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Nigeria – Daddy Freeze slam Pastor Chris for saying FG has secret plan for 5G amid Lagos, Abuja lockdown.

Daddy Freeze has taken a big swipe at Pastor Chris Oyakhilome over his recent comment of the federal government having a secret plan for 5G.

Recall that the founder of Loveworld Ministries a.k.a Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris had alleged that the Federal government placed a lockdown in Lagos and Abuja to install the controversial 5G network. He said this while preaching in his church on Sunday April 5.

He opined that what has killed so many people in Wuhan, China is not Coronavirus as has been reported but rather it is the 5G network installed there. He challenged anyone with a different opinion to come forward.

Daddy Freeze who reacted to Pastor Chris’ comment, stated that it is rooted deeply in illusory correlation, attitude polarization and belief perseverance. He added that Christ Embassy founder’s recent teachings is dangerous.

He said;

“I am disappointed in Chris Oyakhilome. How can the Federal Government has secret 5G plan? What on earth is this? How can he get away with saying such things? The deaths in Wuhan were caused by 5G not Corona virus? Like WTF?

“According to him, the federal government needed to lockdown Lagos and Abuja to install 5G? Really? Like the government needs anyone’s approval to install anything.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is rooted deeply in illusory correlation, attitude polarization and belief perseverance, making teachings like these dangerous.

“How I wish I can ‘unhear’ this, I can’t believe I just wasted a part of the few daylight hours at my disposal listening to such.”


Funke Akindele, JJC sentenced to 14 days community service, fined N100,000 each.

Popular Nollywood Actress, Funke Akindele and her husband, AbdulRasheed Bello popularly known as JJC Skillz, have been sentenced to 14 days community service.

More details shortly…


Police arrest Funke Akindele over house party

Jenifa’s Diary star, Funke Akindele, has been reportedly arrested by members of the Nigerian Police Force for hosting a party in her Amen Estate property; an acts that violates the lockdown order issued by Lagos State and the Federal Government.

NobleReporters report that men of the Lagos Police Command stormed the thespian’s home in three patrol vehicles and took her to State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba, for questioning.


British actor, John Boyega slam French doctors over vaccine test suggestion in Africa.

British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega has reacted to an opinion by two French doctors, Jean-Paul Mira and Camille Locht that the new COVID-19 drug should be tested in Africa.

Mira and Locht, had during a live TV interview, which now has the highest trend on Twitter with the hashtag ‘Africans are not lab rats’, insisted that Africa is the best place to conduct such a test as they recalled how an experimental treatment for AIDS was carried out in Africa.

Reacting bitterly to the statement, John Boyega reiterated that Africa is not a lab rat.

He wrote, “Just horrible. Africa isn’t a testing lab you pieces of shit.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea defender, Antonio Rudiger, who found the comments to be repulsive, took to his official Twitter account on Saturday to say, “It took me some time to find some words for these guys.

“This is racism at its highest level and a terrible statement against all the black-skinned.

“How was this even allowed to be broadcasted on French TV?”


Hot: Man slaps soldier punishing him. [Video]

A viral video on social media shows the moment an unidentified man slapped a soldier for flogging him while being punished.

Though why the man and two others were punished by the soldier is still unclear, he, however, took to his heels after the soldier cocked his gun and pushed back when he was slapped.

Facebook user Abdul Waris disclosed that the incident occurred in Old-Tafo (3 miles Gee Junction), a suburb of Kumasi amid a Coronavirus lockdown.


Nigeria: Reasons we pause hustle in Lagos and Abuja – Sex workers

Amaka Enemo, National Coordinator, Nigeria Sex Workers Association, has announced that sex workers in the country have been forced to suspend activities, especially in Lagos and Abuja, due to the lockdown to check the spread of COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Enemo said that although sex workers offer “essential services” they would remain indoors because their services involve “substantial bodily contact”.

She said the association had been able to sensitise its members to the dangers of COVID-19.

She said, “There is sensitisation across the country, including within our network. Sex workers also offer essential services. However, there is no way sex workers can do their work without body contact. So, they are staying at home to watch what happens.

“The government has announced a lockdown and as law-abiding citizens, we will not flout the law. If the government says sit at home, we will all obey because nobody wants to die.

“We fall under essential services but ours is peculiar because of the nature of body contact. You cannot compare it to doctors because the doctors are not making full body contact with people the way we do.”

When asked whether only ‘street operations’ had been suspended and if private home services could continue, Enemo said the decision of the association was that “all activities be put on hold”.

The national coordinator said, “The lockdown affects street workers and those at home equally. For the sake of their health, they should all stay at home and avoid bodily contact. So, we stay at home but we are sharing materials that will keep them safe.”

When asked to evaluate the financial impact of the lockdown on sex workers, Enemo said it was the same effect it had on artisans.

Enemo added, “Of course it is going to affect them financially but sex workers are not the only ones that make money on a daily basis. It is the same for commercial drivers. Of course, they might have their savings but that does not mean it will not affect them. It is affecting everybody; so, sex workers are not exempted.”


Even your English need tears – Nigerians blast Regina Daniels’ mother over tears of concern on COVID-19.

Rita Daniels, mother of Regina Daniels shared a video of herself weeping bitterly and lamenting over the loss of lives and destruction of the economy due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

She could be heard in the video crying to God and pleading with him to show mercy and save humanity from destruction.

However, most Nigerians were not with Rita Daniels’ lamentations as many accused her of acting but not genuinely crying out to God.


NobleTokUrMind: PMS @ N125/litre???

Let’s the Frank, if not for COVID-19, can PMS ever come down to N125/litre in Buhari Regime??


Let’s hear from you!

What do you feel?

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Actress Uche Jombo mock Buhari after his wrong pronunciation of COVID-19.

Popular actress, Uche Jombo has called for the replacement of the social media team of President Muhammadu Buhari over his address to the nation where he pronounced the dreaded COVID-19 as Covik1-9.

Speaking via her official Twitter handle, the screen diva pointed out that the team needs to be replaced for failing to correct the Buhari before the video was released to the general public.

She Wrote:

The whole of president Buhari social media team needs to be replaced over COVIK ONE NINE video for not correcting him ,watched it and shared it 🙄
now even ghana people on my TL are having fun with it.
I hope the “baba must speak to us” WhatsApp group people are happy.

— Uche Jombo Rodriguez (@uchejombo) March 22, 2020


Update: Sen. Abbo donate $1000 to Nollywood.

420,000 when converted at the rate of 420

Days after being called out and told not to serve as Nollywood ambassador, a video has surfaced showing the moment controversial Senator Elijah Abbo donated the sum of One thousand dollars to local movie industry, Nollywood.

Recall with NobleReporters that veteran actors like Hilda Dokubo and Kate Henshaw had asked for him to be removed as the patron of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), due to the reported ‘slap’ he landed on a lady in an Abuja sex-toy shop some months ago.

Sen. Elisha Abbo seems unconcerned as he made the donation of $1000 (Which is about 420,000 when converted at the rate of 420 per dollar) to Nollywood.


You can’t be marlian as Christian – Adeboye.

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s son, Leke Adeboye has shared his thoughts on the Marlian movement which has gained momentum in the last few months.

In an Instagram post Leke stated that one can’t be a Christian and a Marlian. According to him, there is no relationship between weed and seed.

He wrote;

You can’t be a Christian and a Marlian. There is no relationship between ‘The weed and the seed’.

A term marlian is used to address any real follower of controversial Nigerian singer, Azeez Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley. The Marlian movement is driven by certain philosophies, belief and views.


After 18 years, Nigerian pastor, wife welcomes triplets.

2 girls, 1 boy

God’s blessings

Rev. Dr. Eseme Unem and his ever beautiful wife, Pastor Esther, last week dedicated their triplets, two girls and a boy, to God at a special thanksgiving service with friends, family, well wishes and of course, church members in attendance.

NobleReporters gathered that the couple had waited 18 years after the birth of their first child, a girl, who is an undergraduate, before God blessed the family with these bundles of joy.

Speaking about her experience, the elated mother recalled how she prayed, fasted and sowed seed for the fruit of the womb, before God at His own appointed time answered the family.

She said there were low moments, when she had to grapple with the reality of failed expectations, but was thankful God saw them through such periods.

She revealed other challenges she faced during the pregnancy, and how she spent six months in the hospital receiving treatment before the delivery.

Esther advised expectant couples to be patient, focus on God and shun the temptation to run to different churches looking for solution.

The husband thanked God for granting them the grace to be steadfast and not bow before strange altars, during their trying period.

He said: “It got to a point it seemed we were giving up. But we persevered and God answered us.” The General Overseer said they fortified themselves against external pressure, which helped them to be steadfast in the face of challenges.

#Newsworthy. …

I now have hole – Bobrisky says as he declares himself complete woman.

Widely popular and controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has announced that he is now officially a woman and should be addressed as one.

In an Instagram post he shared, the crossdresser refused disclosing if he has removed his male member. Bobrisky however disclosed that he has other body parts women have.

He wrote;

Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet personality who is known as a transgender woman in Nigeria, a country with no LGBT rights. She is also known for her presence on the social media app Snapchat.

Bobrisky recently warned Nigerian women, saying he would beat up anyone who confronts him of dating their man.


Why men cheat on their wife – Ayo Ajewole (Woli Agba).

Comedian Woli Agba has shared his thoughts on why men cheat on their wives.

He said: “Familiarity bores men sometimes. The fact that you are seeing her everyday and you are already used to her, is what makes men look outside.”

He said: “But when you remember how you were chasing your wife before she finally said yes, you place more value on her.”

He responded saying; “Whatever happens between a couple should be based on their personal choices. If the man decides to place his wife on salary and she agrees, so be it.

“As a wife, your husband should be your secret place. Don’t make him feel inferior.

“Civilization has done a lot of injuries to our culture. If a woman is earning more than her husband, for example, she could give the children’s fees to her husband in secret so he can pay. That’s a way to not make him feel inferior.”


Nigerians react as Dino Melaye drop his first movie role in Nollywood. {Photos}

Senator Dino Melaye announced that he has joined Nollywood and presently on the set of a new movie titled, Silent Prejudice; it was met with mixed reactions.

Most of his followers were shocked that the Senator would actually join Nollywood in the real sense of it, while others excitedly said that they saw it coming and can’t wait to see the movie when it’s out.

It would be recalled that last year, the controversial Senator released a song against the Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello.

Melaye sang the song himself and it is titled” ‘Kogi Koya… Kogi ko Bello, this was after his hit song, Ajekuiya went viral in 2019


Lady narrate how she bought her boyfriend ring to propose but what he did was shocking. {Check}

Lady reveals how she bought an engagement ring for her boyfriend to propose to her only for him to sell it to fix his car.

According to the social media user, Malondi, she bought an engagement ring and gave her man because he had mentioned he couldn’t buy it for her because he had no money, only for him to sell it off and use the money to fix his car.

She took to her social media page to recount the ordeal, she wrote;

I bought an engagement ring for him to propose because he once told me he couldn’t afford to buy one for me. He took the ring, pawned it and fixed his car.
I’m still breathing through the wound!


Nawe uyi Clown Clown face – dont be that desperate, if a man wants to engage u he will make means even when broke….. – @samnyakudya

Dont do that next time, you dont buy a ring for a man, when he wants to propose he will definitely have money to get a ring for you even if it’s a cheap one. – @biife007

But baby… why didnt you want to stay unmarried? How did you think a guy that can’t afford a mere engagement ring would fulfill their patriarchal ordained duties of providing. – @redvelvetcake4

No matter what, dont compel a guy to commit it being pregnant for him or paying your bride price for him or buying engagement ring for him…
Dont even show him you want to be his wife until he shows that he wants you to be his wife. – @NewestBaby

Just nicely ask him to borrow the car just for a day and go to Vaal………your investment would be very profitable – @tmd1195

I’m starting to feel like my ancestors did something wrong cause ive never met someone this kindFace with tears of joy Leave him and live for yourself, you can do much better than him – @uncle_wii


N.Rs tv: Pastor David Ibiyeomie condemns woman seeing fiance’s manhood before marriage.


Pst. David – It’s a taboo for woman to see her fiance’s manhood before marriage. {Video}

He said this while discussing relationship matters at the Youth Arise service. A member asked if it’s allowed for a woman to see her fiancé’s sex organ before marriage to check if he’s OK sexually and Pastor Ibiyeomie said it is not in the woman’s place to check, instead, if the man has a sexual problem, he should confide in his wife-to-be. He added that it is self-deception for a woman to think that she will look at the penis and just stop at looking.

Watch funny video here..


{Photo} Winners chapel member admitted in hospital after alleged slap from Oyedepo.

A member of the Living Faith Church (a.k.a Winners Chapel), Nosa Aigbogun has found himself at the hospital after being slapped by Pastor Gideon Oyedepo.

Aigbogun attends Uwasota branch of the church in Benin, Edo state.

Pastor Gideon Oyedepo is the resident pastor and younger brother of the G.O, Bishop David Oyedepo.

DailyPost reports that the Pastor Gideon Oyedepo was accused of constantly harassing and assaulting members of his branch, slapping them at will.

Aigbogun, who is recuperating at a medical facility in Benin, said he was the latest to be slapped by the Pastor.

He said since he was transferred to their branch as resident pastor, the younger Oyedepo has enthroned himself as emperor and has become a problem to members of the church.

He appealed to the founder of the church, Bishop Oyedepo, to rescue them from further beatings from his younger brother.

“I want concerned authorities to rescue us from him, we have received enough slaps. We are begging his elder brother, Bishop David Oyedepo, to save us from the overnight emperor before is too late.

Since his arrival at our branch, he has slapped two persons and he keeps saying nobody can do him anything. He has turned the branch to something else.

They called for unity meeting on Sunday and I was part of those that attended. All of a sudden, he just turned to me and started calling me devil, idiot.

Before you know it, he just slapped me and he said I cannot do him anything and that he has been planing to deal with some of us in the church. His P.A. joined him.

On his instruction, his P.A. went and brought soldiers who they said were from Supply and Transport (S&T) Barracks. They pounced on me, rough-handled me and beat the hell out of me,” he said.

Aigbogun, who said he had reported the case at Okhoro Police Station, said all he wants is justice.

Other members of the church told journalists that Gideon Oyedepo threaten that should his elder brother who owns the church act on complaints of members and perhaps drop him, he will form a white garment church of his own.


Actor who played ‘Zombie Role’ in ‘Walking Dead’ jailed.

According to NobleReporters findings, the 52-year-old actor started dating Beverly Jackson, 41, eight years ago after meeting at a UK fan event.

However, the US actor returned to America and got back in touch with Beverly two years ago to ask if he could stay in her spare room in Manchester when he next came to the UK. Then in 2018, Michael attacked Beverly in a hotel room in Germany.

She said, “He hit me around the face, bit me on the hands, arm, and back, kicked me and threw me out of the room.

Beverly went on to tell The Sun that the abuse only got worse.

The British mum added: “I fell for him. Initially, he was very charming and promised to help me get into films. But he became more and more abusive.”


True love won’t let her feel free to ask you for money – Dr. Toolz

A popular Nigerian twitter user known as Dr. Toolz’ has taken to the micro-blogging platform to share her opinion on a very controversial topic.

The lady is of the opinion that a girl who really loves a guy, would find it difficult to ask the guy for money.

Dr Toolz (@toolzbabe) | Twitter

Here is what she said on Twitter;

A girl who loves you would never feel comfortable to ask you for money, a girl asking for money just like that is a clear sign she doesn’t love you and does not see anything in you except what she can gain from you.