine-Westphalia.

But Der Spiegel described him as a “grinder” who “wears down his opponents slowly, continuously, with great endurance”.


While a platform of “continue somewhat like this” is usually a handicap in election campaigns… after a world pandemic, after a President Trump, after a hectic, nervous, sometimes crazy time, the majority of Germans could well long for” that.

“This could be Armin Laschet’s year,” it said.



Jihadists snatch military base in Northeast Nigeria.


Last week, the jihadists attacked the Marte base but were repelled, prompting them to mobilise more fighters for the overnight raid, said the sources.

Jihadists aligned with the Islamic State militant group have captured a military base in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state after overnight clashes with troops, sources told AFP on Saturday.


Machine-gun wielding fighters from Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) attacked the base in the town of Marte in the Lake Chad area overnight Friday into Saturday, two sources said.

“The priority now is to reclaim the base from the terrorists and an operation is underway,” one of the sources said.

“We took a hit from ISWAP terrorists. They raided the base in Marte after a fierce battle.”


The second source said the army “incurred losses” but it was not yet clear how many people had died or the level of destruction inflicted by the insurgents.

ISWAP, which split from Boko Haram in 2016, maintains camps on islands in Lake Chad — where Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad meet — and the area is known to be group’s bastion.

The raid was seen as a “fightback” after recent losses — troops recently overran ISWAP’s second largest camp in Talala village, said the sources.

In November last year, officials began the phased return of residents to Marte six years after they were pushed out by the jihadists.


The town, 130 kilometres (80 miles) from the regional capital Maiduguri, was once considered the breadbasket of the Lake Chad region.

At least 36,000 people have been killed in the jihadist conflict since 2009 and violence has spread into neighbouring Niger, Chad and Cameroon, prompting a regional military coalition.



Afghanistan: Tabilan fighters kill 12 pro-gov’t militiamen.


Herat provincial council member Mohammad Sardar Bahaduri confirmed the attack and said it was carried out by two Taliban fighters who had infiltrated the base.

Two Taliban fighters who had infiltrated a base of pro-government Afghan militiamen killed 12 of them, officials and the insurgent group said Saturday.


The night-time attack at a post manned by the militiamen occurred in the district of Ghorian in the western Herat province late on Friday, the governor for the district Farhad Khademi told AFP.

“Twelve pro-government militiamen were killed in the Taliban attack in Ghorian district last night,” he said.

“The militiamen were dining when the attack happened,” he said.


The Taliban also said two of its fighters had carried out the attack and then returned.

In a separate incident, a vehicle carrying policemen was struck by a roadside bomb in the centre of the Afghan capital Kabul, police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz told reporters.

Two policemen were killed and one wounded in the attack, he said.

Violence has surged across Afghanistan in recent months, especially in Kabul, which has been rocked by a new trend of targeted killings.


The bloodshed comes even as the Taliban and government negotiators engage in peace talks to end the nearly two-decades-long war in the country.

Representatives from two warring sides are currently in the Qatari capital Doha discussing the agenda for the talks.



COVID-19: India launches world’s largest vaccination drive.


The sheer scale has its obstacles. For instance, India plans to rely heavily on a digital platform to track the shipment and delivery of vaccines.

India launched one of the world’s largest coronavirus vaccination drives on Saturday as the coronavirus pandemic spread at a record pace and global COVID-19 deaths surged past two million.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who addressed healthcare workers through video conferencing, will not immediately take the vaccine himself as India is initially prioritising nurses, doctors and others on the front line.


“We are launching the world’s biggest vaccination drive and it shows the world our capability,” Modi said in his address. He implored citizens to keep their guard up and not to believe any “rumours about the safety of the vaccines”.

“Please do not start being careless once you get vaccinated, do not take off your mask or forget social distancing,” said Modi.

But public health experts point out the internet remains patchy in large parts of the country, and some remote villages are entirely unconnected.


For workers who have pulled India’s battered healthcare system through the pandemic, the shots offered confidence that life can start returning to normal. Many burst with pride.

“I am excited that I am among the first to get the vaccine,” Gita Devi, a nurse, said as she lifted her left sleeve to receive the shot.

“I am happy to get an India-made vaccine and that we do not have to depend on others for it,” said Devi, who has treated patients throughout the pandemic in a hospital in Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh state in India’s heartland.

India gave the nod for emergency use of two vaccines: one developed by Oxford University and UK-based drug-maker AstraZeneca, and another by Indian company Bharat Biotech on January 4. Cargo planes flew 16.5 million shots to different Indian cities last week.


Health experts worry the regulatory shortcut taken to approve the Bharat Biotech vaccine without waiting for concrete data that would show its efficacy in preventing illness from the coronavirus could amplify vaccine hesitancy.

At least one state health minister has opposed its use.


India’s health ministry has bristled at the criticism and said the vaccines are safe, but maintains that health workers will have no choice in deciding which one they get.

According to Dr SP Kalantri – director of a rural hospital in Maharashtra, India’s worst-hit state – such an approach was worrying because he said regulatory approval was hasty and not backed by science.

“In a hurry to be populist, the government [is] taking decisions that might not be in the best interest of the common man,” Kalantri said.


Against the backdrop of the rising global COVID-19 death toll – it topped two million on Friday – the clock is ticking to vaccinate as many people as possible. But the campaign has been uneven.

India is second to the United States with 10.5 million confirmed cases, and ranks third in the number of deaths, behind the US and Brazil, with 152,000.

More than 35 million doses of various COVID-19 vaccines have been administered around the world, according to the University of Oxford.

While the majority of COVID-19 vaccine doses have already been snapped up by wealthy countries, COVAX – a UN-backed project to supply shots to developing parts of the world – has found itself short of vaccine, money and logistical help.


As a result, the World Health Organization’s chief scientist warned it is highly unlikely that herd immunity – which would require at least 70 percent of the globe to be vaccinated – will be achieved this year.

As the disaster has demonstrated, it is not enough to snuff out the virus in a few places, experts say.



Trump’s approval rating drops in US poll after Capitol attack.


Some Republican politicians are breaking with Trump while others are continuing to support the baseless idea that the election was stolen from him.

After four years in the White House, Donald Trump is leaving the United States presidency with low job approval ratings following the January 6 attack by his supporters on the US Capitol, according to three new public opinion surveys.

One poll showed an overwhelming majority of Americans opposed the mob violence at the Capitol and two suggest most people think Trump should be prevented from running for office again.


At the same time, however, a sharp partisan divide remains over the outgoing president’s conduct and whether he shares blame for inciting the riot at the Capitol.

And Trump’s base of supporters believe Republicans politicians should still follow his lead.

The new findings come from surveys released on Friday by the Pew Research Center and Washington Post-ABC News, and on Thursday by Reuters-Ipsos.

Trump’s approval rating dropped to 29 percent in the latest Pew Research Center survey, an all-time low.


Most US adults – 89 percent in the Washington Post-ABC News survey – oppose the actions of the people who stormed the US Capitol last week as Congress was meeting to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

The surveys indicate a cloud is developing over Trump, who is refusing to attend Biden’s inauguration on January 20 that will take place amid extraordinary security precautions. Trump plans his own departure rally at Andrews Air Force base on the same day.


The Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 56 percent of Americans favour disqualifying Trump from ever holding office in the future.

The House of Representatives impeached Trump on January 13 on a charge of incitement to insurrection and the US Senate is preparing to conduct a trial.

The Pew survey found that 68 percent of Americans do not want to see Trump remain a major political figure in the years to come.


According to the Reuters-Ipsos survey, which was conducted from January 8-12, Trump’s approval with Republican voters was 70 percent, down seven percentage points from the previous week.

Still, 56 percent of Republicans in the ABC-Washington Post survey said Trump bears no blame at all for the Capitol attack and 66 percent of Republicans said Trump has acted responsibly since the election. A majority continue to believe his false claims that the election was rigged, according to the survey.

Further, 51 percent of Republicans said Republican members of Congress did not go far enough in supporting Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Whether that will change as more evidence comes to light and the public gains a wider understanding of what took place on January 6 remains to be seen.


The FBI has opened more than 200 case files on individuals suspected of attacking the Capitol and more than 100 arrests have been made, according to the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, DC.

Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler, one of just 10 House Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday, noted that she was hearing from constituents who “are unclear on what transpired before & during that involved President Trump”.


Herrera Beutler issued a 16-tweet thread detailing the mob attack and Trump’s role in it.

Other Republicans including Senator Josh Hawley, who objected in Congress to the certification of Biden’s win in two states, are not backing away from their claims about the election.

“Many, many citizens in Missouri have deep concerns about election integrity,” Hawley said in an op-ed in the Southeast Missourian news outlet on Thursday.


“I will not bow to a lawless mob, or allow criminals to drown out the legitimate concerns of my constituents,” Hawley said.

Biden won the 2020 election in the Electoral College by 306 votes to Trump’s 232. Biden won the national popular vote by 81.2 million votes to Trump’s 74.2 million.

Biden received generally positive marks in the latest polls for his handling of his role as president-elect.

The Pew Research survey was conducted online among a panel of 5,360 US adults from January 8 to 12.


The Washington Post-ABC News poll was conducted by telephone among 1,002 adults from January 10 to 13. It had a credibility margin of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

The Reuters-Ipsos poll was conducted among a sample of 1,399 US adults between January 8 and 12 with a credibility margin of 3.3 percentage points.



COVID-19: Nigeria reports 1,867 fresh cases.


The NCDC, however, said it would not relent in its disease surveillance efforts.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) registered 1,867 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections in Nigeria to 107,345.


The NCDC disclosed this on its official Twitter handle on Friday.

It noted that eight people also died from the virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 1,413.

The centre added that the new cases were reported from 23 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The public health agency said that Lagos State reported 713 infections, Plateau, 273; FCT, 199; Kaduna, 117; and Oyo, 79.


Other were Enugu-58, Ondo-53, Kano-49, Sokoto-43, Ogun-37, Osun-37, Nasarawa-36, Rivers-28, Benue-24, Delta-24, Niger-24, Gombe-18, Edo-15, Taraba-12, Bayelsa-10, Ekiti-9, Borno-6, Zamfara-2 and Jigawa-1.

It stated that 705 patients across the nation had been treated successfully and recovered from the virus in the last 24 hours, adding that the number of recovered patients had risen to 84,535.


It noted that “our discharges today include 277 community recoveries in Lagos State, 150 in Kaduna and 78 in Plateau, managed in line with guidelines.”

The centre said that a multi-sectoral national Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), activated at Level 3, is coordinating response activities nationwide.

Meanwhile, it declared that the new highly transmittable variant of the COVID-19 had not been detected in the country.


It explained that the centre was able to determine the absence of the new COVID-19 variant in the country through genomic sequencing it conducted in partnership with African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases and the Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun State.

“Viruses mutate, the emergence of new variant strains of COVID-19 isn’t news.

“Genomic sequencing in Nigeria shows no evidence yet of variants associated with the increased transmission, but we’re looking,” it said.

NoRM reports that the 1,867 new infections recorded in the last 24 hours was the highest single-day rise since the index case was confirmed on Feb. 27, 2020.


Last week, the country surpassed its existing highest weekly record of COVID-19 infections by recording over 9,800 cases in seven days.

An analysis showed that between Jan. 3 and Jan. 9, the country recorded 9,833 cases, a sharp increase from the 5,681 cases recorded in the previous week — Dec. 27, 2020, to Jan. 2, 2021.



PSG manager, Pochettino test positive for COVID-19.


Pochettino is the latest person at the Parc des Princes to test positive for the virus, following defenders Colin Dagba and Thilo Kehrer, and midfielder Rafinha.

Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino has tested positive for COVID-19 and has now been forced into a period of self-isolation.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a start to life in Paris for Pochettino, who joined on January 2 and needed just 11 days to lift his first trophy, steering PSG to a 2-1 win over Marseille to lift the Trophee des Champions.

For PSG, the hope was that they could carry that momentum over to Ligue 1 to reclaim their usual spot at the top of the table, but they will have to do so without Pochettino as the Argentine must now isolate.


“Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino has tested positive for COVID-19,” a statement on the club’s official website read. “He will therefore respect isolation and is subject to the appropriate health protocol.

“His assistants Jesus Perez and Miguel D’Agostino will take over from tomorrow in Angers.”

PSG currently sit second in Ligue 1, just one point behind leaders Lyon, so Saturday’s meeting with Angers is a great chance for the defending champions to keep up the pressure.

The two sides met back in October, when PSG roared to an emphatic 6-1 victory, but Angers have bounced back since then and currently find themselves in seventh, picking up recent wins over high-flyers Lille and Marseille.


“We’ll have to be ready on Saturday, because it’s a very difficult game against Angers that’s ahead of us,” Pochettino said of the game before his test results came in. “We want to win again, and to do that, we have to be ready.

“We want to be top of the Ligue 1 table and to get there, we’ll have to win. The most important thing is to be consistent in our performances. We’re very happy with the way the players are picking up our concepts. I want to thank them, the staff that we already had here, and the fans who encouraged us before the match.”



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