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Lifetime: Biography of Gbenga Adeboye. International tours, versatility, others


Gbenga Adeboye, The first internationally successful Nigerian comedian you never heard about

Everything huge Nigerian comedy stars like Basketmouth, Bovi, and Alibaba do with standup or film today was pioneered by Gbenga Adeboye. The same goes for today’s viral social media comics like Maraji, Crazeclown and Twyse – the characters that inform their comedy and the skit format was pioneered by Gbenga Adeboye. He was an MC, radio host, actor, producer, poet, musician and multi-disciplinary entertainer who dominated the Nigerian comedy space in the mid to late 90s before his passing in 2003.

Born Elijah Oluwagbemiga Adeboye in Ode Omu, Gbongan LGA, Osun State, Gbenga Adeboye started out hosting a radio show on Radio Lagos called ‘Funwontan’. The show was mostly freestyle sessions with Gbenga’s improvised characters and his blend of Yoruba dialects interwoven with ewi. The show soon took off and became very popular leading to demand for Gbenga’s content. The name of the show even became one of his aliases. The characters, Yoruba dialects and incantations remained throughout his career.


Soon after he began to produce his content independently and setup his own production company called Gbenga Adeboye Productions through which he released his comedy albums, videos and films. It is unlikely that the publishing deals behind these works are properly structured but Gbenga Adeboye definitely made a lot of money from his business ventures across entertainment in his lifetime.


Though most of Gbenga Adeboye’s content revolved around humor, he tapped other aspects of entertainment to push his art. He released music regularly, made short films and comedy albums. He made well-told skits, created numerous characters that became monikers and embraced it all in his personal life. He often referred to himself with the religious titles “Alhaji Pastor Oluwo” and would often quote bible verses, quranic verses and incantations in succession. Also known as Jengbetiele 1, he claimed to be both a Christian and a Muslim. He did stand up, performed at shows, featured in movies and toured. In an interview with Yemi Shodimu on the popular Mainframe TV show “Arambada”, Gbenga Adeboye said, “I’m just grateful to God for this talent. Being able to do what I do is not easy and I am aware of how great a blessing that is. That is why I just love to talk, my parents used to scold me as a kid because i would talk too much.”

International tours•

In 1994, Gbenga Adeboye went on his first standup and music tour of a few American cities, later releasing the audio and video from it as the “American Exposure” series of comedy albums. He was the first Nigerian comedian to go international and pioneered many aspects of the industry today both on the creative side and the business side. Before his death in 2003, he went on a few more tours to the US and Europe.

Impact and legacy•

Gbenga Adeboye gave Fathia Balogun her big break. Photo: Naijarchives.COM
Though Gbenga Adeboye played primarily in the Yoruba and Southwest market he often spoke Igbo and Hausa and even had characters in those languages. He also mentored other entertainers like Yinka Ayefele, Abbey Fagboro, Ereke ni Soobu, Bashiru Adisa also known as Baba Gboin. Nollywood actress Fathia Balogun also got her big break after featuring in a Gbenga Adeboye music video. He pioneered comedy albums before Gordon’s even had a comedy career and toured decades before Basketmouth and Bovi. Gbenga Adeboye predates the ‘founding fathers’ of modern day Nigerian comedy Muhammed Danjuma, Alibaba and Opa Williams. He made skits before Maraji and Twyse and created colorful characters before either of them were even born. Even in death, there is arguably no one as talented nor as versatile as Gbenga Abefe Adeboye. A whole legend.

Unfortunately, a lot of his work has not been digitised yet but some of it can be found on YouTube. His estate needs to get his comedy albums on Apple Music and Spotify so the next generation can experience the greatness of this legend. They should also get his videos on Netflix or original versions on YouTube. There is so much content to immortalize him with and hopefully we get to have them someday.



Biography Of Dr. Daniel Olukoya, Education, Ministry, Family, Others. (The Birth Of MFM)


Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya (DKO) was born in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria to Mr. Olukoya, a Police officer and Mrs. Olukoya, a trader. While registered at St. John’s CAC Primary School, Akure, he was recognized as an exceptionally intelligent child coming tops throughout his stay at the school. Later when his family moved to Lagos, he was enrolled at St. Jude’s Primary school, Ebute metta from which he graduated with excellent results.

DKO then proceeded to Methodist Boys’ High School (MBHS), Broad Street, Lagos (established in 1878). Incidentally, this is where he became born again. It was also at MBHS that he encountered an Indian teacher who once said in class “Boys, if you want to escape poverty, READ YOUR BOOK!” DKO doggedly followed this advice, studying from 9pm to 3am daily. By the time DKO finished from MBHS, he was the best graduating student of his set.

In 1976, DKO was admitted into the University of Lagos (Unilag) to study Microbiology. He graduated from Unilag in 1980 with a first-class degree in Microbiology. He was the first person to have achieved a first-class in the course at the university and his G.P.A is still the highest recorded so far (as at February 2010) in that course.

Soon after graduation, DKO won a scholarship to study for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Molecular Genetics at the University of Reading, United Kingdom. Despite the natural difficulty of the programme, DKO earned his PhD in 3 years and returned to Nigeria.

Upon his return to Nigeria, DKO joined the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Yaba, where his reputation as an exceptional Geneticist of African origin became established. DKO emerged as an authority in the study of genetics, publishing over 70 scientific papers in a short span (a remarkable feat by any standard). He also taught Genetics and was external examiner in a number of universities. Moreover, he has attended and presented papers at scientific conferences in almost all continents of the world. Even today, DKO continues to contribute to the field of genetics and biotechnology via the Daniel & Fola Biotechnology Foundation, a registered NGO established to empower Nigerian citizens with modern and contemporary laboratory skills in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

DKO’s father, apart from being a policeman, was also a pastor at the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC). Thus, he was raised in a Christian home with Christian beliefs. Throughout all his years in school, DKO was committed to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. His passion for Jesus and his spiritual fire increased tremendously during his doctorate degree in the United Kingdom. DKO’s ministry is heavily influenced by the work of the late Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola, the founder of the CAC church. In the dedication pages of the Prayer Rain and Prayer Passport books, DKO writes of Apostle Babalola:

“Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola was a minister of God who understood the power of prayer. He was a man mightily used by God to ignite the fire of the first Christian revival in Nigeria in the 1930s. Brother J.A. and his team of aggressive prayer warriors entered forbidden forests, silenced demons that demanded worship and paralysed deeply rooted, anti-gospel activities. Sometimes, beginning from the highest places, they openly disgraced satanic agents, emptied hospitals by the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ, rendered witchdoctors jobless, and they started the first indigenous Holy Ghost filled church in Nigeria. So far – and we stand to be corrected – none has equalled, let alone surpassed this humble brother in the field of aggressive evangelism in this country.”

The works of Dr. Daniel Olukoya are published by the Battle Cry Christian Ministries. These published works include over 250 life-changing Christian books (as at July 2015), audio tapes and CDs, video discs and many more.

Mrs. Shade Olukoya is the wife of our General Overseer and our Mother-in-the-Lord. With her beloved demeanor, she provides solid leadership alongside her husband at the MFM Church.

Sister Shade Olukoya was born into the family of Mr. & Mrs. George F. Adesanya as the fifth of seven children. All members of the family were brought up as God-fearing Christians and attended the Christ Apostolic Church. Her Dad, George, who was a Marine Engineer with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) for many years, ensured that all his children got good education. For her primary education, Sis Shade attended Surulere Baptist School, Modupe Johnson, and proceeded to Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary School, Sabo, Yaba, for her secondary education. She also attended Ajjeh Comprehensive High School during the Jakande regime in Lagos State. Sis Shade attended the Darnley Career Academy, London, UK, a college of Arts, Fashion and Textile design, from where she obtained a diploma in Fine Arts and Interior Decoration and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Mrs. Olukoya is a talented artist. She is the artistic illustrator of almost all 250 books (as at July 2015) authored by her husband. As a small child, Sis Shade showed so much interest in creativity, especially in the natural habitat, which kept her wondering about God and his works. She also received a lot of encouragement from her father upon realising her artistic gift. Sis Shade cites her sense of imaginative composition as another special gift from God which has helped her tremendously in her art career.

Mrs. Olukoya is the International Coordinator, MFM Women’s Foundation. The foundation has been established to empower women in the church through adult literacy education and skill acquisition training programmes.

Mummy G.O. is also a specialist musical performer. She is a great soloist who performs hymns and many genres of Christian music as the spirit leads. On special occasions and to the admiration of the congregation, Sis Shade and her husband, Dr. Olukoya give duo musical performances. This activity is usually a cherished sight to behold. Sis. Shade is a firebrand. From her youth, she has had the gift of deep dreams and visions. Mrs. Olukoya’s messages and ministrations in church services and special programmes are wonderful with results following to the glory of God.


Biography of Ibrahim Chatta, Age, Career, Family, Education, Others.


Ibrahim Chatta is a popular Nollywood Yoruba actor, producer and director. He is also a singer and songwriter.

In this post, we take a look at the biography of Ibrahim Chatta, his family life, career and the movies he has featured in.


Ibrahim Chatta was born Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta on October 13, 1970. The actor hails from Kwara. He grew up in a large family of 14 children.


Ibrahim Chatta’s does not have a secondary or higher education. According to the actor, his lack of education was due to peer pressure. At that time, he was quite young and he could not put his mind to the fact that education was important which led to him leaving school in his third grade.

But Ibrahim’s lack of education didn’t deter him from pursuing a career in acting and he also disclosed that he was able to learn a lot of things on his own.


Prior to his breakthrough in acting, Ibrahim worked as a bus conductor in order to make ends meet.

The movie that shot him into prominence was “Aiyekooto.” Some of the popular movies he has featured in include Mafi wonmi (2008), Atinio’go (2006) and October 1 (2014).

He has featured in scores of movies; some of these include Leyin Igbeyawo, Irawo, Oke Akisa Aiye, Dudu, Odunbaku Omin Awure, Eni amongst others.

Recently, Ibrahim revealed that he plans to quit acting in 2020. Although, he further disclosed that his family and colleagues were not well disposed to it and hoping it would fall through because they think he is too young to quit.

The actor reiterated that he has sacrificed his entire life for acting as he began acting at the age of 15.


Ibrahim has won many awards. These include Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2012, Best of Nollywood Awards for his role in the movie, Aiyekooto and City People Entertainment Awards 2016 Nomination for the Best Actor of the year.

Ibrahim Chatta has been handpicked by many as the successor to Odunlade Adekola’s reign as the Best Nollywood Yoruba actor. However, sources in the movie sector say that Ibrahim needs like two years to develop and get lead roles non-stop before he can snatch the lover-boy role from Odunlade.

However, the actor recently made a controversial statement about awards in an interview when he revealed that most Nigerian awards lack credibility. According to him, most award organisers wouldn’t honour you if you don’t submit your film in the entries.

He reiterated that the organisers usually ask movie stars if they will be attending the event ceremony and if they are not coming, they automatically lose the awards.

Also, he revealed that some awards wouldn’t give you awards if you don’t ‘buy’ seats at the event.

Family & other facts

Ibrahim has been married three times. His first marriage was to Olayinka Solomon, but unfortunately, the couple went their separate ways after a few years. According to reports, the marriage ended in divorce and mutual recrimination with Solomon accusing him of wife battery, a charge he denied.

The union produced a child, Malik.

Subsequently, Chatta found solace in the arms of the daughter of a Senator in Kwara state, Salamatu Mohammed Lafiaji.

They met in 2007 and had a traditional wedding on December 30, 2012. However, this union was shortlived too. One of the reasons for their break up was the abuse Salamatu purportedly faced in the hands of Ibrahim.

Salamatu revealed that she had met Ibrahim on the set of Kunle Afod’s movie titled Tiwonsikanga in 2007. They started living together from 2008 and subsequently got married in 2012. But she discovered that he was a womanizer and a gold digger. In fact, he had found a way to collect all the money in her account before she realised what was going on. The estranged wife also revealed that his constant beatings resulted in a miscarriage.

But Ibrahim denied the allegations and said that he never hit her. In fact, the only woman he ever hit was his first wife which was a response to her slapping him.

Narrating his own side of the story, Ibrahim revealed that there was no trust in the union when he married Salamatu. According to the actor, he did everything he could to make the marriage work he later heard that she told him that she had stopped loving him since 2012 when they did their Nikkah wedding. She further revealed to her sister that she had been pretending all the while.

Nonetheless, Ibrahim disclosed that he didn’t allow that to deter him as he continued to make efforts and was willing to put things in order.
Also, there were rumours that Salamatu had left him because his apartment was shabby and when her mother came to visit them she was quite disappointed with her daughter’s living condition. But Ibrahim refuted the claims as he stated that he was living in a four bedrooms with two sitting rooms so the home was never an issue.

The actor also revealed that he loves having people around him and his ex-wife had issues with that even though she knew he was like that even before they got married.

Ibrahim lamented that he has been labelled a wife beater based on this unfounded rumours and this has led to him losing several endorsement deals. The actor went further to state that anyone with evidence that he is a wife beater should come forward with evidence.

Eventually, Ibrahim had to let Salamatu go as it was clear she was no longer interested in the union.

Currently, Ibrahim is married to Lizzie Berry. The couple tied the knot on the 1st of October, 2016. The actor managed to keep the marriage proceedings from the press but the details eventually leaked a week before the wedding.

There were reports that the wedding was fast-tracked as a result of Lizzie’s pregnancy however, the actor refused to comment on the details of his marriage.

Lizzie put to birth on the 6th of February 2017 and Ibrahim broke the news to fans and followers his Instagram page. This is Ibrahim’s second child. It would be recalled that he had a son, Malik with his first wife, Olayinka Solomon.


Daniel Maldini’s Attributes And Biography…

Country: Italy

Date of birth: 11/10/2001 (17 years old)

Place of birth: Milan (Italy)

Height: —

Youth career: AC Milan

Current club: AC Milan

Squad number: 98

Current national team: Italy U-18

Position: attacking midfielder, winger, second striker

Preferred foot: right

Market value (by —

Tournaments participated in: Al Kass International Cup 2018

Contract until: unknown

Player’s agent: unknown

Transfer rumours: —

Similar type of player: Christian Eriksen


– passing

– vision

– creativity

– technique

– pace

– first touch

– dribbling

– set pieces

– long shots


– still has margin to improve the consistency of his decision making on the ball

Style of play:

– advanced playmaker

– likes to be fielded in a free role as an attacking midfielder, where he is given space to roam the pitch

– intelligent player, who finds the space well between the lines

– likes to roam around in the space between the opposition’s midfield and defence

– creative player with very good technical ability, 1vs1 short-dribbling skills, close ball control, fast direction shifts in possession and vision to make through passes to the teammates providing dynamism to the team’s last offensive third plays

– well-rounded, hard-working team player

– capable both of creating chances for team-mates, as well as scoring goals himself, due to his vision and ability to play off of other players

– likes to shoot from distance

– possesses good mid-range and long-range shooting skills

– creative at his off-the-ball movements, and likes to find the best space to receive the ball with good timings, linking up the team’s midfield and attack

– able to deliver pin-point passes and crosses

– displays a natural technique to take fast decisions in tight spaces/press-resistant player

– often makes surging runs into penalty box

– competent set-piece taker

He is best suited to playing as:

Attacking midfielder in 4-2-3-1.



League summary (as for 7 August 2019):

No senior team appearances yet.


Daniel Maldini is the son of AC Milan and Italy legend Paolo Maldini, and the grandson of Cesare Maldini. He is a product of Milan youth academy. Daniel plays as a midfielder, unlike his father and his grandfather before him. Currently, he is one of the best players of Milan’s Primavera Under-19 team along with other talented players such as Matteo Soncin, Alberto Barazzetta, Alessandro Sala, Alessio Brambilla, Frank Tsadjout, Gabriele Capanni and Riccardo Tonin. He made his unofficial AC Milan debut 23 July 2019 in a pre-season friendly against Bayern Munich.


Football Talent Scout potential rating:


First team material in a top European club.


Biography Of Mike Adenuga, Age, Career, Past, Education, Others.


A lot has been said about the very rich, very famous, very philanthropic, and very good-looking 2nd richest man in Nigeria and one of the richest men in Africa – Mike Adenuga. His journey to fame and wealth, his many feats in risk-taking and the many hurdles he has had to cross to get to where he is today.

He has shocked a lot of people with his tenacity and his almost gluttonous need for work, work and more work. His assets have been estimated at over $5.5 billion and still counting. He is seen as one of those people who has vowed to leave the world better than they met it.

He is a philanthropist, a businessman, an adventurer, a risk taker, an entrepreneur, a husband, a father and a grandfather. His assets include Globacom and Conoil amongst other very lucrative enterprises. It has been said that he has a magic touch when it comes to investment.

Needless to say that there is little that is news when it comes to the life and achievements of the giant spirit. but even the sun can still surprise us with its intensity, so even though it seems like all has been said about the tycoon there are still facts about him that it would shock you to realize you have not heard.


Michael Adeniyi Agbolade Ishola Adenuga Jr was born on the 29th day of April 1953 to a father who was a school teacher and mother who was a businesswoman.

He attended Ibadan Grammar School, Ibadan, and Comprehensive High School Aiyetoro, where he received his Higher School Certificate (HSC). He has degrees in Business Administration from Northwestern Oklahoma State University and Pace University, New York.

He is very learned that People who have had the honour of meeting him think of him as the Aristotle or Henry Ford of our time. The way he excelled in all of his business adventures is the same way he excelled in his studies while in school, The works of authors like Dimgba Igwe proves this. I think it is safe to say that If he was White, he might have had a Doctoral thesis written on him to confirm that he really is an Intellectual.

How he makes it•

You will find it amazing to learn that Mike Adenuga had a very humble beginning, hawking goat feed in the streets of Ibadan to being one of the richest men not just in Yoruba land or Nigeria but in the continent of Africa. In 1990, 37-years old Mike received a drilling license and the following year his Consolidated Oil struck oil headed for the shallow waters of Southwestern State of Ondo State, being the first indigenous oil company to do so in commercial quantity at the time.

It would interest you to know that one of Mike’s nickname is John Bull – this is because of his keen eyes for available and unexplored opportunities. He never backs down from risk. The spirit of risk-taking makes him a real Bull. In 1999, he went for a GSM licence at the time telecommunication was just being introduced into the country and he got a conditional licence which was revoked.

In 2003, he received a second one when the government held auctioned again. His telecom company Globacom began spreading so quickly and even began challenging the largest network providers then – MTN Group. Today, Globacom is a network company to be reckoned with not just in Nigeria but also Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, with more licences currently being prospected in other West African countries.

In 2015, he made a takeover bid to purchase Ivorian mobile telecom’s operator Comium Côte d’Ivoire for $600 million

Net worth•

Mike Adenuga’s net worth has risen tremendously from $4.6 billion in 2012 to 5.3 billion in 2018 according to Forbes. Majority of his wealth is from his telecommunication and oil bloc businesses.


Though married to Titi Joyce Adenuga, Mike Adenuga is a well-known polygamist who has had relationships with a number of other women.

Asides having a daughter named Bella from his marriage to Titi Joyce, he has six other children namely: Adetutu Oyindamola Emilia, Eniola, Folashade Adeniyi, Prince Michael, Tunde, and Abimbola.


With the amount of money he has, you would be sure his house should be a haven and sure it is. His estate ( this is because the house is more than just a mansion) located in Banana Island is said to be called Gold digger’s den and is worth over N1 billion.

The massive estate is said to have been handled by Julius Berger and Cappa & D’Alberto and comprises of 8 duplexes and an additional one for his personal residence with home office (the gold one), two watchtowers, a mosque, a church and a multipurpose hall that sits 200 people.

It also has an indoor swimming pool, car park, helipad, yacht deck and it sits on roughly 3 hectares.

Facts be told•

Those who have met him personally consider him a very shy, modest and reclusive person. it does not seem to matter that he is rich or famous or wealthy, he still remains a simple man at heart. most other people in such wealth and affluence would have been very resentful of anything simple or ordinary, yet this Icon remains himself unchanging. The simplicity of his lifestyle makes him live like a recluse most of the time. He does not enjoy public or media attention unless it has to do with business and even then, he prefers not to be the focus of the public eye. Even his children agree to this.

Nigerians equate his many feats in education and business to that of a spirit which is why friends call him The Guru. He seems to quickly adapt to every situation and master it to perfection, sometimes doing extremely better than those who had started before him and who are supposed to have more experience than him. Anyone who can do that should definitely be called The Guru.

Mike is also a very weird man. He recently purchased Dysney vault (burial tomb) for himself for a whopping N200 million at the upscale Vaults and Gardens, Ikoyi. It is said that he bought the same space for his sister when she died. What else could be weirder?

Achievements / Award•

Mike Adenuga was named African Entrepreneur of The Year at the first African Telecoms Awards (ATA) in August 2007.

Others are:

1. African Telecoms Award, 2007
2. Pillar of Football in Africa has been conferred on him for his strong support for African Football.
3. Nigerian national award of Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger
Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger in the year 2012
4. Special Golden Jubilee Independence Anniversary Award

Other photos•


Short Biography Of Wale Adenuga…


Wale Adenuga has written some of Nigeria’s best loved praise and worship music – song like Today o, Lord because of me, You alone are worthy Lord, It is you and so on.

He heads Fountain of Praise, a worship ministry that has a vision of declaring God’s praise to the ends of the earth. Wale with Fountain of Praise has recorded 6 albums – Hosanna, Of a truth, Friend of the Light, Too much for me, This is not enough and You are the only One. Some of these recordings featured renowned worship leaders like Bob Fitts, David Baroni, Panam Percy Paul and Kunle Ajayi.

He is recipient of 2001 Karis award for best christian song writer of the year.

Other photos•


Biography Of Toke Makinwa, Age, Career, Past (Before/After)


Toke Makinwa is a leading Nigerian media personality. She was born in Abuja, Nigeria. And later on, her parents relocated to Lagos. Toke is the second of 4 children. Sadly, the vibrant entertainer lost both parents at an early age and was subsequently raised by Mr & Mrs Akinyelure, her foster parents. Here’s everything you need to know about the TV personality.


Toke Makinwa’s birth date is on 3rd November 1984. She attended Federal Government College, Oyo State. For her tertiary education, she attended the prestigious University of Lagos, where she bagged a degree in English Language and Literature.

As a child, the potential star always had the flair for entertainment cum communication. She had always wanted to be in the spotlight.

As she awaited her admission into the university, Toke had her first radio experience. She went on to finish her education but was certain she had a future in the media.

Toke is famous for being a co-host of The Morning Drive show on Rhythm 93.7FM.

In 2010 Toke launched her late-night show, Rhythms of the Night on Rhythm 93.7FM. The star, who is never short of words to say, is loved by millions of listeners for her engaging on-air personality. Together with 2 other radio personalities and colleagues, Tosyn Bucknor and Oreka Godis, the trio co-hosted Flytime Entertainment’s online show 3 Live Chicks.

She came into limelight in the entertainment industry in 2010 with her engaging and hilarious YouTube videos. Through the platform, Nigerians have seen that she is a vibrant and captivating character. She is the typical Nigerian entertainer.

Her Vlog popularly known as Toke Moments on YouTube finally gave a face to the already popular Nigerian media star. Her vlog content was often targeted towards the Do’s and Don’t’s of relationships. The drama queen also stamped a huge success with her vlog comic series.

For being an entertainer who has a sound mastery of the Nigerian audience, Toke has also recorded a good number of successes anchoring and presenting shows on several media platforms. In 2010, the fashion icon anchored the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant.

Toke hosted the 2014 Hip Hop Magazine Trending show. In the course of that, she interviewed top Nigerian international personalities such as Chiwetel Ejiofor and Femi Kuti. In 2015, she became a co-host of the syndicated Moments Talk show (Nigeria) on Ebony life Television. She hosts the show alongside other personalities like Michelle Dede and Bolanle Olukanni.

Toke Makinwa is an all-time fan of the Oprah Winfrey Talk Show. She shared her childhood fantasy of having her marriage proposal moments on the African-American billionaires’ show. She still hopes to have her own Talk Show and has also indicated her future interest to launch an acting career in Nollywood.

Toke Makinwa has made several achievements in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She won the Nigeria Broadcasters Awards for the outstanding female presenter of the year in 2013. That same year, she became a brand ambassador for the United Africa Company of Nigeria (UAC). Just to mention a few, Toke signed a multi-million naira ambassadorship deal with Nestle in 2014 as the new face of Maggi.

In 2013, the diva lost the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice awards for favourite Nigerian on-air personality to Freeze of Cool Fm and also Entertainment of the year to Nigerian Denrele a year later.


Toke Makinwa got married to her longtime partner and health instructor, Maje Ayida. The couple had been together for over 7 years. They had a private wedding on January 15, 2014.

Barely 2 years after her wedding, their marriage hit the rocks. Maje allegedly had impregnated a supposedly estranged girlfriend, Anita Solomon.

The tragedy was the rave of the moment over social networks in 2015. It was ironical that the vlogger whose success emerged from giving relationship tips was having a rough time in hers. Toke had earlier mentioned that her spouse did not fancy her vlogs.

Nigerian entertainment reports confirm that the audacious diva separated from her spouse for months and later filed for a divorce in June 2016.

Before And After: Secret Of Her Color Change…

Toke Makinwa looks nothing like she used to. She was a dark-skinned woman but now she is way lighter and blonder after bleaching her skin. Skin bleaching is something many women won’t admit to but the TV and radio personality in her book “On Becoming” revealed that she bleached her skin just to impress her ex-husband, Maje Ayida while they were still dating.

This was after she found out that Maji had a thing for fair-skinned ladies. Despite the fact that most women who bleached their skins to become lighter usually have obviously dark elbows, knuckles and joints, Makinwa remains one of Nigeria’s hottest female TV personalities. She is also among the celebrities who give fans money on Social Media.

Other Photos•


Biography of Innocent Ujah Idibia. (2baba). Career, Education, Age, Others.


Even if the name Innocent Ujah Idibia sounds unfamiliar to some, definitely not the name 2face Idibia, because it has become a household name not just in Nigeria but in the whole of the African continent.

He is one of the most decorated and successful hip pop artists not just in Nigeria but in Africa having consistently been ranked as one of the best African musicians of all-time.


This multiple award-winning Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer was born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, 18 September 1975.
He attended Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School Makurdi, Benue State before moving over to Enugu State where he did his preliminary National Diploma course in business administration and management at the Institute of Management & Technology, Enugu (IMT).


While in IMT, 2Face was the man around town performing at virtually every show and party in school and even in other schools within the Enugu Metropolis. He also made extra cash from composing and singing jingles at the GB Fan Club at the Enugu State Broadcasting Services (ESBS). He finally dropped out of school to pursue his music career.

From Enugu, he headed to Lagos where together with Blackface (Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo) and Faze (Chibuzor Oji), the Plantashun Boiz band was formed. The trio released two successful albums: Body and Soul (2000) and Sold Out (2003) before they separated in 2004 and each member of the group went solo.

In the same year (2004), 2Face his debut solo album Face 2 Face which established him as a viable solo artist. His second album, Grass 2 Grace came two years later in 2006. His African Queen song set him on an international platform. Today, the name 2Face is reckoned with internationally.


2face Idibia has won several awards for music and entertainment.

Some of his awards include BET Award for Best International Act: Africa in 2011, MTV Europe Music Award, World Music Award, The Headies Awards (Hip-hop award), Channel O Music Video Awards, MOBO award, one KORA award, and numerous additional nominations.

Below is a comprehensive List of his awards

  • Best Male Vocalist 2002 Affinity Awards
  • Best Video 2004 A.M.E.N Awards
  • Best Male Vocalist 2004 A.M.E.N Awards
  • Song of the Year 2004 A.M.E.N Awards
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment Industry 2004 Award for Excellence
  • Music of the Year 2004 Excellence Recognition Awards
  • Best New Act Male 2004 A.M.E.N Awards
  • Song of the year for “African Queen” 2004 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
  • Best Album of the year 2004 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
  • Best Hip-Hop and R&B Artiste 2004 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
  • Musician of the Year 2004 City People Awards for Excellence
  • Best Male Video 2005 Channel O Music Video Awards
  • Best African Act 2005 Channel O Music Video Awards
  • Best African Act 2005 Kora Awards
  • The Outstanding Musician of the Year 2005 Black Heritage Awards for Excellence
  • Best Musical Artiste 2005 Afro Nollywood Award
  • African Song of The Year (Non-Ghanaian) 2005 Ghana Music Awards
  • Best Male Video 2005 Channel O Music Video Awards
  • Special Recognition Award 2005 Hip Hop World Awards
  • Best African Act 2005 Kora Awards
  • Best Song of The Year 2005 G.C.E International Awards
  • Best African Video of the year 2005 Channel O Music Video Award
  • Best African Act 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards
  • Nominated Best African Act 2005 MOBO
  • Africa Break Through Artist of the Year 2006 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
  • Musician of The Year 2006 The Future Awards
  • Best African Act 2007 MOBO Awards
  • Song of the Decade 2007 Nigerian Music Awards
  • Best Album of the Year 2007 Nigeria Entertainment Awards New York
  • Best selling Nigerian Artist 2008 World Music Awards, Monaco, Spain
  • Best R’n’B / Pop album 2008 Hip-Hop World Awards
  • Best African Act 2008 Australian African Awards
  • Artist of the Year 2009
  • Best R&B MTV Africa Music Awards 2009
  • MTV Africa Music Awards Best Male 2009
  • MTV Africa Music Awards Best Video for “Enter the Place” 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards
  • Best Western 2010 SoundCity Awards
  • Best Western 2010 SoundCity Awards
  • Best Male MTV Africa Music Awards 2010
  • Artist of the Year MTV Africa Music Awards 2010
  • Most Gifted West African Video 2010 Channel O Music Video Awards
  • Best Pop Video for “Implication” 2010 SoundCity Awards
  • Best International Act: Africa BET Awards of 2011
  • New Champions For An Enduring Culture 2011 16th edition of the Annual THISDAY Awards presented by former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Album of the year 2011 Hip-Hop World Awards – “The Headies”
  • Most Gifted African West Video for “Only Me” 2011 Channel O Music VideoAwards
  • Most Gifted Video of the Year for “Only Me” 2011 Channel O Music Video Awards
  • Artist of the year 2011 Hip-Hop World Awards – “The Headies”
  • Best R’n’B / Pop album 2011 Hip-Hop World Awards – “The Headies”
  • Best R&B Single – Let Somebody Love You (2Face Idibia) – “The Headies 2014”
  • Album of the year – Ascension – “Ben TV Awards 2014”
  • Best International Collaboration – Rainbow ft. T-Pain – “Ben TV Awards 2014”

Net worth•

2 Baba has an estimated net worth of $22 million. He earned his money from his music, shows, endorsements, and other business ventures. He reportedly owns and runs Hypertek, an entertainment company and record label and owns Lounge in Ikeja and Festac.


The African queen crooner has seven children from three different women; Pero Adeniyi, Sunbo Ajaba and Annie Idibia (Nee Macaulay). He eventually married Annie with whom he has two daughters in 2012.
His children are Isabel, Nino, Zion, Justin, Rose, Innocent and Olivia.


The music Icon owns a five-bedroom duplex at Richmond Gate Estate. He also reportedly owns another luxury Haven Home on the Banana Island. The two building are estimated to be worth over worth N400 Million.

The luxurious five bedroom duplex is said to have a gym, mini studio, two sitting rooms, terrace, among other personalised components.

Tuface also has already properties in Festac, Ikeja and Lagos Island. According to Estate valuers, the music star might be targeting a property empire worth over N2 billion in five years.

Other photos•

Biography of Ayo Richard Makun, Interest, Career, Education, Others.

Ayo Richard Makun fondly called AY is a comedian, movie producer, actor, writer and entrepreneur. AY is one of the most creative comedians that has influenced the upcoming and existing artiste through his Open Mic Challenge.


Ayo Makun was born on 19th of August, 1971 in Warri, Delta State. A.Y hails from Ifon, Ose Local Government, Ondo State but prefer to be called a ‘warri boy’.

Ayo makun has a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Art from Delta State University, Abraka. While in school, A.Y was very active and had many nominations and awards including Best Showbiz Promoter (2001) and Most Celebrated Theatre Arts Student (2003).

Ayo Makun married Mabel, CEO of Maidas Interior in 2008 and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Michelle Makun. AYhas six siblings, two boys and four girls. One of his brothers, Yomi Makun known as Yomi Casual is one of the A-list fashion designer in Nigeria.

Career as a comedian•

Ayo Makun has always been into showbiz since undergraduate days. A.Y launched and hosted shows like Miss Delsu, Miss Delta and many more. Fate smiled on him in one of his shows when he met Alibaba Akporobome, a well-known comedian and actor who later became his mentor.

A.Y started out as a personal assistant and event manager to Ali Baba. His work with Ali Baba prepared him to understand what people want and helped groom him into a professional comedian.

The entertainer started performing at Ali Baba’s Fans Club show at Victoria Garden City (VGC). Ayo Makun rose to fame after he performed at a comedy show hosted by Opa Williams in 2006. Ever since then, he has risen to the top of his game and has become one of the most bankable comedians in Nigeria.

The entertainer wrote ‘A.Y wire’ as a guest columnist in The Sun Newspaper and Gbenga Adeyinka’s ‘laff Mattaz’. He also presented the AY Live on The Morning Drive every Friday from 6am to 10am on Rhythm 93.7FM, Lagos.

Comedy Platforms•

  • AY Live, the usually sold out comedy and music concerts which holds annually on Easter Sunday. The much anticipated show started in 2010 and enjoys huge crowd both in Lagos and London.
  • AY’s Crib is a TV sitcom launched in 2013. AY stares in the comedy show alongside Alex Ekubo, Buchi Franklin, Justice Nuagbe and Venita Akpofure.
  • The AY Show is a TV comedy show, aired on many terrestrial television stations across Nigeria and Africa Magic.
  • AY’s Open Mic Challenge is a monthly comedy show for many upcoming and established acts in the industry. The show is held every third Sunday of the month at the Marquee at Federal Palace Hotels and Casinos, Lagos

The stand-up comedian is the CEO of Corporate World Entertainment (CWE), an organisation that focuses on organising live events and providing contents for radio and television. The company powers the annually sold out AY Live, produces the AY Live VCD’s and the most watched TV show. AY’s Open Mic Challenge and AY’s Crib are also product of CWE.

Today, Corporate World Entertainment is one of the top-notch producer of comedic content in Nigeria.

Career as movie producer•

As a ‘warri boy’, Ayo Makun expanded his portfolio by venturing into movie production. His first movie as a producer was ’30 Days in Atlanta’. His movies are hilarious adventurous.

AY’s 30 Days in Atlanta broke Nigeria’s box office record as the highest domestic grossing film in 2015 and was listed on Guinness Book of World Records. The film also starred leading actors such as Richard Mofe Damijo, Ramsey Noah and Mercy Johnson.

A Trip to Jamaica (2016)

10 Days in Sun City (2017)

The Merry Man (2018)

Being Mrs Elliot (2014)

The Lodgers (2016)

The Wedding Party(2016)

American Driver (2017)

Mom at War (2018).


He owns a luxurious night club, MVP Lounge in the highbrow area of Lekki Phase 1. MVP Lounge is an exclusive club house with bar, restaurant, game room, karaoke room, gold and diamond room with a lounge. It is located at the penthouse floor of Omission Emporium Mall situated at Lekki Phase 1.

Ayo Makun has worked with reputable brands and promoted shows for individuals and corporate organisations including Unilever Plc, Glo etc. He is the brand ambassador of Western Lotto and Peak Milk.

Achievement and Awards•

  • Comedian of the Year at Diamond Awards for Comedy 2008
  • Comedian of the Year at Teen Favourite 2008
  • Comedian of the Year at MBG Abuja Merit Awards 2008
  • Comedian of the Year at National Daily Awards 2008
  • Comedian of the Year at Arsenal Award for Excellence 2008
  • Comedian of the Year at Mode Men of the Year Awards 2008
  • Best Comedian in Nigeria at City People Entertainment Awards 2009
  • Comedian of the Year at Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2010
  • Most Creative Entrepreneur of the Year at Creative Industry Awards 2013
  • TV Comedy Show of the Year at Creative Industry Awards 2013
  • Best Comedy Film at Africa Movie Academy Awards 2015
  • Best Supporting Actor at Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2017
  • Nollywood Personality of the Year at The Sun Awards 2017
  • Golden Movie (Comedy) at Golden Movie Awards 2017

Other photos•

Biography of Jude (M.I) Abaga. Career, Education, Lifestyle, Family, Others.


M.I Abaga is a Nigerian rapper/hip-hop artist and a record producer whose lyrical prowess makes him an outstanding recording artiste in the country’s music industry.

Since gaining prominence in 2006 with his song Crowd Mentality, M.I has won several awards including Best Hip-Hop and Best Rap Album at the Hip Hop World Awards; and several nominations since 2008 to date. He is currently the CEO of Chocolate City, a music and entertainment company which was established in 2015.

Jude (M.I) Abaga, was born on October 4, 1981, in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. He is originally from Taraba State as his parents, Pastor and Mrs. Abaga are both from Takum. Growing up in Jos with his two brothers – Jesse (Jagz) and Jason Abaga, M.I attended Baptist High School, Jos. As a teenager, his interest in music was piqued after his mother purchased basic music notations and 7-key mini piano for him.

Career & Music Career•

Furthering his tertiary education in the U.S. in the 1990s, M.I would listen to tracks from famous rappers like DMX, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, and others. While majoring in Business and Economics at Calvin College, Michigan, he delved into poetry and would often perform at the school’s hip-hop shows and concerts.

With his active participation and rapping prowess, Mr Incredible, as he is fondly called, made it to the third-place at the college show themed ‘HipHopera’ in 2003. It was the only rap show the school ever had. M.I also tried his hands on stand up comedy but a few flops made him stick to what his first love – music.

He took off with his music career in Nigeria after he returned in 2003. M.I started producing mixtapes with his friend, Djinee and it wasn’t long before he released his first mixtape titled PYERIBOY. His single Safe gained impressive airplay in African radio and music video stations such as MTV Vibe. Not only did Nigerians loved it, the track earned him awards at the Nigerian Music Video Awards.

The subsequent release of his first studio album title Talk About It cinched his career success and popularity. M.I was rated 8.5/10 by Oye Akideinde of 360nobs and won the City People Awards for Best Hip Hop Artist and Musician of the Year 2008.

Motivated by his mounting fame, M.I dropped a sample mixtape in 2009 and 2012 titled: Illegal Music I and II. He later teamed up with several music artists Lindsay, Ice Prince, including to brother Jesse Jagz, and others to establish Loopy Music – a company that is currently merged with Chocolate City.

After he got signed by Chocolate City, M.I moved from Jos to Abuja. From there onwards, his recognition ricochet across Nigeria to South Africa and the US where he was acknowledged by MTVbase Awards, Channel O Music Award as well as American BET Awards.

His other songs/studio album till date include The Chairman (2014); The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation (2015), and Illegal Music 3 – The Finale (2016) – an album in which he introduced the new rap sensation, KhaliGraph Jones. On February 9, 2018, he released his fourth studio album Rendezvous: The Playlist.

Weird Facts•

1. M.I Abaga has been described as a proficient instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and lyricist. His rapping techniques are likened to that of Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Kanye West.

2. He has featured and produced songs for some of Nigeria’s top artistes including Flavour N’bania, Don Jazzy, Djinee, Wizkid, and several others.

3. He currently runs a production company, Rytchus Era Productions in partnership with his brother, Jesse (Jagz) Abaga

4. M.I was Glo Mobile’s brand ambassador In 2013, along with other entertainers like Burna Boy. And was also a judge at Glo X-Factor, the Nigerian version of the reality singing show.

5. He is regarded as the hip-hop Messiah of Nigeria as he is credited for raising many artists such as Wizkid, Jesse Jagz, Vypa, Ruby, Tone, Ice Prince, Pype, Brymo, and KhaliGraph Jones.

6. Walking the road to success didn’t come without controversies. His feud with competitive rappers, Kelly Handsome and Iceberg Slim were quite a media sensation. But as Iceberg stated in 2009, “it was a healthy competition in Hip-Hop.”

6. So far, Mr Incredible has won 18 global awards and 22 nominations.

7. M.I once declared his respect for his fan base in on Instagram. According to him, every music project is a piece of his life, therefore he “will never rush music.”

Other Photos•

Biography of Lyta. Age, Career, Education, Family, Is Current Record Label, Others.

On the 15th of February, 2018, Olamide signed two new artists into his record label, YBNL. The Yahoo Boy No Laptop, better known as YBNL has been known by everyone far and near to be very helpful in the uplisfting of people, especially in the music industry.
Thanks to the magnamity of the YBNL boss, Olamide who lives true to his words, “We Rise By Rising Others…!” The two latest artists, or rather latest as at the time of publishing this article,to benefit from the YBNL record label deals are singers Limerick and Lyta.
Today, we will be discussing Lyta, the younger of the duo. Lyta YBNL, as he is popularly known as is a young star. How old is Lyta? What is Lyta’s net worth? Where was Lyta born? We will see all these below.

Born as Lawal Raheem, YBNL Lyta was born in Kwara State, the Northern part of Nigeria on the 4th of July, 1998. He is a Nigerian singer and song writer, and goes with the stage name, LYTA (pronounces L-Y-T-A). He was born and brought up in the Ajegunle part of Lagos State, Nigeria and has been doing music even right from the age thirteen.
Not much has been known about Lyta’s early life and education, as he is still new to the fame box. With time, we will update this article to include other aspects of his life. He must have had his early education in the Lagos State, since that was where he grew up.
Lyta’s parents are Northerners. Lyta’s dad and mom also reside in Ajegunle, Lagos with his siblings.

A genius singer and song writer, Lyta was first discovered by Olamide, the YBNL boss in a public event where he got thrilled by his rapping skills. He had called him up on stage that day for some freestyles and he was even thrilled the more. Badoo, who is bent on rising by rising others got him signed into his record label on the 15th of February, 2018.
He came to the entertainment limelight after featuring Olamide in a song, ‘Time‘ which was was another awesome piece of work.

On 24th of May 2019, the news of Lyta’s departure from YBNL broke out. According to Olamide the YBNL boss, Lyta wasn’t comfortable with the label’s calendar and music release pattern.
In 2018, YBNL focused more on Lyta’s music and decided to promote Fireboy’s music in 2019. This didn’t go well with Lyta and he told Olamide that another label was interested in signing him, which according to Olamide, was a lie.
Olamide however gave his blessings to Lyta and wished him well in the new label. He later got signed into a record label in 2019 after his exit from YBNL to “Doro Music Gang” where he dropped 2 hits, monalisa and tatashe with the gang.

Age And Net worth•
Lyta is another young star you can look unto. He was born on the 4th of July 1998, so how old would he be now? Let’s calculate… 21?
He is still new in the industry, so it is a worky to calculate his net worth. Nevertheless, we will update it here soon.


Lyta has a good number of songs to his credit. His songs, together with their years of production include but not limited to:
– If It’s Only Me (2005)
– J’avance (2010)
– Tomber Love (2012)
– Honey (2015)
– Are You Ready (2016)
– Time (2018)
– Cherry Eyes (2018)
– No More Ghost (2018)
– Unread (2018)
– Poison (2018)

– Monalisa (2019)

– Tatashe (2019)


Lyta uses the social media, you can get him on:
Instagram @official.lyta
Thanks for reading along, I’m sure you know your favorite Lyta better now. Don’t forget to share and email any corrections to

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Biography of Falz. Age, Career, Collaborations, Awards, Education, Others.

Noble Reporters


Falz is one Nigerian music artist who boasts a successful legal career and also banks as a songwriter, an actor and television personality. Though a lawyer by profession, the singer has won more hearts on the mic more than in the law court.

Unlike many singers who knew from childhood that they were born to shine through music, Falz’s childhood dream wasn’t to become a singer. However, things changed while he was in secondary school, leading him to pick up music as a hobby. From developing himself on some aspects of music, the singer started a music group called The School Boys with some of his schoolmates and friends. Not long after, precisely in 2009, Falz dropped his debut mixtape titled Shakara: The Mixtape as a secondary school student.

Two years later, the singer came up with another mind-blowing single hit titled Waz Up Guy. Falz was eventually thrust into small-scale stardom after his single hits Currency and High Class made their way to the music industry and became quite popular.

His breakout song titled Marry Me was released in 2015 and was subsequently nominated for the Best Collaboration of The Year award at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards held in 2015.

Falz’s music credits which have won him commendations, as well as many awards in the music industry include Ello Bae (2015), Stories That Touch (2015), Chemistry (a collabo with Nigerian singer Simi), Soldier, and Jamb Question.

The lawyer turned musician’s recent projects are Next and This Is Nigeria, which was released in May 2018. The music video, as gathered was inspired by American actor/comedian Donald Glover’s song This is America. Best known by his stage name Childish Gambino, Donald’s song exposed the many challenges in America, which precisely what Falz did in his own song too.


Falz was born into a family with an extensive law background on October 27, 1990, in Lagos State, Nigeria. The Afropop singer is the only child of his parents, who are also human rights activists and lawyers.

The This is Nigeria hitmaker’s full name is Folarin Falana. He had his elementary education at St. Leo’s Catholic Primary School, Ikeja, after which he moved to Olashore International School, Osun State for his secondary school education. Upon completion, Faz proceeded to the University of Reading, from where he earned an LLB honors degree in Law after graduation.


Falz is the son of prominent legal practitioner and human rights activist, Femi Falana. Born on December 30, 1958, in Lagos State, the singer’s father is the former National Chairman of the National Conscience Party (NCP). He contested for Ekiti State governorship election in 2007 but lost the political race.

Femi is married to Funmi Falana, a respected lawyer and women’s rights activist. She is the National Director of Women Empowerment and Legal Aid (WELA), a reputable non-governmental organization that fights for the right of children and women.


A while back, the entertainment gossip mill was fussing about a possible relationship between the High School crooner and Joromi singer Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye but the two have severally denied the claim, insisting that they are just friends and have nothing special between them.

Though the couple looks cool together and could be easily mistaken for lovers, there’s no substantial evidence to prove they are actually dating or probably seeing each other behind the camera.

And while rumor detectives were busy trying to find out if there’s actually a chemistry between the singers, Falz took everyone by surprise when he shared on his Instagram page that his “real bae” is Lagos-born singer Chidinma Ekile.

While many believe Falz’s revelation is yet another publicity stunt, others were of the view that the two could possibly be in a serious relationship, considering Falz’s Instagram video which captured him kissing Ekile on her forehead. Ever since the video made its way to the internet, nothing has been heard about the couple and they are yet to confirm if they are an item or not. No doubt, it’s only time that will tell if Falz’s video was actually a publicity stunt or not.


1. At the Headies 2015, Falz was nominated for the “Best Street Hop Artiste of The Year” category for his song Ella Bae.

2. The singer’s superlative role in Jenifa’s Diary (Funke Akindele’s TV series) earned him the “Best Actor in a Comedy Movie/Series” at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2016.

3. At the 2016 BET Awards which took place in June 2016, Falz emerged the winner of the “Viewer’s Choice Best New International Act”.

4. The singer shares unique musical ties with popular Nigerian songwriter/singer Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, popularly known as Simi. The pair has worked together on three songs which are Chemistry, Soldier, and Jamb Question.

5. Falz has also banded together with a variety of other respected Nigerians artists like Dami Duro crooner Davido, YCee, Olamide, ShowDemKamp, M.I, Reekado Banks, actress/singer Chigul, Phyno, Afropop singer Yemi Alade, US-based Nigerian rapper Cheyenne Hamilton Labesa (stage name Chyn), Reminisce (real name Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru) and others.



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Biography of Ric Hassani. Birth, Songs, Education, Life, Others.


Biography of Kizz Daniel. Net worth, Family, Name, Education, Others.


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Femi Falana SAN is a Nigerian Lawyer and human rights activist. He was born on 30 December 1958.
He contested and lost the governorship election of Ekiti State in 2007 on the platform of National Conscience Party, a party he served as National Chairman in 2011.


He is the father of Falz, a popular Nigerian rapper, singer, online comedian and actor and husband to Nigerian women’s rights activist Funmi Falana.


Falana & Falana’s Chambers is a law firm with offices in Lagos, Abuja and Ekiti. We have over twenty lawyers called to the Nigerian Bar.

Established in Nigeria since 1991. Falana & Falana’s Chambers is a leading law firm in constitutional law and human rights services. The Law Firm has handled several pro-bono cases from 1991 till date. We have represented many victims of human rights violation in Nigerian Courts and the ECOWAS Community Court.

The Firm is extensively consulted on labour matters and human rights matters. The firm has handled more human right matters and public contest cases than any other firm in Nigeria.

Falana & Falana Chambers is committed to excellence in the law. This translates to providing extraordinary client service, a keen understanding of our client’s business needs, and skilled, effective legal work that leads directly to superior results.

The areas of practice are:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Labour Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Aviation Law
  • International Law
  • Custom & Excise Law
  • Arbitration Law
  • Telecommunication Law
  • Litigation, Civil and Commercial Law


Other photos•


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Biography of Wole Soyinka, Age, Education, Awards, Experience, Others. #Check


Biography of Mohammadu Buhari, Early Life, Career, Politics.

Biography of Tobechukwu Victor Okoh ‘Peruzzi’. Age, Facts, Career, Others.


Better known as Peruzzi, Tobechukwu Victor Okoh is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and music performer.
He is currently signed to the Davido Music Worldwide has has a good number of hits to his credit and has also written a good number of songs for Davido.


Born on the 5th of December, 1990 as Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, the DMW singer and songwriter, Peruzzi started unprofessional music at the early age of 7.
He had his early education at the Lerato primary school, Egbeda, Lagos State and then had his secondary at the Command Secondary School, Ikeja. He moved to the Odessa National University, Ukraine where he studied Medicine and Surgery before leaving the course to pursue his music interest.
The idea wasn’t well accepted by his parents but after a series of family meetings, he successfully convinced them into letting him pursue his dreams.
He first got into the studio in the year 2007 and was signed into the GoldenBoy Entertainment. His first music name was TC Peruzzi and he came into limelight after his single, ‘For Your Pocket‘ ft. Kuddy became a hit. It was produced by Speroach Beatz.
His unique musical talent and voice drew the DMW boss, Davido‘s attention to him and in November 2017, he was signed into to Davido Music Worldwide.
By then the record label was already home to the likes of Dremo and Mayorkun. Ever since then, Peruzzi has both written and sang a good number of hits in the record label.
He is one of the most talented and fast rising artists in Nigeria now and was nominated for the Rookie of the Year at the 2018 Headies Awards.


Stage Name: Peruzzi
Date of birth: 5th December, 1990
Age: 29 years
Nationality: Nigeria
Well known for: Music, Song Writing
Genre: Hip-hop
Record label: Davido Music Worldwide
Net worth: $500,000

Social Medias•

Peruzzi is very active on the social media.
You can get him on:
Instagram @peruzzi_vibes
Twitter @Peruzzi_VIBES

Net Worth•

Peruzzi is one of the fast rising artists in Nigeria and now an icon since everyone will always love to hear his voice in any hit. He has a good number of hits to his credit and his estimated net worth $500,000.

Other Photos•


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Biography of Ric Hassani. Birth, Songs, Education, Life, Others.


Biography of David Adedeji Adeleke, ‘Davido’. Net worth, Age, Career, Others.

Biography of Ric Hassani. Birth, Songs, Education, Life, Others.

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Ric Hassani is a fresh wave of Nigerian music. Kechukwu Eric Ahiauzu also known as Ric Hassani is a famous Nigerian Pop Singer and songwriter, born on January 6, 1989, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. His birth sign is Capricorn. He is the last child in his family.


Ric Hassani’s biography is an interesting story of self-transformation, searching for unique style and self-confidence. He sang in classical choir when he was 7 years old. As a young boy, he liked physics, maths, reading and he was exposed to music a lot. His father liked to listen to classical music and high-life records.

Ric graduated primary and secondary school in Port-Harcourt, then he moved to Covenant University for his Bsc. programme. After that, he went to England for his Masters in Energy Economics.

His music career started in 2013 with the first attempts at playing piano and singing. Eric chose a nickname Hassani from TV series Fresh Prince.
Ric defines his genre of music as African-Pop. The singer admitted that he was influenced by such musicians as Sam Smith, Craig David, Chris Brown and his favorite band is Boyz II Men.

New life•

Since 2010 he has been working and living in Lagos. Ric has his own record label Riverland Records. He is a frequent guest at such festival as Malawi’s Lakes of Stars Festival.

Ric Hassani is known for his single “Gentleman”, and his debut album “The African Gentleman”. The album turned out to be very successful. The video clip for the song “Gentleman” established Ric as stylish African gentleman in western-style clothing with national African prints. Ric Hassani nationality adds a special taste to his music, since he does not forget about the roots.

Ric says that his biggest inspiration is movies, he loves to watch movies a lot. He describes himself as “effeminate emotionally” man. Hassani was trying to hide his high octave voice under the aggressive shield of rap music. Listening to his last soft songs it is very difficult to believe that he was a rapper. His rap nickname was Rico Slim. Hassani’s new style is devoid of aggressiveness, he represents intelligent and well mannered musical genre.

Ric Hassani has his own dressing style. Actually, he looks like a top model. He likes Tom Ford collection with African prints. Actually, he is working on his own clothing brand.

Ric says that his fashion style was inspired by Triple MG co-founder, Ubi Franklin. The singer tried to express by the clothing a style of his music, it is classic, African, and modern simultaneously.

In 2015 he released three projects – a compilation album called “African Tour Select Singes 2015” and an acoustic EP tagged “Ric Hassani” and the single “Gentleman”. This famous song has beautiful acoustic instrumental and smooth vocals.

Last year Ric Hassani was nominated for three AFRIMMA Awards in such categories as Best R&B/Soul Artist, Video of the Year, and Most Promising Artiste. Hassani’s team ran a web analysis and found out that 65% of listeners and fans of Ric are men from Lagos.


His songs can be called “soulful,” with repeating beat and minimal baseline, adorned with masterful acoustics. Ric pours his heart out through his lyrics. The main theme of his songs is love.

Ric also has the songs with drums for example “Believe” and “Number One” “Sweetest thing” these songs can even be called dance music. He has also successful marriage tracks such as “Marry You”.

“Gentlemen” is a song dedicated to two most important women in a man’s life, his mother and partner, and recently “Do like say” ft. DBYZ. This song has become his breakout song. Ric Hassani is working now on a new album with his producer Doron Clinton. Therefore, fans are waiting for new hits from a wonderful artiste.

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Biography of Kizz Daniel. Net worth, Family, Name, Education, Others.

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Kiss Daniel (now Kizz Daniel) is a Nigerian recording artist and a performer who is popular for his for his critically acclaimed song, Yeba.

Daniel’s chart-topping song Woju released on September 1, 2014, was regarded as one of the best Nigerian songs that year and was nominated in the Hottest Single category in 2015. The young artist has gathered a number of awards since the start of his music career. He took home six prestigious awards in 2016; City People Music Award, The Headies and Nigeria Entertainment Award and others.


Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe (Kiss Daniel) was born on May 1, 1994, in Ogun State, Nigeria. He is originally from Abeokuta North local government area and besides this fact, no detail of his family and upbringing has surfaced.

However, we know for sure that he was raised by his parents along with his siblings; three younger brothers and a sister. had also once shared a glimpse of his childhood memory on Instagram telling of what it was like growing up in a rat-infested house in KUTO, ABK (Abeokuta).

Kiss Daniel/Kizz Daniel, as his new stage name goes, attended the University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, where he graduated with a degree in Water Engineering. It was at the university that he developed an interest in music and decided to pursue it as a career.


Daniel lost his dad, Kola Anidugbe on May 29, 2015. He had once shared a photo of himself and parents on social media before the older man’s demise. Despite the controversy surrounding his absence from his father’s burial, Daniel later shared an emotional tribute on late Anidugbe’s birthday on June 17, 2015. In the written speech, the singer described himself as the Stupid son for not being there for the old man, for loving the fame above his family and for believing that the ailment (typhoid) that took his father’s life wasn’t serious.
The artiste regrets not having his father around long enough to fulfill the promise he made – to gift the old man a car on his birthday.


Kiss Daniel began his music career in 2013, fresh out of the university and came across Emperor Geezy, the CEO of G-World Entertainment who signed him to his record label. Through the label, he released his first single titled Shoye in 2014 along with the music video some weeks after.

Soon after, Woju became a high-life hit song on the top 10 on the MTV Base Official Naija where it stayed for 11 weeks and later climbed and remain at number 1 for another six weeks. The song describes the attitude of a typical African lady to compliments of a gentleman.

On his birthday in 2015, Daniel released his third single titled Laye and two weeks later, the video was shot and directed by Aje Films at some locations in East Africa. Daniel released his first studio album titled New Era on May 14, 2016.


While his contract with G-World Entertainment seemed to be going smoothly, trouble was brewing on the background. Trouble ensued after the Afro-pop singer decided to cut ties with the label. Accusations began to fly and making waves on news headline.

First, it was alleged that Daniel received N30,000 as monthly salary from G-World at the beginning of their deal. The label, in their counteract statement, said it has paid over N120 million to the singer since signing him.

Nevertheless, both parties parted ways but not without few legal battles in a law court which Daniel emerged a winner. In an official statement, his Solicitors L & A-Legal Consultants said the Lagos Federal High Court has clearly denied the entertainment company’s application to restrain Daniel from performing, recording or using the stage name ‘Kiss Daniel’ – a name the singer has reportedly used way before his commitment to the label.

According to the Solicitors, Kiss Daniel formally canceled the deal with G-Worldwide Entertainment via a letter on October 30, 2017 – which was in accordance with the provisions of the Recording Contract between the parties.

Pushing forward with his dreams, with support from fellow stars like Davido, Wizkid, and others, Daniel launched his very own Label, Flyboy INC (FBI) in November 2017 and change his brand name from Kiss to Kizz Daniel.

Four years in the music industry, the singer is a millionaire and proud owner of two houses in Lagos; has won up to seven awards since 2015; and a couple of endorsements.

Truth be told

Kiss Daniel revealed that his biggest challenge towards stardom was the financial means, hence the need to depend on a lot of patience and hard work.

The nickname Kiss Daniel was given to him by a girl (name withheld).

He mentioned 9nice and 2Face as his sound influencers.

Besides singing, Daniel plays the keyboard and guitar and has a keen interest in comedy. The singer also plans to invest in his profession as a Water Engineer and establish a sachet and bottled water company.

Getting personal with his preferences in women, Kiss Daniel said he like an ambitious woman who can drown him in her thoughts. He has even been matched with music star Chidimma Ekile since the pair have been spotted today on several occasions including on social media.

On his income stream, Kizz Daniel disclosed in an interview with Punch that he gets paid millions every weekend to perform at events and he performs at about five or more weddings per month.



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Biography of Cardi B. Award, Albums, Relationships, Nationality, Others.

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Cardi B is a Grammy Award-winning American rapper, social media personality and former reality star whose commercial debut single, “Bodak Yellow,” surged to the top of the music charts in 2017.


Born in 1992 and hailing from The Bronx, New York, Cardi B first got the world’s attention through social media with her tough and frank attitude about life as a stripper. Starting in 2015 she appeared on VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York and left the show in 2017 to pursue music full time. That same year she released her No. 1 single “Bodak Yellow” through Atlantic Records, and in 2019 she won a Grammy for her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. She secretly got married to Migos group member Offset in September 2017.

Albums & Songs•

From ‘Boom Boom’ to ‘Gangsta B*tch Music, Vols. 1 & 2’

In the fall of 2015, Cardi B introduced her musical prowess for the first time on Jamaican singer Shaggy’s remixed single “Boom Boom.” In March 2017 she released her first mixtape Gangsta B*tch Music, Vol. 1 and that September collaborated with other hip-hop artists to produce the KSR Group compilation Underestimated: The Album, which included her single “What a Girl Likes.”

The year 2017 promised even bigger opportunities. The rapper not only released her second mixtape, Gangsta B*tch Music, Vol. 2, but she also snagged her first major record deal through Atlantic Records in February.

Staying busy on the touring circuit, Cardi B was recognized as a rising star, being nominated at the 2017 BET Awards under the Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist categories.

‘Bodak Yellow’ Goes No. 1

Released in August 2017, Cardi B’s commercial debut single, “Bodak Yellow,” became a viral hit, eventually earning the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and turning triple platinum. “Bodak Yellow” made rap history when it went No. 1, as the last female solo rapper to have accomplished such a feat was Lauryn Hill in 1998 with “Doo Wop (That Thing).”

Adding to her success that year, Cardi B also collaborated on G-Eazy’s “No Limit,” Migos’ “MotorSport,” Puerto Rican sensation Ozuna’s”La Modelo” and in December, she released her second single “Bartier Cardi.”

Along with her BET Award nominations, Cardi B received two Grammy nominations in 2017, for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song, and performed her collaboration with Bruno Mars, “Finesse,” during the January 2018 show. A few months later, she garnered eight nominations for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, before taking home the win for Top Rap Female Artist.

‘Invasion of Privacy’

On April 6, 2018, Cardi B unveiled her long-awaited debut album, Invasion of Privacy. Along with tracks already familiar to fans, the album included collaborations with Migos and 21 Savage. Invasion of Privacy was already eligible for a Gold certification by the time of its release, thanks to the earlier success of “Bodak Yellow,” but within a few days it had already established a new standard for activity on Apple Music, smashing the previous record held by Taylor Swift’s Reputation for most streams by a female artist in an album’s first week.

In July, Cardi B enjoyed another historic moment when Invasion of Privacy‘s “I Like It” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making her the first female rapper to twice reach the top spot.

In February 2019, Cardi released her second collaboration with Mars, “Please Me,” and claimed the Best Rap Album Grammy for Invasion of Privacy, making her the first solo woman to receive the honor. In June, shortly after the release of another single, “Press,” Cardi earned Album of the Year honors at the BET Awards.

That September, the artist made her feature film debut in Hustlers, playing a stripper named Diamond alongside Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu.


After dating for eight months, Migos member Offset proposed to Cardi B at a concert in Philadelphia in October 2017. “She is real solid, came from where I came from, did what I did,” he told Rolling Stone. “She’s herself, man. I seen her develop from the trenches all the way up… I respect her grind as a woman. She came to the game with some gangsta sh*t.”

The happy news about the couple’s engagement quickly turned scandalous as rumors about Offset’s infidelities ran rampant. Still, Cardi B publicly defended her fiancée, telling fans everyone handles relationships differently.

Following weeks of growing whispers that she was pregnant, Cardi B confirmed the rumor by showing off her baby bump during an April 2018 performance on Saturday Night Live. Happy to no longer have to conceal the news, she crowed, “I’m finally free!” after joining friends backstage. In May 2018, she confirmed that she was expecting a girl.

The rapper subsequently canceled a series of planned shows through the spring and summer, announcing that the late April Broccoli City Festival in Washington, D.C., would be her final performance until joining Mars’s 24K Magic World Tour in September.

In June, after enjoying a baby shower in Atlanta, Cardi B addressed another rumor by confirming on Twitter that she and Offset had gotten secretly married in September 2017—one month before his public proposal at her concert. “We found someone to marry us, and she did, just the two of us and my cousin. I said I do, with no dress, no makeup and no ring!” she tweeted, adding, “Well now since you lil nosey f**ks know at least ya can stop saying I had a baby out of wedlock.”

Cardi B became a mom with the birth of daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus on July 10, 2018, making the announcement to fans the following day on Instagram.

In late July, Cardi B revealed on Instagram that she was pulling out of the planned fall tour with Mars, admitting that she had “underestimated the whole mommy thing.” Mars offered his unconditional support in a reply post, confirming she was “absolutely doing the right thing” and offering to play “Bodak Yellow” in her honor while touring.

In December 2018, Cardi and Offset announced their split. “So everybody been bugging me and everything and you know I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now,” she said a video posted to Instagram. “And we are really good friends and we are really good business partners — you know, he’s always somebody that I run to, to talk to, and we got a lot of love for each other but things just haven’t been working out between us for a long time.”

Despite the marital difficulties, the couple had patched things up by early 2019.

Early life/Parent•

Born on October 11, 1992 as Belcalis Almanzar, Cardi B was born and raised in The Bronx, New York and also spent a lot time with her grandmother in neighboring Washington Heights. She is of mixed Caribbean heritage, her mother being Trinidadian and her father being of Dominican descent.
Cardi B revealed her name comes from the alcoholic beverage Barcardi. “My sister’s name, her name is Hennessy, so everybody used to be like Bacardi to me… then I shortened it to Cardi B, and the ‘B’ stands for whatever… depending on the day,” she said.

In her teenage years she was a part of the Bloods gang and attended Renaissance High School For Musical Theater & Technology. To escape poverty and an abusive relationship, she decided to become a stripper and has publicly discussed how proud she was of her decision.

“It really saved me from a lot of things. When I started stripping I went back to school,” she said.

Although she eventually dropped out of school, Cardi B was able to find her own way of rising to the top: first through social media (via Vine and Instagram), then as a reality star (VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York) and ultimately, as a force in the music industry.

In March 2019, an Instagram Live video surfaced of Cardi B admitting to drugging and robbing men during her time as a stripper. She addressed the topic on social media a few days later but stopped short of apologizing, writing, “I did what I had to do to survive.”


On October 1, 2018, Cardi B surrendered to the New York City police for her connection to an August 2018 strip club fight in Queens, New York, in which she allegedly ordered her entourage to attack two bartenders. The rapper was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors, assault and reckless endangerment.

After Cardi rejected a plea deal, in June 2019 a grand jury indicted the artist on two counts of felony attempted assault charges, as well as six misdemeanors and six violations.

Later that summer, during a trial for Brooklyn-born hip hop artist 6ix9ine, the rapper fingered Cardi B as a member of New York City’s Nine Trey Gangster Bloods. Cardi subsequently denied any affiliation with the gang.

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Biography of David Adedeji Adeleke, ‘Davido’. Net worth, Age, Career, Others.

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Popular American-born Nigerian recording artist, performer and record producer David Adedeji Adeleke better known by his stage name Davido, was born on November 21, 1992.

The young star is the co-owner of HKN Music, a record label that has produced songs for Naeto C, Skales, Tiwa Savage, and Sauce Kid


Davido was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992, to a business magnate father Chief Deji and a university lecturer mother late Vero Adeleke. The young artist is related to Isiaka Adeleke who was the first civilian Governor of Osun State, a former two-time Nigerian senator who represented the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State from 2007 to 2011 and until his death in 2017, he served again under the political banner of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2015. His uncle Demola Adeleke is the current Senator-Elect representing Osun-west senatorial district in Nigeria.
He relocated to Lagos with his parents at a very tender age and acquired his early primary education at the British International School located in Lagos. After his secondary education, he got admission to study Business Administration at Oakwood University but had to drop out because of bad grades.


Davido achieved one significant thing in Oakwood – his interest in music. After dropping out of Oakwood, he relocated to London where he developed his vocals some more. He started off by acquiring some musical instruments and making beats as well as recording vocal references. Upon his return to Nigeria, he agreed to his father’s persuasion and enrolled in Babcock University where he bagged a degree in music.

Davido released his debut album “Omo Baba Olowo” in 2012, which includes the singles Back When featuring Naeto C, Dami Duro, All of You, Overseas featuring Sina Rambo, “Ekuro,” “Gbon Gbon” and “Feel Alright” which featured Ice Prince. Asa Asika was then his first manager

To promote the album, Davido released the music videos for “Ekuro, “Gbon Gbo”, and “Feel Alright”. His rise to stardom, however, came after the release of his second single ‘Dami Duro’ which was a massive hit and gave him the right fan base he needed to rise and making him one of the most loved Nigerian Afro-pop singer.

Davido has also released singles “Gobe”, “One of a Kind”, “Skelewu”, “Aye”, “Tchelete (Goodlife)”, “Naughty” and “Owo Ni Koko” among others.

Early in 2013, he began recording his second studio album, and on February 25, 2013, he released “Gobe” produced by Shizzi as the upcoming album’s lead single. “Gobe” was quickly followed by the second and third singles – “One of a Kind” and “Skelewu” respectively.

The fourth single from the album “Aye” produced by T Spice was released on February 2, 2014, while the video was released few days after as directed by Clarence Peters.

Later on by April 30, 2014, Davido’s HKN Music released the upcoming album’s fifth single “Tchelete (Goodlife)” featuring South African duo Mafikizolo.

Davido revealed his plans of collaborating with American rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill and in June 2015, he dropped the long-awaited collaboration with Meek Mill titled “Fans Mi”. In an announcement he made on Twitter in 2016 which was met with mixed reactions, Davido revealed that he signed a record deal with Sony BMG.

Awards, Nomination, & Collaboration•

Within a short time of his music career, Davido has received a total of 29 awards from 74 nominations. His awards include BET Award, a Kora Award, a Channel O Music Video Award a Ghana Music Award, a Nigeria Music Video Award, 2 MTV Africa Music Awards, 2 African Muzik Magazine Awards, 5 The headies Awards, 7 Nigeria Entertainment Awards and 2 Dynamix All Youth Awards.

Endorsement Deals•

Davido reportedly signed a 30million naira endorsement deal with MTN on April 6, 2012. Thus, he was unveiled as the face of MTN Pulse, a marketing campaign for one of the telecom network tariff plans targetted at Nigerian youths.
On October 24, 2013, it was reported that Guinness Nigeria signed Davido to an endorsement deal, after which he performed at the Guinness World of More Concert alongside other popular artists.

Life, Family•

Though still single, Davido has a daughter Imade Adeleke with his baby mama Sophia Momodu, the cousin of veteran journalist turned politician, Dele Momodu. The birth of Imade was a very trying time for both Davido and Sophie. The situation was made worse by the many negative and inciting reports about the paternity of the child and the fact that Sophie is older than Davido. His second daughter Hailey Veronica Adeleke was had by his American girlfriend, Amanda, in May 2017.

Facts, Truth•

  • He was the first graduate from the department music in Babcock University, Ilishan Remo – Ogun state.
  • He signed Mayorkun and Dremo to his self-owned record label (DMW).
  • Davido signed an endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria and has partnered with Guinness Nigeria for the “Guinness World of More” concert.
  • Davido’s mother, Veronica Adeleke died in March 2003 when he was just age 10.
  • Davido is said to have an estimated net worth of $19 million in 2019 records.
  • In May 2017, he was listed on Forbes Africa Magazine as among Africa’s Top 10 Bankable artists.

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Biography of Wole Soyinka, Age, Education, Awards, Experience, Others. #Check

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Wole Soyinka is a Nigerian playwright, author, poet, teacher, and political activist. He is the first African recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature in 1986. His extensive insights on political matters in his home country Nigeria has garnered him accolades and praise over the years. Here are some interesting things about him.


Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka was born on the 13th of July, 1934 at Abeokuta, near Ibadan in western Nigeria. Wole’s father, Samuel Ayodele Soyinka, was a prominent Anglican minister and headmaster, while his mother, Grace Eniola Soyinka, was a shopkeeper and local activist. As a child, he lived in an Anglican mission compound, learning the Christian teachings of his parents, as well as the Yoruba spiritualism and tribal customs of his grandfather.

He attended Government College in Ibadan before moving to England to continue his education at the University of Leeds. Soyinka graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English literature in 1958 and the university awarded him an honorary doctorate in 1972. During his time in England, he was a dramaturgist at the Royal Court Theatre in London. He was awarded a Rockefeller bursary and returned to Nigeria to study African drama.

On his return to Nigeria, he taught drama and literature at various universities in Ibadan, Lagos, and Ife, where, since 1975, he has been a professor of comparative literature. In 1960, he founded the theatre group, “The 1960 Masks” and in 1964, the “Orisun Theatre Company”, in which he has produced his own plays and taken part as an actor. He has periodically been a visiting professor at the universities of Cambridge, Sheffield, and Yale.

Literature / Writings

Prof. Wole Soyinka has published hundreds of works. He writes in English and his literary language is marked by great scope and richness of words. Soyinka’s first important play was titled, A Dance of the Forests. It satirized the Nigerian political elite.


Prof. Wole Soyinka is said to be heavily influenced by the Irish writer, J.M. Synge, among many others. He links up with the traditional popular African theatre with its combination of dance, music, and acting.

He bases his writing on the mythology of his own tribe-the Yoruba-with Ogun, the god of iron and war, at the center. He wrote his first plays during his time in London, The Swamp Dwellers and The Lion and the Jewel (a light comedy), which were performed in Ibadan.

His later, satirical comedies are The Trial of Brother Jero with its sequel, Jero’s Metamorphosis, A Dance of the Forestsamong many others. His serious philosophic plays are The Strong Breed, The Road and Death and the King’s Horseman. In The Bacchae of Euripid, he has rewritten the Bacchae for the African stage and in Opera Wonyosi, bases himself on John Gay’s Beggar’s Opera and Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera. Soyinka’s latest dramatic works are A Play of Giants and Requiem for a Futurologist.

Soyinka’s poems, which show a close connection to his plays include Idanre, Poems from Prison, A Shuttle in the Crypt, the long poem Ogun Abibiman, Mandela’s Earth and Other Poems.
Soyinka has written two novels, The Interpreters and Season of Anomy. Purely autobiographical are The Man Died: Prison Notes and the account of his childhood, Aké, in which a parents’ warmth and interest in their son is prominent.

Activism, Awards, Nobel Prizes

Prof Wole Soyinka was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986. His Nobel acceptance speech, “This Past Must Address Its Present”, was devoted to South African freedom-fighter Nelson Mandela. Soyinka’s speech was an outspoken criticism of apartheid and the politics of racial segregation imposed on the majority by the Nationalist South African government.

During the civil war in Nigeria, Soyinka appealed in an article for a cease-fire. For this, he was arrested, accused of conspiring with the Biafran rebels, and was held as a political prisoner for 22 months.

Now considered Nigeria’s foremost man of letters, Wole Soyinka is still politically active and spent the 2015 election day in Africa’s biggest democracy working the phones to monitor reports of voting irregularities, technical issues, and violence.

After the election on March 28, 2015, he said that Nigerians must show a Nelson Mandela–like ability to forgive president-elect Muhammadu Buhari’s past as an iron-fisted military ruler.


Wole Soyinka first got married in 1958 to the late British multicultural educationist, “Barbara Dixon.” They had one son “Olaokun Soyinka” together. After Barbara’s death, Wole remarried in 1963 to Nigerian librarian, Olaide Idowu and the third, in the year 1989 to Folake Doherty.
In total Wole Soyinka has five children consisting of three daughters and two sons; the daughters are; Peyibomi Soyinka Airewele, Moremi Soyinka Onijala, Iyatade Apampa, and sons; Olaokun Soyinka, Makin Soyinka.


Of all places one will think a man of Professor Wole Soyinka’s status to own a home, one built in the middle of a forest is not always a likely guess. His home is located in a thick forest in Abeokuta, Ogun State. However, the home is an ancient architectural masterpiece to behold. The main building is a red-brick house, which nestles atop a hill with a tiny river flowing below and giant trees towering above.

The building also has an amphitheater for drama rehearsals and performances, shooting range that provides a bird’s eye view of a section of the path that leads to the house, hidden reading rooms (there are reading spaces everywhere) and a special prayer room for Christians, Muslims and traditionalists – To Soyinka, there is room for all religions to co-exist.

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Biography of Wizkid, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, Houses, Net Worth, Awards, Cars, Others.

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Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun whose stage name is Wizkid is one of the fastest rising Nigerian music artists and probably one of the youngest too. He was recently named one of the richest African musicians by Forbes.


Wizkid was born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun on July 16, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria. There has been a little controversy about his date of birth, some sources have claimed he was born on July 16, 1989.

He was born into a polygamous family – his father had three wives. His mother is a Christian and his father a Muslim. Wizkid who followed his mother to the church began singing in his local church at the tender age of 11 years. He was not only a good vocalist but also a lead singer.

Before his big break came in 2009, Wizkid released a couple of albums. As part of the church choir, he produced an album. He later went on to form a singing group with five of his church friends, the group was known as “Glorious Five”.

Before he finally settled for the stage name Wizkid, he performed using other names such as “Glorious Five”, as well as “Lil Prinz”. While using the name Lil Prinz, he was able to record an album with 7 tracks.

Wizkid’s big break in the music industry came in the year 2009. This is after successfully collaborating with renowned musician M.I. The two artists produced the award-winning track “Fast Money” which not only went ahead to receive many nominations and awards but also received a lot of airplay both in Nigeria as well as in many other African countries.

In 2010, he released Holla at Your Boy. The song earned him the Next Rated award at the 2011 Headies and he was nominated for Best Pop Single at the aforementioned awards show. The music video for the same song was nominated for Most Gifted Newcomer Video at the 2011 Channel O Music Video Awards. It was also nominated for Best Afro Pop Video at the 2011 Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA).

His music career has grown ever since and has had the privilege of working with famous artists both locally and international. Locally, he has worked with likes of 2Face Idibia, Naeto C, Sound Sultan, award-winning producer OJB, among others.

Internationally, he has worked with Drake, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, French Montana, Kranium, Ty Dolla $ign etc.

In 2016, Wizkid became Nigeria’s first artist to emerge on Billboard’s Twitter Last 24 hours chart following his guest feature on Drake’s afrobeat-infused One Dance single, which appeared at number 21. By May, the song had reached number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a position it maintained for 10 non-consecutive weeks.

This didn’t stop there, the song went on to become an international hit, topping the charts in 15 different countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany.

Nomination, Achievement and Awards•

The African star boy is a recipient of two City People Entertainment Awards, two BET Awards, two Channel O Music Video Awards, two Ghana Music Awards, three MOBO Awards, six The Headies Awards, three Billboard Music Awards, six Nigeria Entertainment Awards, four MTV Africa Music Awards, a Future Award, two iHeartRadio Music Awards, two SoundCity MVP Awards, two Dynamix All Youth Awards, and one MTV Europe Music Award.

He has also been nominated for:

  • MTV Europe Music Awards (five times)
  • American Music Awards (thrice)
  • World Music Awards (four times)
  • Grammy Awards (once)

He was also nominated for six (6) categories of the 2017 Sound city award and he won the ‘Digital Artiste of the Year’.

Net Worth•

The Starboy’s net worth is an estimated $14 million – that is about N5 billion. He reportedly charges N6 million per show. Apart from his music career, Wizkid has other ventures that have brought him money.

For instance, he has his own music label Starboy Entertainment founded in 2013. He also makes lots of money from his many endorsements. In 2012, he signed a one-year endorsement deal with Pepsi reportedly worth $350,000.

In 2013, he signed a N110 million contract with MTN. In 2015, the singer became one of Globacom’s brand ambassador for N180 million.


The multi-talented musician owns two massive and quite expensive mansions. One in Lekki and the other one in Los Angeles. The Lekki mansion is said to be worth N70 million.
Wizkid who has a penchant for beautiful cars has the following in his collection; a Black Honda Accord I-VTEC, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes 2012 Compressor, BMW X6, Hyundai Sonata, Bentley, and Porsche Panamera.

Girlfriend & Height•

Wizkid has been linked with so many ladies since his music career began. He was first linked to Sophie Rammal then Sola Ogudugu, with whom he has a child. Others include Tonto Dikeh, Victoria Kimani, Binta Diamond Diallo, Hudda Monroe, Chidinma Ekile, Seyi Shay, Tania Omotayo. The Starboy is said to be currently dating US-singer, Justine Skye.
With all the above information, Wizkid is unquestionably one of the musicians to watch out for now as well as in future. Going by the rate at which he is progressing, it is just a matter of time for to be rated among the Top 5 musicians in Nigeria.
The Starboy is not one of the tallest in the industry, he is 5”4 tall.

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Biography of Yinka Ayefele, Life, Achievement, Career Family, Others

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Yinka Ayefele born as Olanyinka Ayefele is a Nigerian gospel musician, songwriter, radio presenter, and music producer. His music is a unique blend of gospel fuji and afro juju beats. He has released a great number of albums since he began his musical career and his songs are usually delivered in Yoruba. Any ceremonial gathering would be seen incomplete without his songs being played
He has always had the passion and love for music from a very young age. Though he never dreamed of making it a career because his father who was a school teacher and educationist was against such and therefore, never encouraged his musical interest. To please his father, he had hoped to eventually get into the banking industry.
He was born on 1st February 1968 in Ondo, Nigeria.


Yinka Ayefele was born over 51 years ago. He was the first child in his family, and the happy event took place in Ekiti State. The boy was raised in Ipoti city in the same state in the South-West of Nigeria where Yinka Ayefele was born. He went to Our Saviours Anglican Primary School in this city and obtained his basic education there. Then the future gospel music star went to a College of Arts and Science in Ondo State. Ever since his secondary school, he loved playing trumpet and guitar. He sang in the choir and loved what he was doing, but he didn’t think about turning into a singer. He dreamt of a financial profession or future work in the office.
He is married to Temitope Titilope and they have three kids together, all boys the last of which was born sometime in 2014. The couple is said to have been married for 19 years they got wedded in 2000.

His wife was born and bred in Ibadan. She revealed that she was born into an average family who was not overly rich but also was not lacking. She attended Kings Covenant Primary School and had her secondary education at Ibadan Grammar School located in Molete Area.

She had her NCE at St.Andrews between 1992 and 1995 and later went on to bag a degree in Economic Education from The University Of Ibadan from 1996 to the year 2000.

The couple had earlier met in 1996, before his accident and were always together through the musician’s trying times due to the accident. She ascribed all the glory to God for the success of her marriage. In the year 2018, one of his sons known as Bola Ayefelebased on reports, from Howard University in the United States.


Gospel singer, Yinka Ayefele has refuted the claims that he has converted to Islam.

In a recent press release shared by Ayefele’s publicist, David Ajiboye it was stated that Ayefele is still a Christian and has no way denounced his religion. Ajiboye explained that the rumor must have Ignited from the annual Ramadan lecture held by Fresh 105.9FM which is owned by Ayefele.

‘We believe the rumor must have emanated from the annual Ramadan Lecture which Fresh 105.9FM owned by Ayefele organized on Tuesday, in Ibadan.

“Our station, Fresh 105.9FM had invited popular Islamic preacher, Alhaji Muideen Ajani Bello as the Guest Preacher at our annual Ramadan Lecture which had over 4,000 people in attendance and because of this, some naïve minds went to town to spread the rumor about Ayefele’s conversion.”

He added that regardless of race, religion and/or color it is the social responsibility for his radio station to sensitize its Muslim listeners

Achievements & Career

The Nigerian gospel singer has a net worth of $270,000.
It took persistence and perseverance on the part of Ayefele for the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to approve Ayefele’s request for a radio license. Ayefele now owns a radio station, Fresh FM transmitting from 105.9MHz, in Ibadan the Oyo State capital. The gospel singer, Yinka Ayefele, MON, has been given the go-ahead to officially commence transmission. According to Ayefele’s Director, Corporate Affairs and Promotions Mr. David Ajiboye, “NBC has certified the newly set up radio station to commence operations.”

He added further that, “The NBC, during an inspection tour of the newly-licensed station last week commended the Chairman of the media house for acquiring latest broadcast equipment acquisition and set up.” The Director-General of NBC, Mr. Emeka Mba, who was represented by the Technical Director of the commission, Engineer Friday, commended the readiness of Ayefele in aspiration to impact positively in his immediate society and beyond, adding that, “Fresh FM 105.9, Ibadan is fully ready with what I have seen here today.”

“The management has successfully surpassed our imagination. Most of the equipment you have here are the latest and state of the art, I believe with good management of these equipment and wonderful programs, the station will achieve its dream,” he said. Meanwhile, the station began a test of transmission on Monday, July 20, 2015, in preparation to fully take off from the first week of August amid cheers and commendation from the people of the city and its environs.

The statement added that NBC granted Yinka Ayefele a limited broadcast license on 30th April 2015 with a transmitting frequency of 105.9MHz after pursuing the license for seven years. Ayefele starting a radio station is like going back to one’s first love. Yinka Ayefele before the accident had some years back was an On-Air Personality, OAP.

He was a radio presenter and journalist. he had worked with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, (FRCN) Ibadan. he was also a voice-over artist He was working with the late Kolawole Olawuyi on a syndicated program, Iriri Aye. He was driving to Abeokuta where he and his boss were supposed to go on air on the Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC) when he had the accident that almost claimed his life. It was after the accident that Ayefele embraced gospel music.

persistence and perseverance on the part of Ayefele for the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to approve Ayefele’s request for a radio license. Ayefele now owns a radio station, Fresh FM transmitting from 105.9MHz, in Ibadan the Oyo State capital. The gospel singer, Yinka Ayefele, MON, has been given the go-ahead to officially commence transmission. According to Ayefele’s Director, Corporate Affairs and Promotions Mr. David Ajiboye, “NBC has certified the newly set up radio station to commence operations.


  • Bitter Experience (1998)
  • Sweet Experience (1999)
  • Something Else (2000)
  • Divine Intervention (2001)
  • Fun Fair (2002)
  • Life After Death (2003)
  • Aspiration (2003)
  • Fulfillment (2004)
  • New Dawn (2005)
  • Next Level (2006)
  • Gratitude (2007)
  • Absolute Praise (2008)
  • Transformation (2009)
  • Everlasting Grace (2010)
  • Prayer Point (2011)
  • Goodness Of God (2012)
  • Comforter (2013)
  • Yín Olúwa (2014) (Single)
  • Overcomer (2014
  • Upliftment (2015)
  • Fresh Glory (2016
  • Living Testimony (2017)
  • Favor (2018)

Dr. Ayefele began his music career in 1997 after he was involved in an automobile accident which damaged his spinal cord and confined him to a wheelchair. While in the hospital after spending about 9 months, his friend, Kola Olawuyi visited and advised him to put some songs together. This suggestion resulted in the release of his debut album titled, Bitter Experience in 1998 which brought him into the limelight.

The release of Bitter experience was followed by the release of Sweet Experience.

Other albums released by the gospel musician are Something Else, Divine Intervention and Life after death, released in honor of Gbenga Adeboye a Nigerian radio presenter, musician, and comedian. The title Bitter Experience reflected his ordeal and Sweet Experience was the sweetness after a “Bitter Experience”.


The Oyo state government in Nigeria partially demolished the Music House building owned by popular singer Yinka Ayefele on 19 August 2018, following controversy over planning permits, reported Premium Times.

“Oyo state government did it at last… pain my help me God,” Ayefele said on Instagram, with photos of the wrecked 800 million Nigerian Naira (1.93 million euros) building in Ibadan that houses his radio station Fresh FM.

The wheelchair-bound musician has claimed the demolition is politically motivated after Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi previously revealed he had been advised to demolish the building in his first term.

“When we contested the first time and won, a lot of people came to meet me to destroy the music house because Ayefele is not for us and he is always using songs to insult us,” Ajimobi said while visiting the Music House in 2016, as reported by Punch.

“But I didn’t see any reason why I should demolish it because I felt if Ayefele is not for us now, he may be for us later. I am happy today that Ayefele is beside me now and I pray that the business will keep flourishing and this is the best studio I have seen in Oyo State,” he said.

In 2012, the government had threatened to demolish the building to make way for road expansion, but only part of the fence was removed.

The most recent dispute was reportedly over the addition of a canteen, staircase, fenced radio tower, which were not part of the approved building plan.

According to Daily Post, Music House was in June 2018 asked to submit a new building plan application reflecting the existing structures. The owners allegedly ignored the letter and on 13 August were served a three-day notice of demolition. The building was demolished in the early hours of 19 August.

Music House said the building construction had passed all legal and government protocols, reported Pulse.


Popular musician, Yinka Ayefele has revealed his experience with Prophet T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations… “I went to The Synagogue Church of All Nations. In those moments I was looking for a miracle, a lot of people advised me to go to the church.”

“I took the pain to go then. But unfortunately, he couldn’t see me on the first, second and third days. I think on the third day he sent someone to give me N5,000 for transport back. That was about 17years ago and so I decided not to go there again.”

“I didn’t go back because I wouldn’t know why he didn’t want to see me. And maybe it had something to do with the Late Kola Olawuyi’s issue. Kola had an issue with him and he knew I was working with him before the accident.”

“Even if I believe in a miracle, the only regret I have was looking around for it, forgetting that miracle can happen anywhere, and then God has said He won’t share His glory with anybody.”

“A few years back, I was playing with Baba Obadare, and he said my faith has been tied to the treatments I got abroad. And then again, a lot of men of God had given me the message that God said He would do it at His own time and no man will take the glory. For instance, if I had stood up in any of the churches, a lot of people would have swarmed there for miracles.”

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