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Photos of ‘slay reverend’ triggers mixed reactions. [Photos & Reactions]

In our world, there is a stigma that, female pastors can’t put on extravagant wears, well, Pastor Lucy is defying all odds as she portrays her flashy lifestyle, according to her, it’s not a sin to put on lovely and glitzy dresses, she doesn’t let the social misconception that, a female minister of God can’t wear flashy clothes.

Reverend Lucy Natasha is the founder and general overseer of ‘The Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International’, located in Kenya.

Reverend Lucy is regarded as one of the hottest and influential young preachers of the 22nd century.

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BBNaija’5: It’s risky to love ‘a guy like me’ – Kiddwaya warns Erica. [Video]


Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Kiddwaya has warned his love interest in the house, Erica, that loving him comes with its own risks.

According to Kiddwaya, he is a busy person and after the reality TV show, he might not have time for her.

Kiddwaya speaking to Erica early Friday morning, August 28 as they cuddled in bed said

“I just think loving a guy like me is a bit so risky.”

When Erica asked him to explain, Kiddwaya further added, “I’m all over the place.”


Erica then told Kidd that she would be busy too but that her love is based on trust.

“I’ll be busy too. I have my own life. You have yours. I can only love you if I trust you,” Erica said.

When Kidd asked her if she trusted him, Erica simply said “No.”

“Then you don’t love me. I want you to do what you want,” Kidd responded

Watch video HERE


BBNaija’5: Moment Erica tackles Lucy for being rude to Kiddwaya.


Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Erica Nweledim, has come for fellow housemate, Lucy over her lover kiddwaya.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that the housemates has a Pepsi challenge on Wednesday. The Pepsi task was a musical performance Challenge, courtesy of Pepsi Naija.

Each of the housemates was given the opportunity to represent one popular Nigerian music star through the course of the day. They were required to partake in the task in pairs.

There were seven teams in total and to determine who their teammates are, they had to all participate in a quick game.

Lucy and Erica’s lover, Kiddwaya were in the same Team [Team Cuppy] and delivered the song ‘Green Light’ for the challenge.

During the course of their performance, Lucy forgot her lines.


Erica wondered why Lucy spent all her time complaining about her teammate, Kiddwaya to the other housemates but ended forgetting lyrics of the song on stage.

She said Lucy is fond of making others feel bad all in the name of speaking her mind.

Discussing with Tolanibaj about the incident, obviously angry, Erica said, “That was very rude of her [Lucy]. What kind of stuff is that? It doesn’t make sense.

“She wasted all the time complaining about Kidd… shouting, ‘have you seen me dancing? Have you seen me singing before? And after everything she didn’t even sing sh*t on stage…


“How can she spend hours complaining about Kidd? That was very rude of her and went on stage and messed up.

“I told her [this face to face]. Is she going to beat me? You know me now, I always say my mind.

“She spent hours making another person feel bad, then went there and messed up. All the time she should have used to practice, she used it to complain about Kidd throughout.

“And when she started crying after the performance, I was like, ‘why are you being dramatic?’


“If she put in that much time [she used in complaining in practice], won’t she go there and do something good?

“If I were in a group like that and someone kept complaining about me openly to everybody that was so rude and I can [also] easily start pointing out all the flaws in front of everybody.

“She does that all the time and would be like ‘oh, I’m just saying the truth. I’m just saying my mind’, without considering how bad you make other people feel.

“The thing is Kidd is like, ‘I’m not bothered’ but I know he’s bothered but just doesn’t want to make it a big deal. Me, I’ll make it a big deal…I don’t care. Are you going to beat me?”


BBNaija: Mike Edwards and wife, Perri welcomes first child.


First runner-up, Big Brother Naija 2019, Mike Edwards and his wife, Perri Shakes-Drayton have welcomed their first child.

The couple welcomed their first child together, a bouncing baby boy

going by their baby gender unveiling party held some couple of months back, today 26th August 2020.

The excited new father, Mike took to his Instagram page to share a celebratory picture via his insta story but no official post is available on his page yet. His wife too is yet to share photos of the newborn baby boy.


BBNaija’5: Neo speaks on being errand boy.


Big Brother Naija housemate, Neo has narrated how he visited a girl who was giving him green light but ended up as her houseboy and cleaner.

Neo revealed this while conversing with his fellow housemates about what he ended up doing after visiting a babe.

Narrating the story, He said;

”I once went to visit a girl that has always given me some green light. I got to the lady’s house around 11 pm, spent the night and slept off without taking a closer look at the room.

The next morning the lady left me alone in the house for her gym session. He woke up and realized how dirty the room was. He said he couldn’t stand how dirty the toilet looked. Neo said at that point he became a houseboy because he planned to spend the weekend.

I started the cleaning from the lady’s toilet and then mopped the room and washed the lady’s ‘white turned brown’ bedsheet back to its original colour.”

The other housemates couldn’t hide their feelings on how Neo stooped so low to do all of that for a woman he only went to catch fun with. Laycon added that Neo will work as a houseboy if he ends up with Vee.


BBNaija’5: HoH duvet, full of sperm stains – Tolanibaj cries.


Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Tolanibaj has cried out and revealed that she did not use the duvet at the Head of House lounge because it was stained by sperm.

Tolanibaj, who was the Deputy Head of House last week, revealed this during a conversation with fellow housemate, Wathoni on Tuesday.

Wathoni had asked her why there was a missing duvet in their room.

She said, “Nengi changed the duvet because it was messed up with cum stains.

“The only reason I couldn’t use the duvet in the HOH room was because it was dirty. There were ‘cum stains’ on it.”

Tolanibaj who was the former deputy Head of House received a strike for not sleeping at the Head of House, HOH lounge.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Kiddwaya (The Head of House) and his love interest, Erica had shared the room alone for a week.


BBNaija’5: Neo dumps Vee.


Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Neo on Saturday night revealed he’s no longer interested in the relationship between him and Vee.

The disagreement started over an argument about food.

After the Saturday night party, Ozo approached Neo to settle the fight with Vee. However, during the discussion, Neo flared up and said he is no longer interested in the relationship.

“I don’t have any other focus aside from the fans that brought me here and I’ll keep it that way henceforth. I don’t have the energy for someone to be feeling so important. The reason for the fight is so dumb, about food.” Neo told fellow housemate, Ozo.

He continued

“I tried to hustle food for her to eat since she had stomach pains but then Brighto made Semo instead of Poundo Yam and that’s how she got angry. Sometimes I think if Vee is a 5year old.


“I was awake the whole night checking on her to know if she’s not in pain. I put her in front and let her know I’ll look out for her. I’m not doing again henceforth, she does not know the kind of person I am”.

NRM learnt that Vee earlier asked Neo to be scared as she has not seen her period in the BBNaija house.

The lovebirds were having a chat on pregnancy and menstrual cycles in the kitchen when Neo suddenly made a pregnancy gesture.

In response, an agitated Vee threatened to f**k him up and told him to be scared instead of making a joke out of the issue.
“you should be scared idiot” She said.


BBNaija’5: Vee lucky to have escape eviction – Praise leaves.


Sensational dancer and Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Praise has been evicted from the show while Vee was saved by the housemates.

This comes after they were both among the housemates with lowest votes.

Noble Reporters Media earlier learnt that Vee, Praise, Wathoni and Trikytee were up for possible eviction today.

The other housemates were informed to kick out who they want to be evicted.


BBNaija’5: Dorathy tackles Wathoni over Brighto.


As the heat goes on the 2020 edition of Big Brother Naija reality show, one of the trending housemates Dorathy on Saturday night cleared the air on her feelings for Brighto.

Recall with NRM that Brighto had told Dorathy he is in love and has feelings for her.

However, Wathoni seems to have interest in him as they have spent the past two nights on the same bed.

Dorathy confronted Wathoni on Saturday night about the situation between her and Brighto.


When asked what she wants with Brighto, Dorathy said she does not have true feelings for him but ‘lust’.

She, however, promised to back down and save their friendship if Wathoni wants to have a relationship with Brighto.

Dorathy said: “There’s just something about Brighto that I like but it’s not feelings. “I need to know if you’re trying to get his full attention so I’ll back out because I’m not trying to stay in your way.

“Brighto is smart, so I don’t know. I’m talking to you because I don’t want to have a problem with you. “I respect our friendship more than the lust I have with Brighto.”


Man in tears after lady reject his proposal


A video of a man crying by the side of a busy road after a woman turned down his public proposal has gone viral.

In the video, the man is seen going down on one knee to ask the woman to marry him. The woman didn’t seem pleased and she walked away.

The man starts crying at this point and goes after the woman then kneels again.


His action caused a scene and made people gather to plead with the girl to say yes. Some even lost patience with the girl when she refused to accept the proposal.

Cars driving past slowed down to observe the spectacle.


BBNaija’5: Moment I kissed Erica – Laycon reveals.


One of the most talked about BBNaija season 5 housemate, Laycon has disclosed how he kissed his crush, Erica in his dreams. In a discussion with his fellow housemate, Wathoni, the 26 year old was heard lamenting about Erica’s attitude making him emotionally unsettled.

Laycon however revealed during their conversation that he dreamt he kissed Erica in his dreams.

“I dreamt I kissed Erica in reality. You know I refused to kiss her that Saturday night she was drunk.”

Wathoni told Laycon he had been thinking of the female housemate, hence, the reason he had the dream. Laycon who is obviously finding it hard to move on revealed that he is an emotional person, which is why he discusses his emotions and feelings with close housemates.


BBNaija’5: I saw Brighto get married to Kaisha in my dream – Vee


Vee has revealed that she had a dream in which she saw Brighto get married to Kaisha who has been evicted from the ongoing BBNaija reality TV show.

Vee disclosed this during a discussion with Brighto about Kaisha who he was close to before her eviction.

Vee: “I saw you in my dream, you were marrying Kaisha.”

Brighto responding said: “God’s plan.”

Vee is not the only one having dreams about Brighto who is yet to find a girl in the BBNaija house.


Erica today revealed that she saw Brighto in her dreams and that he likes her.

Erica said, “Brighto I had a dream about you. In the dream you were telling me that you have feelings for

“I knew it. I knew it. I know you are trying to hide it but I see the way you look at me. I’m serious.

“I see the way you look at me. I see the way Brighto looks at me.”


BBNaija’5: My reasons for rejecting Kiddwaya – Wathoni.


Wathoni has revealed that billionaire son Kiddwaya wanted her for a relationship in the ongoing BBNaija reality TV show but she rejected him.

Wathoni made this known during a discussion with Lucy, Prince and Praise on the lockdown housemates they are falling for.

She said that Kiddwaya wanted her but she wasn’t ready to be entangled with anyone inside the BBNaija house at the time.

She said he gave her green light during one of their discussions but she turned him down by not giving him a push or encouragement.

Kiddwaya is now entangled with Erica and are said to have had s*x inside the show.


However, their affair seems to be coming to an end after Kiddwaya made it clear to Erica that she shouldn’t settle for someone based on physical attraction.

Kiddwaya to Erica: “Those who are attracted to a Man’s physically and go into a relationship with them for such reason; those sort of relationship does not last.

In her response, Erica said: “Like You [Kiddwaya]”

Kiddwaya also told Erica how he and his ex broke up: “She was too good, and I was not ready. She wanted us to get married, and I was just 21 then and immature. I thought it wise to return to Nigeria while I left her back in the UK to be happy. I ended everything for her to be happy.”


‘Mummy calm down’ 4 year old boy reveal his desire to be police.


The 4-year-old boy Oreofeoluwa Babalola whose video went viral after telling his mother to ‘calm down’ has said he wants to be a police officer.

The Montessori 2 pupil said in an interview published on Friday that Mathematics is his favourite subject.

“I like Mathematics because it’s good. When I grow up I want to be a police officer to fight corruption,” he said.

Oreofeoluwa said he did not learn the term ‘calm down’ from anywhere, adding: “I just said it”

He said he has not repeated what his mother almost punished him for since that day.


Speaking on life after the video, he said whenever he walks on the street, people want to take pictures with him and they usually seek permission from his mother Toluige Babalola.

Mrs Babalola said Oreofeoluwa does not like being idle, adding that if he is not in school, he would be found playing football or riding his bicycle.

She said their lives have changed since the video went viral, adding that she has met people she never thought she could meet or talk with.

One of those who have met Oreofeoluwa is Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.


BBNaija’5: Erica dumps Kiddwaya – makes move to Brighto.


Erica appears to have shifted her attention away from billionaire son Kiddwaya and is now zooming in on Brighto.

Recall with Noble Reporters Media that Kiddwaya recently told Erica that she should rather go for a man based on feelings not a man with physical attributes like he has.

This appears to be a hint that the relationship between them is just based on romance and s*x, nothing more.


Getting the hint, Erica is now shifting attention to Brighto and is already seeing him in her dreams.

Erica said, “Brighto I had a dream about you. In the dream you were telling me that you have feelings for me.

“I knew it. I knew it. I know you are trying to hide it but I see the way you look at me. I’m serious.

“I see the way you look at me. I see the way Brighto looks at me.”


BBNaija’5: Ozo fondles Nengi? – Nigerians react.


Below are reactions from Nigerians concerning a video which apparently shows Ozo fondling Nengi’s boobs in the ongoing BBNaija reality TV show.

@Toluwanni “It has finally happened. I hope Nengi fans will let my kiddrica breathe now. Both are adults, let them enjoy.”

@Yvonne “I have watched the video 10 times I still don’t understand o, but I can see movements.”

@Adeolablessing “ Ozo has graduated he is touching breast now. My guy is woke. The patient dog.”

@Thessa “ Dude(Ozo) is so horny. Damn ! He’s starting to harass her.”

@Giftntaji “ You guys should stop it , I don’t like any of them ,but it clear that Ozo was just holding her hand.”


@Erms “ Don’t think it’s fingering but he is touching something maybe but why is Ozo whining his waist and having that look on his face and touching himself.”

@VanessaLarry “ They are obviously not doing anything.”

@AmaravhiPearl “ There is a caught. Holy boy finally touch breast and thrusting going on.”

@Anu_GD “It is so clear that he is rubbing her face only a crazy person would say he is fingerin her.”


@Gloween “ Ozo fans are jubilating for their fave
Nengi’s fans are crying that their Virgin Mary has been Kemenized. Some others are blaming it on Erica Elites.”

@Babatundea78 “ This ship must sail!!!! All of una saying Ozo was just rubbing Nengi hand under duvet. So hand no pain her before Kayode off light.”

@PurpleCaribbean “ Ozo Pressing her and masturbating. Did she know?

@Melortalor “ You ppl should stop dragging ozo for continuing to chase nengi anymore. She says she wants to be just friends but showers with him and lets him touch her so I don’t know again.”