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EndSARs: Lagos offices of VIO, FRSC, LASTMA set ablaze.


It was further disclosed that the buildings occupied by the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) and the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) were attacked by the hoodlums.

Lagos State residents defied Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s curfew order, continued to destroy more federal and state government structures and assets in the state.

Reports reaching Noble Reporters Media at this time confirmed that some angry mob on Wednesday, October 21 stormed the office of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, in Ojodu, Berger and set it ablaze.

Noble Reporters Media learnt that some vehicles owned by the government parastatals and offices were also set on fire by the angry thugs.

The developments are coming after the massacre of peaceful #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate on Tuesday night, Noble Reporters Media reports.


EndSARs: 24/7, we are here to help peaceful protesters Nationwide – Team


As young Nigerians continue non-violent protests online and offline, a team of volunteers works adamantly to support citizens.

Following the violent shootings of peaceful protesters across Nigeria on October 21, the End Sars Response Unit, an organized team of volunteers supporting non-violent protesters nationwide alerts patriotic protesters nationwide that it remains committed to connecting them with the funds, security, legal, medical and mental health support 24/7.

In order for demonstrations to maintain their decentralized nature, the End Sars Response Unit (itself a decentralized unit) focuses on connecting citizens with crowdsourced help and funds across Nigeria to help them exercise their civil rights. With a 24/7 hotline and social media response team, the volunteers are not backing down –

“Even if we face this terror afraid, we cannot turn our back for those who lost their lives upholding peace, unity and progress.”

The 24-hour response team began operations on the October 13, has responded to over 5,000 direct messages on Twitter, 350 messages on Instagram and fulfilled over 1,200 peaceful protest support requests from 26 states including the Federal Capital Territory – all in 1 week (168 straight hours).


EndSARs: Sanwo olu orders lekki billboard be switched off – Tinubu.


The statement informed that the board was switched off based on the governor’s curfew request as they had no idea what was going to happen to the unarmed #EndSARS protesters.

The management of Loatsad Promomedia Limited led by Seyi Tinubu has cleared the air on report making the round that the billboard at the Lekki Toll gate was deliberately put out by the agency.

Lekki Toll gate was where the Tuesday massacre happened with some lives lost and many injured.


A statement from the advertising agency owned by Seyi Tinubu, one of the sons of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Wednesday said the billboard was switched off on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s order.

It reiterated that the agency had lent its support to the #EndSARS movement since the peaceful demonstrations began across the state.

The statement reads further “When we started in 2014, we had a plan to change the perception of African start-ups in the global space. We believed as Africans, we could create something great and we set out with a N4m loan from a bank and we started trading, going from door to door begging for work and relentlessly grew the business employing and empowering over 200 Nigerians today directly or indirectly. We have supported many upcoming businesses, artists, people in need as giving back to our community has always been our passion (all this can be verified).

“All of our achievements thus far have come the from hard work, sweat and determination of our work force and everything Loatsad has been doing has been open, all taxes are remitted and payments to agencies and regulatory bodies have been timely, so we can be proud to say we are contributing the growth of the industry and Nation.


“When the “EndSars” and “say no to police brutality” protests started from day one we wholly supported the movement and used all our platforms to promote the messages (I believe the promoters can verify this information) as we believed in the cause.

“On Tuesday when the curfew was announced we heeded the governors warnings and didn’t want our staff in any danger, hence by 3pm our staff had been ordered to leave the site and the board was switched off based on the governors curfew request.

“We had no idea what was going to happen and we feel the same anguish, pain and shock at the events that unfolded and our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families of this ungodly act.

“We believe in this movement and that it was the start of the change our generation needed to move our country forward and we will continue to support the youths of this great nation.”


EndSARs: Fr Mbaka speak on ‘the problem of NIGERIA’, says he find no fault in Buhari’s Gov’t


Mbaka noted that he is ashamed of the leaders in Nigeria and supports the call by the youths for a lasting change to be instituted.

Controversial Catholic priest, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu has declared that President Muhammadu Buhari is not responsible for the problems facing Nigeria.

Mbaka made the submission in his reaction to the #EndSars protests rocking the country and particularly, Tuesday attack by security operatives at the Lekki toll gate plaza by security operatives.


The catholic priest who declared total support for the #EndSARS protests calling for an end to bad governance in the country however said President Buhari is not responsible for the country’s problem.

He said while addressing his congregants in a viral video in which he reacted to calls for him to speak up on the protest that the problem facing Nigeria is a system failure.

He condemned the situation where lawmakers and other political appointees earn bogus amounts of money as salary and allowances while the masses live in abject poverty.

In his words: “Many people are asking why is Father Mbaka silent in the midst of this #EndSARS [protests]? Do you know when I started crying that our youths should rise up?


“Is not yet time to speak, but if you people enjoy the situation you are in right now, then let it be.

“All I’m trying to say is that the condition of our youths in this country is unbearable. The conditions are intolerable.

“Not just in this Buhari administration but past administrations. A country where a sitting Senator will be sweeping millions upon millions every month. It has been like this, not Buhari.

“No plans for our children…is there any money allocated to any Christian governor that Buhari seized? The system is evil. The youths should rise up the more if not you will talk and talk, aged and die away. I’m ashamed of our leaders.”


EndSARs: Aisha Yesufu blast, educates Arewa Youths. [Video]


Aisha challenged the Arewa youths to wake up from their deception and face the reality that Buhari has nothing to offer.

One of the patriotic Nigerians who have been fighting for years for good governance in the country, Aisha Yesufu, has called out Northerners over their ignorance on the ongoing crisis in the country.

The activist, in two minutes and a few second video clip posted on her Twitter account on Wednesday, October 21 said that the Northern youths have been brainwashed by their political and religious leaders.

According to her, the Arewa youth have been made to believe that the ongoing nationwide #EndSARS movement is targetted at removing President Muhammadu Buhari from the seat of power.


She noted that Buhari has brought nothing to the north rather than poverty and insecurity, wondering why they still blindly stand behind him despite been victims.

Speaking in the Hausa language, Aisha accused the president of enriching only his immediate family and careless about the progress of the north where he belongs as well as the nation at large.

Her statement reads; “Northerners, I salute you all, I understand that you have been brainwashed on the ongoing crisis by your leaders. Both the religious and political leaders amongst you have convinced you that the movement is against the North, creating enmity between you and the Southerners with claims that the movement is targetted at removing President Muhammadu Buhari from his position.”

“Youths all over the nation trooped out to protest against the poor governance and you are all there making fool of yourselves as a result of what your gullible leaders have brainwashed you with”


“Which of the Buhari are they asking you to support, was it the Buhari that act on killings in his home State Katsina or the Buhari that act on insecurity in Zamfara, or could be it Buhari that solve the incessant killing in Borno State?”

“Of what use is the Buhari, what has he brought to the North? except for the poverty and insecurity. He keeps enriching himself and his family, marrying his children out to children of elites when he himself was as poor as anything before he was elected into office.”

“You hardly could afford to buy even a mattress for your personal use while he keeps sending his children abroad, turning you all to slaves,”

“Continue with your foolishness while they keep using you to get votes”.


EndSARs: All these wouldn’t have happened of you’ve spoken as ‘a father’ – PDP schools Buhari.


The opposition party condemned the killing of citizens who were exercising their civil right at the Lekki Toll Gate.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on Wednesday (today), urged President Muhammadu Buhari to take responsibility for the genocide that happened on Tuesday, October 20 in Lagos State.

PDP in a statement signed by its spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan, charged the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Presidency to take responsibility for the shooting and reported killing of peaceful protesters by military operatives at the Lekki toll gate.

The opposition party said this in a statement signed by its spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan, noted that a well-structured response from the President as the number one citizen of the nation, would have calmed frayed nerves and averted the crisis rocking the country at the moment.


According to Ologbondiyan: “President Buhari is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces and the buck stops on his table.”

A part of the statement reads: “Our party is however shocked at President Buhari stance, particularly his inability to demonstrate the capacity for concerned, attentive and proactive governance and command structure, while the nation he presides over dangerously slides into anarchy.”

“A well-structured governance response from Mr President, as the father of the nation, would have calmed frayed nerves and averted the crisis, violence, deaths, destruction of property and the avoidable loses we are
witnessing today,” PDP reiterated.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has called on the protesters of End SARS to continue with the movement despite the killing of demonstrators.


EndSARs: Igbosere High Court in Lagos on fire. [Video]


Some others decided to wear judge’s robe and wig after looting the court.

Suspected hoodlums have vandalized and set the Igbosere High Court in Lagos Island on fire.

The thugs in a video online could be seen carting away computers, printers, files, fans, air conditioners and other items from the court.

The irate mobs have destroyed a lot of properties in Lagos State like, Television Continental, Nigerian Ports Authority, a number of police stations, several BRT buses, The Nation Newspaper H/Q and many other places.


EndSARs: Ghana leader, Akufo-Addo reacts to killings in Nigeria.


The Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), stated this on his Twitter account while reacting to the shooting at Lekki tollgate, Lagos State.

Ghana President, Nana Akufo-Addo, on Wednesday noted that violence is not the way out to the demands of protesters in Nigeria.

“I join all well-meaning persons in calling for calm and the use of dialogue in resolving the #ENDSARS impasse in Nigeria.”

“I have spoken with President Muhammadu Buhari, who is committed to this end and has begun the processes that will lead to reform.”

“To the families who have lost their loved ones, I express my sincere condolences and I wish the injured a speedy recovery,’’ Akufo-Addo said.


EndSARs: #LekkiMassacre, a reflection of Nigeria @ 60 – Gbajabiamila.


He called for thorough investigation into the incident that led to the death of some innocent Nigerians.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has condemned the attack on protesters of End SARS at the Lekki tollgate on Tuesday night.

Gbajabiamila noted that the Incident is a reflection that Nigeria has not grown despite celebrating 60 years weeks back.


The Speaker in a statement released through his media aide, Lanre Lasisi, said, “Events in my home State Lagos, last night (Tuesday) and up until this afternoon (Wednesday), have left my heart heavy and my spirit disturbed.”

“After sixty years, our democracy should have grown beyond the point where conflicting visions of nationhood result in violence on the streets and blood on the ground.”

“It is unavoidably and painfully clear that there were a number of casualties as a result of gunfire at the Lekki Toll Gate.”


“Therefore, there needs to be a quick and thorough investigation to determine the facts of what happened last night in Lagos. Our nation urgently needs and the Nigerian people deserve an accounting of the acts that led to the events of last night”.

“I urge for calm whilst we get a truer picture of events.”

“In Lagos and everywhere else, too much blood has already been spilt in our country, let there be no more.”

“May God bless and keep you all. And may God bless and keep our Federal Republic of Nigeria”.


EndSARs: Ooni of Ife calls for calm; frowns at ‘the genocide.’


Ooni in a statement released through his media aide, Moses Olafare, called on the Federal Government and protesters to calm down at this moment.

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, on Wednesday condemned the attack on End SARS protesters at Lekki tollgate in Lagos State.

The monarch who noted that he would lead other traditional rules to meet with the Federal Government and organisers of the protest, added that the killing of the protesters is disheartening and regrettable.

The statement read in part: “Tension has risen on both sides. It’s time to calm down and allow traditional rulers, as fathers of the Nation to lead the way to peace and restoration of trust.”

“We must find amicable solutions even though this Lekki Toll Gate attack, has regrettably eroded the trust needed to establish dialogue and ensure a civic process for resolving the crises. We must not be tired.”


“Our political leadership must immediately investigate the circumstances that led to the avoidable confrontation and consequent loss of lives to swiftly fish out the unlawful attackers who must be made to face the law.”

“We need to manage the process of listening to them and working with them to jointly arrive at the new Nigeria of our collective dreams, a dream that President Muhammadu Buhari has recognised as a statesman and our president.”

“There is no doubt the exploitation of the protests by criminals attacking prisons, police stations and public facilities put the government on edge and might have led to the military option, but it’s important to separate hoodlums committing these heinous crimes from protesters gathered in a specific location to draw attention to their legitimate demands.”

“There is a clear difference between the criminal hoodlums who have begun to hijack the hitherto peaceful protests and the patriotic Nigerian youths who were daily converging at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos and selected locations in other states including Abuja FCT in line with global best practices of protest gathering.”


EndSARs: Reno Omokri attack Buhari after Lekki Massacre.


Reno further stated that some of the protesters that were killed on Tuesday paid the tax used by the Federal Government to rehabilitate the terrorists.

Former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has condemned the killings of protesters at the Lekki tollgate on Tuesday night.

The former presidential aide in a post on his Twitter account noted that President Muhammadu Buhari takes time to rehabilitate Bolo Haram terrorists but uses force on the End SARS Protesters.

He wrote, “This same government rehabilitates hardened Boko Haram terrorists and demands that we surrender land for ranching or face death.”

“Some of those killed at the the #LekkiMassacre of peaceful, #EndSARS protesters, paid the tax that enables Buhari rehabilitate his beloved Boko Haram!”


EndSARs: Adeboye expresses displeasure at Nigerian forces amid Lekki Massacre.


Adeboye in a statement released on Wednesday noted that the actions of the security operatives have worsened the situation.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, pastor Enoch Adeboye, has reacted to the attack on End SARS Protesters at the Lekki tollgate on Tuesday night.

The cleric condemned the actions of the Nigerian military and the police.

The cleric called on the youths to stay calm and avoid any illegal act.

He wondered why the police was yet to arrest attackers of peaceful protesters across Nigeria.

“I condemn in the strongest possible terms, attacks launched by the Nigerian military on unarmed young people, who have been peacefully protesting police brutality over the last 12 days as #EndSARS protests.”


“I am confounded that prior to the sad events at the #LekkiTollGate, the Nigeria Police failed to arrest the weapon-bearing hoodlums who were attacking the well-organized and non-violent #EndSARS protesters.”

“The condemnable actions of the military risks driving the agitations of the young people underground, thereby making the situation unmanageable.”

“I call on the Federal Government to thoroughly investigate the tragic events at Lekki and other parts of the country, give justice to all victims even as it engages the #EndSARS protesters to reach a common agreement to end police brutality.”

“I am also appealing to the Youths to allow peace reign & stop any form of action that would give the military any other form of excuse to attack”, the cleric wrote.


EndSARs: See what Wizkid asks Buhari, Osinbajo, IGP to do after Lekki Massacre.


Wizkid in a statement on his Twitter handle on Wednesday, said the leaders have failed Nigerians in their expected duties and responsibilities, describing them as incompetent.

Nigerian music star, Ayo Balogun more popularly known by his stage name, Wizkid has called for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari over the #EndSARS rocking Nigeria.

The entertainer said the Nigerian leader has failed the people of the country and called on him, the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as well as the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu to resign.


He accused them of incapability to handle and respond adequately to the #EndSARS protests which has continued to spread across the country.

He tweeted: “@MBuhari you are a failure! Old and incompetent! Step down! We don’t want you, your Vice President and your IG! Resign!

Meanwhile, the presidency has appealed for calm and understanding from Nigerians as regards the shootings by security operatives on peaceful protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate plaza in Lagos State.



EndSARs: Obasanjo sends message to Gov’t, Nigerian Youths.


The leader acknowledged the fact that the citizens have the legal right to make legitimate demands, he, however, urged them to stay calm. He revealed that his heart was heavy and that he was deeply concerned about the ongoing situation.

Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo has reacted to the ongoing unrest in different parts of the country as a result of the uncalled killings of citizens by security agents in various states across the nation.

Obasanjo in a statement on Wednesday, October 21 urged President Muhammadu Buhari to act with immediate effect on the crisis before it is too late to do so.


According to the elder statesman who served as a military and political leader, the situation at hand demands leadership and mature leadership as such. Obasanjo also admonished the youths, most especially the #EndSARS protesters to allow for peace to reign in the country.

He stressed that the country was at a critical moment and urged the incumbent president to restrain the military and other security agencies from using brute force on citizens who they are supposed to protect.

He said, “The shooting and murder of unarmed protesters, no matter the level of provocation, has never been effective in suppressing public anger and frustration.”

“Instead, such actions only reinforces the anger and frustration of the populace and closes the window of dialogue and peaceful resolution,” Obasanjo noted.


He stressed further that “It is clear that Mr. President and his lieutenants did exhaust the opportunities for dialogue with the protesters before resorting to use of force.

Reacting to the denial of the government in having hand in the massacre, Obasanjo said, “It is worse that there is denial of wrongdoing despite overwhelming visual evidence. Great harm has been done but it can be stopped before it completely spirals out of control.”

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has condemned the shooting of protesting youths in Lekki, Lagos State and other parts of the country.

The world leader of the Anglican Church who is a personal friend of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), said he had earlier advised the President to ensure that lives are protected.


EndSARs: See how UN reacts to Burna Boy’s request after supporters pass 100,000.


According to her, the tension in Nigeria has been noticed by organizations and are currently calling for an end to the violation of human right.

Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina J Mohammed has given a positive response to Burna Boy’s request to the United Nations over the massive killings of citizens of Nigeria by the military.

The afrobeat giant called on the United Nations to support Nigerians following the killings of unarmed men and women who went protesting for a better government free from corruption, godfather-politics, police brutality among other things that threaten the safety of the citizens.

He was met with a positive response from the deputy secretary-general, Amina J Mohammed.

She added that herself together with the UN is stressing on the importance of respect for peaceful protest and also maximum restraint to be exercised by the security forces.



EndSARs: Nigerian footballer and Utd’s star, Ighalo slams Gov’t.


Ighalo called on the United Kingdom government and world leaders “to please see what’s going on in Nigeria and help us”.

Manchester United football player Odion Ighalo said he is ashamed of the Nigerian government after reports emerged that soldiers shot dead protesters after shooting at them in the Lekki district of the commercial capital Lagos on Tuesday.

Nigerians have been demonstrating for nearly two weeks against the now-disbanded police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), that rights groups had for years accused of extortion, harassment, torture and murders.

The unit was disbanded on October 11 but the protests have persisted.


In a Twitter post, the Nigerian Army said no soldiers were at the scene of the shooting.

Nigerian Ighalo said in a video message on Twitter that while he rarely talks about politics he could not stay silent about events back home.

“The Nigerian government, you guys are a shame to the world for killing your own citizens, sending military to the streets to kill unarmed protesters because they are protesting for their own rights? It’s uncalled for,” he said.

“You people will be remembered in history as the first government to send the military to the city to start killing their own citizens. I am ashamed of this government, we are tired of you guys and we can’t take this any more.”


“They will keep killing if the world don’t talk about this,” he added.

‘Excessive force’
Four witnesses told the Reuters news agency that soldiers fired at the protesters who had gathered in Lekki, defying an indefinite curfew imposed hours earlier.

Hundreds of people were at the site at the time of the shooting.

A witness said more than 20 soldiers arrived at the toll gate in Lekki and opened fire.


Another witness also told Reuters he saw soldiers remove the bodies.

Lagos state Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu tweeted pictures of him visiting people in hospital who were victims of what he referred to as the “unfortunate shooting incident at Lekki”.

He said 25 people were being treated for mild to moderate injuries, two were receiving intensive care and three had been discharged.

Human rights group Amnesty International said it had received “credible but disturbing evidence of excessive use of force occasioning deaths of protesters at Lekki toll gate in Lagos”, adding that it was investigating “the killings”.