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Nigeria – Lagos govt disregard reports of lifting COVID-19 lockdown because of Easter celebration.

The Lagos state government has dismissed reports that the lockdown in the state due to the Coronavirus pandemic has been lifted for the Easter celebration this weekend.

At the press briefing today, the state Commissioner for Information, Gbenga Omotoso, said the lockdown is still in full force.

He said it is only the Federal government that can lift the lockdown order. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has not relaxed any lockdown.

The lockdown is still on and we appeal to Lagosians to continue to obey the directive to continue to be responsible because that is the only way the experts have said we can fight this disease.

The lockdown is still on. If it is going to be extended or relaxed, it is the business of the Federal government.

The announcement is not going to be made by Babajide Sanwo-Olu because he did not impose it in the first place”

he said President Buhari on March 29th, announced a lockdown on the state as part of measures to curb the spread of the ravaging Coronavirus.


Nigeria – Man set Ekiti Chief ablaze – says he snatch his wife.

The Ekiti State police has arrested a Tiv man identified simply as Sunday, after being linked to the death of 35-year-old Onibedo of Ilotin community of the state, Chief Sola Fatunla.

Before the incident, Sunday had apologized to the deceased for accusing him of snatching his wife Tadeni who he had two kids with before their marriage collapsed. The apology came after he found out that Fatunla and his wife were mere family friends.

But events took a tragic turn on Sunday when Fatunla followed the man to the bush.

Fatunla was killed last Sunday, while accompanying the suspect to where he claimed his charcoal was seized. Sunday had allegedly begged Fatunla to use his influence as a chief in Ikole Ekiti, to plead with some people he claimed had seized his charcoal in the bush.

He ran out of luck after his wife who he abducted alongside the Ekiti Chief, escaped while he and his acomplices allegedly took the deceased to a different location where he was beaten with cutlass and set ablaze.

A police source told Media;

“While the Chief was accompanying him to where his charcoal was seized, the Tiv man allegedly connived with others to abduct Chief Fatunla and Miss Tadeni somewhere around Iyemero Ekiti, in Ikole local government, Ekiti State.

“The Chief was strangled to death and his corpse set on fire. However, Miss Tadeni escaped from the abductors. Sunday and his other accomplices were caught by vigilante men in the Pategi area of Kwara State as they were escaping.

“When the vigilante men stopped Sunday and his accomplices and were questioning them as to their mission in the area, especially despite the lockdown, Chief Fatunla’s phone that Sunday kept in his pocket rang and he refused to answer the call. One of the vigilante men collected the phone and answered the call only to be told that the owner of the phone was abducted.

“The vigilante men then handed Sunday and the others to the police in Kwara State, who transferred them to the police in Ekiti State. Chief Fatunla’s remains had been recovered and deposited in the mortuary, while Sunday and the other suspects are being detained by the police in Ekiti State.”


Nigerian Govt reveal total amount spent to convey Chinese doctors, equipment to Nigeria.

The Ambassador of China to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian, said the Chinese experts who arrived Nigeria late Wednesday, came to reciprocate the gestures demonstrated by Nigeria during China’s trying times in fighting Coronavirus.

Speaking with newsmen after the arrival of the team along with more medical equipment, the Ambassador acknowledged that the Nigerian government had shown China great solidarity when it struggled with the Coronavirus pandemic. NobleReporters reports

He said the support coming from the Chinese government and its companies in Nigeria was China’s way of reciprocating.

He noted that so far, it had cost China’s construction company, CCECC, about two million dollars to bring in the experts and the medical equipment.

The ambassador said that he could not understand the rationale behind the attitude of some Nigerians who were against the coming of the experts.

“I am struggling to understand the logic; for us, at the most difficult stage of our fight, we received support from Nigeria, it is time for us to reciprocate the friendship and the kindness.

“This is the first time I met the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, since early February and I appreciate the strong support for us from him and the government.

“For the government and Chinese businesses, what we are trying to do is to address the concerns of our dear friends.

“According to the information the CCECCE gave to me, the value of the equipment and medical supplies is around $1.5 million and including the other costs like the flight it is around $2 million,” he said.

He disclosed that the experts were originally billed to stay for one month but noted that the mandatory quarantine may also determine how long they will stay.

The ambassador said the major secret which worked for China, especially in Wuhan the epicentre of the virus, was the lockdown and the success in breaking the chain of transmission.

“The lockdown in Wuhan lasted 76 days, since January Wuhan had been in lockdown, today has been the very first day that the lockdown has been lifted.

“One key measure for us to fight the Covid-19 is to try every means to break the chain of transmission,” he added.


FG tackles news of presidential taskforce member on COVID-19 receiving N500k on sitting.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has described as fake news, reports making the rounds on social media that members of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 have been receiving N500, 000 daily as sitting allowance.

The Minister who spoke at a press briefing in Abuja on Wednesday, said he was shocked when he heard the rumor. He said members of the team have not received any allowance at all and that as a matter of fact, they have been the ones using their own money to carry out this National Assignment.

“The issue I want to take on is that of the sitting allowance of half a million naira, paid to each of the members of the task force. You will remember that each time I come here, since I tested negative for Coronavirus, my other major problem has been fake news. As soon as I got that information, I consulted with my colleagues here whether I’m not a member of the task force and I asked them whether they’d received their own and they said no.

What bothers me is that since about 2 O’clock this afternoon I’ve been receiving text messages to send money to people; that they were broke, they had no money and I began to wonder, why today? Apparently, they are acting on this fake news that we receive half a million naira everyday.

The truth of the matter is that no member of the committee has received one penny, either for sitting or sleeping allowance, not even when we went to Lagos yesterday. So, you see this fake news is targeted at one thing alone: to distract the government from the more serious problem and task of containing and combating fake news. I want to say loud and clear; no member of the committee receives a penny as sitting allowance. Everybody sacrificed his time, energy and even sometimes his resources”, Mohammed said


FFK – While Buhari is busy accommodating Chinese, They are chasing Nigerians.

Femi Fani-Kayode took to his Twitter handle on Thursday morning April 9, to react to the news of the arrival of 15 Chinese doctors to Nigeria to help in the fight against the ravaging COVID-19.

He wrote

”Whilst Buhari is inviting the Chinese to Nigeria to “help fight Covid 19”, the Chinese Govt. is throwing Nigerians out of their homes, persecuting them, subjecting them to the most vile & despicable human rights abuses & mocking, insulting & humiliating them on a daily basis!’.’


Nigeria – 51 sentenced for breaching Lagos lockdown order.

A Magistrates’ Court sitting in the Yaba area of Lagos State has sentenced 51 persons for violating the lockdown and the social distancing directives of the Lagos State Government.

The offenders were sentenced to one-month community service.

Chief Magistrate Peter Ojo convicted the defendants following their plea of guilt to a charge of unlawful gathering.

They were convicted in two separate arraignments and trial by the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (SCIID), Panti, Yaba.

In the first trial, 34 out of 37 persons were arraigned following their arrest by the police for exercising and ‘working out’ in a group larger than 20 persons on the Gbagada-Oworonsoki Expressway.

The second trial had 17 out of 18 persons arrested in Ajegunle area of the state pleading guilty to the charge of unlawful gathering.The Police counsel, Mr A. Adegoke, a Deputy Superintendent (DSP), told the court that the Gbagada group committed the offence “along Bush Street/Gbagada Express Road/Ogudu Area.”

The court also heard that some members of the Ajegunle group fled upon seeing the police who succeeded in arresting only 18 persons.

They were all charged “with violating directives of Mr Governor of Lagos made pursuant to Regulation 8(1)(a) and (b) and 17(1) of the Lagos State Infectious Diseases (Emergency Prevention) Regulations 2020 and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 58 of the Public Health Law, 2015.

“Following their guilty plea, Magistrate Ojo ordered that the Gbagada violators be first quarantined for 14 days at the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Yaba, or any other medical facility designated by the Lagos State Commissioner for Health.

He ordered that they should be tested twice for COVID-19 and if their result is negative, they may then serve their community service for one month at the Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa.

“They must ensure that the premises are kept clean. Where their test result is positive, they shall be remanded for treatment until they are found negative.

Then they will proceed to community service,” Mr Ojo added.

Three members of the groups – Adetutu Aderogbangba, Segun Joshua and Obi Okoye, pleaded not guilty.

The Chief Magistrate said they should be quarantined for 14 days and adjourned ‪till April 21‬ for their re-arraignment and trial.

The court ordered that asides the 14-day quarantine and testing for the Coronavirus, the Ajegunle violators should be assigned to clean the Lagos State High Court for one month, ‪between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.‬, as their community service.

The court gave the sentence after dismissing- for lacking in merit – an application by the Gbagada violators’ counsel, Olufunlola Salaam, that the defendants be discharged and acquitted because the court had “no jurisdiction,” the charge “was faulty” and the law on which the charge was based did not exist.


Chinese medical team arrive Nigeria today.

A 15-member medical team from China will arrive in Nigeria today.

The Chinese medical team will arrive at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, via a chattered Air Peace aircraft.

They are coming to Nigeria despite opposition by the Nigerian Medical Association.

However, the visiting medical team includes experts in infectious diseases, respiratory illness, intensive care, cardiology, neurology, general surgery and anesthesiology.

They are expected to arrive with their drugs, and equipment to carry out COVID-19 tests on the staff of the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation in the country.

The Executive Director, CCECC, Mr Jacques Liao, said in a statement in Abuja on Tuesday, that the medical team would be coming with 16-ton test kits, ventilators, disinfection machine, disposable medical masks, drugs, infrared thermometer and other items ordered by the Federal Government.

Liao stated that “the primary purpose of the team is to provide CECC employees with critical and necessary healthcare.”

He added, “All members of the working team have tested negative for COVID-19 and shall commence their stay in Nigeria by spending 14 days in quarantine.

“The primary purpose of the team is to provide CCECC employees with critical and necessary health care assistance. They are also coming with adequate personal protective equipment and medical items for the employees.”

The director explained that under the directive of the Embassy of China in Nigeria and in response to the Federal Government’s request, the team may also share with their Nigerian counterparts effective methods on COVID-19 containment.

Liao explained that in keeping with CCECC’s corporate value, ‘stride with Nigeria,’ the firm would be participating in the construction of two COVID-19 response facilities in the Federal Capital Territory for free.


Nigeria – LAWMA reward outstanding highway sweeper. [Photo]

The Lagos Waste Management Authority, LAWMA, has handsomely rewarded an outstanding highway sweeper, Fasasi Raheemat Oluwabukola, on behalf of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, incident commander of the state.

Raheemat was sighted and videoed along Dolphin/Osbourne Road, her operational corridor, by Ms. Adebisi Awoniyi, a resident of Dolphin Estate, a video that later went viral on the social media, few days ago.

Speaking during the brief presentation along that corridor, managing director of LAWMA, Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin, noted that the recognition was to appreciate Raheemat’s constant diligence and impassioned service, as attested by Ms. Awoniyi, who claimed to have regularly observed her, during her daily work-out sessions.

The LAWMA boss noted further, that there was reward for diligent hard work, because one could never tell who was watching at any point in time.

He said: ‘Raheemat, you are being recognised on behalf of Mr. Governor, who had also seen your video posted by Ms. Awoniyi; doing your work so passionately. There is reward for whatever we do, especially when you are diligent, doing your work from the heart. You never know who may be watching’.

‘Your video had gone far and Mr. Governor had seen it, as well as the Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, and had all decided that you be recognised for conscientious work and uncommon diligence. I hope this will further motivate you and also inspire your colleagues, to work even harder because there is dignity in labour’.

Dr. Gbadegesin who profusely thanked Ms. Awoniyi for her patriotic disposition, said there was nothing shameful being a cleaner, noting that his first job as a young man, was being a janitor.

He frowned on the unwholesome attitude of some residents, who indulge in throwing waste onto the highway from their moving vehicles, stressing that LAWMA would ensure a friendly work environment, for its over 15,000 sweepers, including the provision of road-side shelters and other basic necessities.

According to him, ‘We will continue to provide a good and clement work condition, for our more than 15,000 sweepers, who are in the first line of defence in our cleaning business’, he concluded.

Commenting on the work attitude of Raheemat, Ms. Awoniyi disclosed that she always wondered at how passionately she went about her duty every day, and that was the motivation behind the viral photo.

According to her, ‘I see Raheemat every day as I go for my morning work-out sessions, working with so much commitment and every time I am touched; feeling that if everyone would do public service with so much passion and dedication. She is simply outstanding and exceedingly diligent’.

She enjoined other sweepers and those in public service, to emulate her work attitude.

Responding, face suffused in tears, Raheemat expressed profuse gratitude to Governor Sanwo-Olu, for the rather unexpected recognition, stressing that it was most unexpected, as she was only going about her duty from the bottom of her heart and to the best of her ability.

She said: ‘I took the sweeper job to raise money to buy my tools as a trained dress-designer. But I always believe that I should put my heart and my best in whatever I do at any time. I can’t adequately express the depth of my gratitude to the Governor, to Lagos State and to LAWMA. May God continue to bless the state’, she concluded.


Some pastors now confused, no assurance of heaven – Mike Bamiloye allege.

Mike Bamiloye, founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, says some pastors are now confused about choosing between heaven and earthly possessions.

The 59-year-old clergyman took to his Instagram page on Tuesday to address the recent developments with “ministers and God”, explaining that many are not sure of heaven and don’t want to lose their earthly empire.

“Some ministers of God are confused. They’re not sure of heaven and they don’t want to lose their empire on earth. They are not expecting him,” he wrote.

Bamiloye’s post comes at about same time when Matthew Ashimolowo, a London-based Nigerian pastor, lambasted his colleagues for attributing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to 5G and antichrist.

Ashimolowo had lamented that it was unfortunate that many people, including pastors, have joined in the fray of spreading falsehood without any scientific proof.

He had also urged Christians to avoid being deceived by some church leaders who often associate any major technology breakthrough or shock in the world to the antichrist.

“Yeah, there may be things that are pointers to the last days. But not everything that happens around us should make us think that the antichrist wants to take over out lives,” Ashimolowo had said.


Oyo gov, Makinde reveal what he ate to fight COVID-19.

Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde last Monday revealed that he fought coronavirus with carrots, vitamin C and black seed oil with honey while in isolation.

The governor revealed this in Ibadan in a telephone interview with an FM radio station. He had last week announced that he was tested positive for the disease and went into isolation.

But two days ago, he announced that he had become negative after series of tests. The governor said he only made efforts to boost his immunity and used his time in isolation to regularly exercise on the treadmill.

Makinde said in boosting his immunity to fight coronavirus, he consumed vitamin C, carrots and black seed oil mixed with honey.

He said: “My very good friend and brother, Dr Muyideen Olatunji is the one in charge of the primary healthcare for Oyo State. He came to me and said, look, I am going to send to you this black seed oil, it boosts immunity. So, I mixed it with honey and took one teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening.

“So, there are local solutions to boost immunity. Our people should not fret. Just as I’ve been able to get the virus out off my system, so will it be for majority of our people.

“I’ve lost a little bit of weight which I think is good. When you’re in isolation, the tendency is just to watch television and eat, I was eating amala. But I was also using the treadmill. It has also been a period to reflect and look at the programmes, policies and the things we want to do for the people of Oyo state and also reflect on how the COVID-19 is going to affect us socially and economically.”

He faulted the Federal Government’s palliative measures in the state, saying

“Two days ago in the task force meeting, the Head of Service told me that the conditional cash transfer from the Federal Government would be N20, 000 to people in 10 local government areas of Oyo State and I said, it’s good, but this programme predates this administration and I’ve never been impressed for one day about the way they identified the poorest and the impact.

“They’ve been making noise in the newspapers that they have some items for us. So, I sent the people at the liaison office.

First day at the Nigerian Governors’ Forums’ meeting, I was told those items were taken to liaison offices. So, I called the liaison office in Abuja and asked, did you receive anything, but they said no.”


67 Togo returnees detain in Seme, to face 14-days quarantine; cases in Nigeria now 240.

The Lagos State Government has sent no fewer than 67 persons, who wanted to enter the country through the Seme border, into quarantine.

NobleReporters on Monday gathered that security agencies at the border town on Sunday detained the 67 persons, who were coming from Togo.

N.Rs learnt that the security agencies handed over the 67 persons to the Lagos State Government, which had put them in 14 days quarantine.

A top security source at the Seme border, said the 67 persons, who were mostly Nigerians, attempted to enter the country on Sunday despite the closure of land borders.

NobleReporters gathered that samples of the 67 peoples would be taken for COVID-19 test and that they would be quarantined in Badagry for 14 days.

The security source, said, “The Lagos State Government has already got some hotel accommodation around Badagry. These people will be housed in hotels, which have no other guests. Their samples will be taken and they will be tested. They will be in quarantine for 14 days.

“Before the end of the 14 days, another test will be conducted on them. After 14 days, if they test negative for the virus, they will be allowed to go to their different destinations in the country. Anyone of them that tests positive will be moved to the Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba for treatment.”

The Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Immigration Service, Mr Sunday James, said the service had no information that 67 persons were stopped at Seme border from entering Lagos

James, in an interview, said, “There is nothing like that. I have contacted my office at the Seme border and he said there was nothing like that. I have called the controller at Seme border and he said there was nothing like that.”

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), had in a nationwide broadcast on March 29, ordered complete closure of land borders to human and vehicular traffic.

He ordered the lockdown of the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun states for 14 days. According to him, the country’s airports, which were earlier shut, should remain closed.

On Monday, the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, defended the Federal Government’s decision to bring 18 Chinese doctors into the country.

Ehanaire, at the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 press conference in Abuja, said Chinese doctors would come into the country despite the opposition of the Nigerian Medical Association.

The minister had on Friday said the Chinese team would come on board a Nigeria Air Force aircraft.

While objecting the plan, the NMA said the plan was demeaning to Nigerian health workers who had been in the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 in the country.

Chinese doctors, nurses to observe isolation, testing rules

Addressing some of the concerns raised by the NMA on the invitation of the Chinese experts, especially with regard to isolation of anyone coming to Nigeria from countries with high burden of COVID-19, the minister said that the Chinese would also be subjected to the national protocol guiding entry into Nigeria.

He said, “On Friday, I announced that an 18-man team of Chinese technical experts is expected in Nigeria with a consignment of globally scarce supplies to augment government effort and build capacity to curtail the outbreak.

“The equipment includes personal protective equipment and consumables, more than a million masks and intensive care unit ventilators. There is global competition for masks and ventilators with countries donating or swapping ventilators. It is gratifying that in the face of all these, we are able to get these supplies; even if we have the money, we would not have been able to order for them.

“The technical experts will comprise research doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and public health managers who will share their knowledge, skill and real life experience of fighting COVID-19 with Nigerian personnel.

“Anybody coming to this country will have to be subjected to the rules and regulations we have set. The experts coming, with all the valuable experience they are bringing and which we want to learn, will still be subjected to the rules we have established in the interest of our people. Even if they have done test in their country, we still have to do confirmatory test here.

‘NMA not left behind’

“We carry the NMA along. I am a member of the NMA and I have told the president that the door is open. All he needs to do is to knock, whatever I am doing, I will be ready to see him.”

UN donates $2m in supplies

The minister added that more isolation centres would be added to the one housing infected persons in Abuja. He said that the United Nations had promised to assist Nigeria with supplies worth $2m. The first batch of the material would arrive in Nigeria on Tuesday.

He said, “We have identified additional treatment centres in Utako and Mabuchi (area of Abuja) which will give a minimum of 400 beds. They are under renovation. We inspected them over the weekend. The Hospital Accreditation Committee has inspected and accredited three centres in Abuja.

“The United Nations has offered $2m worth of materials. The first batch of it is coming tomorrow (today). This does not mean that indigenous manufacturers (who want to manufacture response equipment) should withdraw. We need to look at the future. We don’t know how long this pandemic will last.”

The minister called on the aged to go into isolation because they were vulnerable to the virus attack.

FG reviews time for testing, result, isolation

Also at the briefing, the Director-General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu, said Nigeria had reviewed its response timeframe to achieve quicker testing, result and isolation.

He said, “To improve the efficiency of the work being done, we have agreed on five targets for all the states actively involved. The targets are broad but they will be tightened every day to show that the time given by the President is worthy of the sacrifice Nigerians are making.

“The targets we are setting for teams in Abuja and Lagos are to make sure that collection of samples from individual symptomatic individuals happens within eight hours of notification of the state team.

“Secondly, the turnaround time for testing and result will be less than 24 hours. This is the case because samples come in late in the evening and result must come out the next day.

“The third one is that we plan to test 200 samples per day in Lagos and 100 in Abuja by the end of this week. The fourth one is to isolate patients in less than six hours after they have received their positive results. We plan to isolate every confirm case. We will measure ourselves with percentages of each of these indicators and use that to improve the effectiveness of the response.”

The NCDC boss said that 30 per cent of cases established in Nigeria so far were through contact tracing.

He said, “In addition to case finding, the second most important thing is contact tracing. This involves strenuous effort and it sometimes following tens of contacts of each individual. Each case has about 30 to 40 contacts to follow.

Ihekweazu said two laboratories in Kano and Kaduna would be activated on Tuesday (today) with two others to be activated in Jos and Maiduguri from Thursday.”

China offers Nigeria 1.3m masks, ventilators, others

The Chairman of the PTF and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, at the press conference, said a Chinese construction company, the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, had offered to provide 1,300,000 medical masks and 150,000 units of personal protective equipment.

The CCECC is in charge of construction of several ongoing railway projects across the country, including Ibadan-Lagos, Abuja-Kaduna, and Ibadan-Minna-Abuja-Kaduna-Kano

He said, “One major support that has attracted public commentary is the offer by the CCECC, a Chinese company, to import about 256 pieces of equipment and items in different quantities, notable among which are 1,300,000 medical masks, over 150,000 pieces of assorted PPEs as well as 50 medical ventilators.

“The company has also proposed and, on its own, suggested to sponsor public health experts to help strengthen our public health capacity and advise on processes and procedure.”

The PTF chairman also cautioned Nigerians against stirring what he described as unnecessary controversies that would distract the government from the fight against coronavirus.

Buhari’ll assess lockdown before extension – SGF

The SGF said the President would examine the success of the 14-day lockdown in the FCT, Lagos and Ogun states before taking a decision on the next step.

According to him, 34 per cent of the infections are by returning travellers.

He added that 25 per cent was made up of contacts of the returnees, while 41 per cent were those whose source of infection were unknown.

“That is an indication that we are succeeding through the lockdown. The President will consider all issues in their ramifications before a decision can be taken as to where we go thereafter,” Mustapha said.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, in a statement on Monday, said that based on the concerns raised by Nigerians, the Chinese doctors and nurses would first be quarantined for 14 days.

Gbajabiamila said this decision was reached after he held a meeting with the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, and the Minister of State for Health, Olorunnimbe Mamora.

Bauchi awaiting results of 305 contacts

In Bauchi State, the state government has said that it is tracing over 305 people that have had direct contact with the coronavirus cases in the state.

The contacts are in addition to the 96 direct contacts of the first, second and third cases, whose blood samples were taken for testing and their results came out negative.

The NCDC has confirmed six cases in Bauchi State, including Governor Bala Mohammed.

The state Deputy Governor, Senator Baba Tela, at a press conference on Monday, said the state government planned to establish a testing centre in the state

He said, “We have been tracing all the contacts from our first index person to the last ones published by the NCDC. We have listed 305 contacts in all, we have listed all these contacts and we have contacted them and we have taken their samples.”

Kwara records two positive cases

The Kwara State Technical Committee on COVID-19 on Monday confirmed two cases of COVID-19 in the state.

The Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Rafiu Ajakaiye, who disclosed this in a statement, stated, “One is the wife of the UITH (University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital) patient, a UK returnee, who died last Thursday and the other is another UK returnee.”

The UNITH had on Sunday admitted that a professor of medicine in the hospital concealed the status of a patient, Alhaji Jimoh Muideen, who died of COVID-19 in the hospital last week.

Lagos still tracing 2,293 contacts

On his part, the Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, said the state was still tracing 2,293 people who might have had contact with persons tested for COVID-19.

He said, “We have 2,645 passengers of interest that we are tracing, 352 of them have completed their 14-days isolation and we are still following up 2,293. In the next few days, most of these will exit their 14 days isolation.”

Abayomi added that about 80 per cent of those calling the dedicated hotline for COVID-19 were not serious callers.

We are now battling local transmission – Lagos commissioner

The commissioner said that the majority of the cases being treated in Lagos were local transmission, adding that more attention would be focused on the Alimosho Local Government Area.

“The number of cases without a travel history has increased from 45 per cent to 80 per cent; that demonstrate that there is more local transmission going on as importation of cases is decreasing.

“The reason we are paying attention to the Alimosho Local Government Area is because there has been a sudden rise from one case to four cases. That is not a big number but it is a trend, we are following our data, we can’t divert our precious resources to where we are not seeing trends.”

Lagos discharges two more patients

The state Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has announced that two more patients receiving treatment at the Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba have been discharged.

Sanwo-Olu, via his Twitter handle, @jidesanwoolu, said, “Dear Lagosians, I have more great news for you from our Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba. Today, two more female patients have recovered fully and have tested negative for COVID19 twice consecutively. They have been discharged from the facility.

“With the newly discharged patients, we now have a total of 31 people that have fully recovered from COVID19 in Lagos and discharged to join the community. We are full of appreciation to the front line health workers, working hard during this difficult time.”

COVID-19 cases in Nigeria now 240

The NCDC on Monday night said six new cases had been recorded. It stated, “Six new cases of #COVID19 have been reported in Nigeria: two in Kwara, two in Edo; one in Rivers and one in the FCT . As at 09:30 pm 6th April there are 238 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. Thirty-five have been discharged with five deaths.”

The centre, however, did not include the two cases announced by the Ogun State Government bringing the total to 240.


38,296 US citizens evacuated from 77 countries including Nigeria, Ghana, others.

The United States has so far evacuated 38,296 citizens from Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, and 75 other countries on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

The citizens were airlifted in 330 flights coordinated by the US Department of State.

The emergency evacuation commenced on January 29, 2020, according to the coronavirus repatriation statistics published on, updated on Friday.

This is happening as Nigeria directed its foreign missions to compile a list of stranded Nigerian nationals who wished to come back home.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “the financial implications will be borne by the prospective evacuees, who will be compulsorily quarantined when they return.”

The repatriation report said the US government had evacuated 369 citizens in three flights from Nigeria while 1,070 US nationals were evacuated from Ghana in five flights and 825 from Senegal in four flights.

The US had also airlifted 109 Americans from Burkina Faso; 524 from Cameroon; 866 from China; 400 from Cyprus; 2,770 in 23 flights from Ecuador; 1,686 in 29 flights from the Dominican Republic; 2,406 in 15 flights from El Salvador and 3,014 in 18 flights from Guatemala.

The report said, “The Department of State is rising to meet the historic challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, every day, all over the world. The US Government has no higher priority than the protection of American citizens.

“The Department of State has coordinated the repatriation of 38,296 Americans from 78 countries since January 29, 2020. On April 2, approximately 140 US citizens and residents were repatriated from Colombia.”

Meanwhile, no fewer than 188 Europeans were evacuated from Nigeria on Friday through the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja.

The flight was operated by a Boeing 777 aircraft owned by Austrian Airlines, a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group.

Amongst those on the flight were Germans and Austrians.


Useni – It’s strange to hear PMB’s chief of staff summon service chiefs.

Senator Jeremiah Useni, a retired Lieutenant General, was Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja during the regime of the late Gen. Sani Abacha-led military junta. The 77-year-old politician who contested the 2019 governorship election in Plateau State speaks on a number of issues

You contested the 2019 governorship poll in Plateau State and pursued your case from tribunal to the Supreme Court, but lost. What is the next step now?

There is nowhere to go again. The Supreme Court is the highest court of the land. So, what do you mean by what next again?

We have heard some people going back to the Supreme Court asking for the review of their cases. Are you also considering that line of action?

That thought never crossed my mind. But you are aware that those who went back never succeeded in getting what they were asking to encourage others to do the same.

The Supreme Court threw away that of Bayelsa State review request by the All Progressives Congress and that of the Peoples Democratic Party in Imo State by maintaining its earlier judgements.

So, I can’t just join the band wagon because people are going there. What I believe is that only God knows if the judgement of the Supreme Court in my governorship petition is right or not. But the fact remains that it is the highest court of the land.

Have you given up on your governorship ambition or do you still want to govern the state?

It takes four years before another election. So, I’m still looking at the situation whether there were mistakes on my part, on the part of my party, individuals or the judiciary and ensure that one can guide against it. So, my priority is not that I must be governor.

You have been minister and a senator after a successful career in the military, yet you want to be a governor. People are wondering what you really left undone in your previous positions.

In the military, you have restrictions. No matter the good intentions you might have, you have to be very careful as a military man. You can’t even make a political statement. You cannot climb the podium and address the people. But as a politician, the door is open. As long as the statement is not against the government or such that it will be taken as a security threat. And of course, as a politician, you move freely with the people and sympathise with them when necessary and be able to explain to the people why certain things happen or why certain things cannot be done.

I was close to the late (Gen Sani) Abacha and people thought I would be implicated one way or the other and jailed but they never knew that my friendship with the former Head of State had nothing to do with corrupt enrichment of self because I did not care about what he did. I was only doing my job. When I was military Governor of Benue State, I would stop people sweeping my office by 7:00 am. I told them to come by 6am if they actually wanted to sweep my office because I had no time for such dereliction of duty.

As a former military officer, are you not worried about the security situation in the country?

Of course, I am concerned. Some people have told me that they heard that I am close to Mr President, Major General Muhamadu Buhari(retd.) and I said yes. They now wondered why insecurity has continued to plague the country. And I said should my friendship with the President stop insecurity? Am I in the same party with him? My friendship with him has nothing to do with security. He is a different person just as I am. But I won’t go on air and tell people to stop accusing him of not doing enough to address the problem of insecurity. If he does something wrong, you are free to accuse him. My friendship with Mr President also has nothing to do with politics. Some people will come and say, “he is your friend. Why not let him speak to those (judges) people to make you governor”. And I said, we are not running a military government where the Head of State picks and appoints people as governors. Those who will occupy those positions are determined by politics and if the judiciary is to do its job or anybody to convince them to do otherwise, definitely, it is not Mr President.

A lot of people including members of the National Assembly have called for the removal of the service chiefs. Do you consider this as a solution to the problem?

In the military, there is a period you are to serve as a service chief and then, you will be asked to go, whether there is insecurity or not. To me, that is what people should look at. Some people are talking as if there is no insecurity in the country, they will remain there for life. No. You cannot have a service chief staying for four or five years. If you are complaining of that, I can understand that. But Mr President has a reason for doing so because their appointment is at the discretion of Mr President. He can appoint them today and even sack them within one week as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

What is the way forward in addressing Nigeria’s security challenge?

I am not saying that sacking them is not the solution. The point I am making is that, what is the guarantee that the ones you are bringing on board will be better than the ones you are sacking? What I am saying is that, what people are complaining about should be whether the service chiefs should be in office either for three or four years, but they have spent more than that. And that they are not happy about their continued stay in office. You can talk about it from the laws and asked why they are still being kept in office against the laws of the land.

I have discussed with friends what can be done to address the security challenges facing the country. The truth is that the challenge is diverse. First, what are we doing as Nigerians? We see a situation where brothers kill themselves and husbands or wives kill their partners and yet, they are supposed to be in love. Why the fight? When I went round, the teachers’ union told me they had about 2,000 qualified teachers who were jobless because the state government refused to employ them. They also told me that the state had over 2,000 unqualified teachers in the system. When I heard the information, I considered it abnormal and I quickly summoned the relevant persons in the ministry to find out if it was true. And when they confirmed it, I told them to get those unqualified teachers out of the system the next day and replace them with the qualified ones. The instruction was carried out without delay and the next day, the same teachers association came out to demonstrate that I sacked people from work. I was surprised because they were the same people who wrote petitions demanding that I do something about the abnormally which I did. So, what I did was to join them in the protests and they started laughing and went away quietly. But that is how we ended up doing the right thing and ensured that only qualified teachers were allowed in the system.

What do you think Mr President can do to make the fight against corruption more effective?

I am not Mr President and I can’t say I know the problem he is facing, but all I know is that to get to the old wood, you have to first remove the new ones on top of it. What I mean is that so many new corrupt people are committing so many offences and the old ones they took over from are still there.

So, how do you get rid of the old ones without getting rid of the new ones first?

So, you can’t get the old wood when the new ones are on top, except you are in a position to clear them at the same time otherwise you must have to remove the new ones first. But what we find in the fight against corruption is a situation where, in trying to get the old ones, the new corrupt people are building up. That is the problem. But as a person, I think Mr President is doing his best but he is not working alone. He has somebody who will do the work and then you refuse people advising you and work with bad advisers. So, you take the blame yourself. And if you have people who swore to do the proper thing and they turn round to be giving you wrong information, then what do you do? Even within the Presidency, look at the ongoing fight between the Chief of Staff to the President and the National Security Adviser? I wouldn’t believe that it is Mr President who gave the instruction that his Chief of Staff should be giving instructions to the National Security Adviser. But the National Security Adviser is complaining that the man is trying to give him instructions. I think there is a modicum of insecurity in what is happening there. So, it is left for the President to determine whether what he is saying is correct or not. If he was told to reduce work for Mr President or Mr President said If you want to see me, see so, so, person. It is left for the people to complain if they have any issue with him but for the Chief of Staff to the President to just summon service chiefs, I never heard of it before.

The infighting between the Chief of Staff and the National Security Adviser, among other happenings in the country and the seeming helplessness of Mr President suggest that Buhari is not in charge of the country’s affairs. Do you agree that this is true?

People can interpret this thing anyhow. I think somebody is just taking advantage of his closeness to the President to do certain things that are not right and I give you an example. Someone came here and told me he was told not to come in and see me. When I asked him the reason, he said they said it was an instruction from my son. When my son came, I asked him why he is stopping people from seeing me. I told him and the other children that If you think that this person I am seeing is not good, then you should tell me and it is left for me to take a decision on that but you don’t stop people from seeing me. But if such information doesn’t come to me and they went about telling people, they will think I was the one who actually gave the instruction.

Which section of the country would you like to produce the President in 2023?

The direction of politics is unpredictable sometimes. People will tell you that there is permanent interest in politics, but for some years, Nigerian presidency has been swinging between the North and South. But as time went by, people were not talking about these two political divisions again. Instead, they started talking about allowing each of the six geopolitical zones to be given a slot for the presidency. And the separate agitations by each of them comprising the South-East, South-South and South-West on one hand and North-East, North -West and North-Central, on the other hand, is causing confusion in the polity. Now if they say South-West, some people will say it has had its own turn at the presidency. If they say South-South, some would ask whether former president Goodluck Jonathan is not from that region. Now, if you say South-East, the name of Nnamdi Azikiwe will come up. So, we have to agree on the method or we go by tribe as the case may be. But people will always say what suit them. But left for me, the presidency should be rotated between the North and the South. And if the President is a Muslim, the Vice President should be a Christian and if the President is a Christian, the Vice President should be a Muslim. That is what I believe will help the country and its people.


COVID-19: Nigerian officer demoted for assaulting doctor during lockdown in A/Ibom.

A police officer deployed to the Akwa Ibom State command has been demoted for assaulting a medical doctor while enforcing the stay-at-home order of the Akwa Ibom government.

Recall that the Akwa Ibom State government had exempted health workers from its lockdown order, which was effected to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the state.

The police sergeant, Edidiong Alexander assaulted Dr Daniel Edet who is a surgeon with the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, while on his way to work on Friday evening.

It was gathered that the police began investigating the incident after the Nigerian Medical Association threatened to embark on a strike over the assault incident which left Mr Edet’s hand fractured.

The police office who was found guilty after the investigation was concluded, was demoted from the rank of a sergeant to corporal. The state’s commissioner of police, Imohimi Edgal also met with Mr Edet and the chairman of NMA in the state, and apologised to the surgeon and the medical doctors in Akwa Ibom over the conduct of the police officer.

Akwa Ibom state has only recorded five confirmed cases of the coronavirus, since the outbreak of the disease in the country.


Kenyan pastor in trouble for selling oil he claims to prevent COVID-19.

A Kenyan Pastor and founder of Bishop Climate Ministries in Camberwell District in South London, Climate Irungu Wiseman is currently under investigation in the UK for selling an oil he claimed could protect his members against Coronavirus.

According to a report by Independent UK, the Pastor who sold the bottle of the oil at £91 (N40,950) each, was accused of exploiting the public by selling the so-called “plague protection” kits, consisting of oil and red yarn.

A post by Bishop Climate Irungu Wiseman read;

“It is by faith that you can be saved from the Coronavirus pandemic by covering yourself with the Divine Plague Protection Oil and wearing the Scarlet Yarn on your body.”

Kenyan Pastor investigated in UK for selling oil he claims can protect his members from Coronavirus

Bishop Climate had claimed in a post shared on March 21, that he was “instructed” by the Lord to prepare an oil “mixed with cedar wood, hyssop, and prayer” for the pandemic.

He said;

“As you use this oil, along with a special scarlet yarn, every coronavirus and any other deadly thing will pass over you.”

The Kenyan Pastor further claimed that his product has worked before and will work again. Another page on the group’s website suggested followers could pay up to £910 for “sacrificial seed of divine protection” for their family.

The charities regulator has now launched an urgent probe into the Camberwell church over its sale of the oil it claimed could protect from coronavirus.

Kenyan Pastor investigated in UK for selling oil he claims can protect his members from Coronavirus

A spokesperson of the agency said;

“We are looking into the serious concern about Kingdom Church GB’s alleged sale of false COVID-19 protection devices, as a matter of urgency.

“We have opened a regulatory compliance case to assess the matter, and will be liaising as appropriate with other agencies.”

Southwark Council also confirmed that the church is being investigated over the products. Councillor Victoria Mills said in a statement;

“It is wrong for anyone to exploit people’s fears at this time of high anxiety and we encourage people to report any issues like this to London Trading Standards.

“This particular issue is already under investigation by our teams. There are many scams relating to Covid-19 and the council will be working hard to support consumers to be on guard for bogus test kits, cures and treatments and other financial scams.”

Southwark New reported that the post has now been edited and the specific reference to the £91 kit protecting wearers from coronavirus was removed. The post now claims that the oil will protect members from “every plague.”

A disclaimer on the church’s website now reads;

“This articles and its opinion on this website is solely under Bishop Climate Ministries and Not the Kingdom Church.”

Defending himself, Mr Wiseman who is also a trustee of the Kingdom Church charity told the PA news agency that he has sold 1,000 of the kits, but that the price tag was only to cover the cost of ingredients, packaging, and posting.

He added;

“What is so wrong about putting into practice what the Bible says.”


Imam of peace blast Buhari’s govt again after begging for ventilators in fight of COVID-19

Popular Islamic cleric, Imam of Peace, who has put the Nigerian government on blast several times, is at it again after the FG made an appeal to billionaire businessman, Elon Musk.

Recall that yesterday, the Ministry of Finance via its Twitter handle, appealed to billionaire businessman, Elon Musk, to help the Nigerian government with ventilators.

Reacting to the news via his Twitter handle this morning, Imam of Peace wrote

If the Buhari government is begging for ventilators in public, imagine what they beg for in private. I’m not the one dragging the country, it’s Buhari that drags the country’s reputation through the mud every single day. I wonder if he’s begged Boko Haram for things in the past!!” he tweeted


Nigeria – Ritualists invade imo community.

Umuike-Ndiowerre community in Ihitte Uboma council area of Imo State are presently at the mercy of God as suspected ritualists frequently besiege the agrarian community, killing so far three indigenes.

Commissioner for Special Projects, Comrade Simon Ebegbulem who is an indigene of the area narrated to newsmen the ugly trend in his community.

According to him, the modus operandi of the hoodlums is attacking their victims in their farmlands.

However, while appealing to the State Commissioner of Police, Bolaji Fafowara to come to their rescue, he informed that six suspects had already been captured and handed over to the police.

The commissioner narrated that “three persons were killed in my community, specifically in Umuchaku Uhuala, another one at Umuodoma Alaocha. Two of the people killed were dumped in a hole where the bodies were found.

“The third person was killed at Mbaraocha Umuike, when she went to the farm. These killings were carried out a month ago. Again, these killers who came from outside the local government, stormed my community again on Thursday.

“Six of them came in a bus and when they arrived the same area, they attempted to abduct a man called Rufus in his farm. While they were struggling with him to push him into the waiting bus, the wife raised the alarm which attracted our community members.

“That was how these suspected ritualistic were apprehended. Four of them were apprehended at the scene while two escaped but were later arrested after our people combed the bushes. They were handed over to the police for further investigation because we believe that these same people may have been involved in the killings going on in our community.

“So we are appealing to the new CP in the state to investigate the six persons arrested thoroughly so we can get to the root of these killings in the community. We want to know their sponsors and why they have unleashed mayhem in our community. And of course those involved must be prosecuted,” he stated.


Nigeria: Edo authority order Fulani Herdsmen to vacate state within 14 days.

Following the incessant killings and harassment of indigenes and residents of Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State by some alleged Fulani herdsmen, the council chairman, Hon. Sylvester Okoro, has ordered herders to vacate the area within the next fourteen days.

Hon. Okoro gave the directive in Ugo community, during an emergency security meeting called to address the recent kidnappings, killings and destruction of farm produce in the area.

According to the statement from Chief Press Secretary to the council, Mr Roy Osariemen, the fourteen-day ultimatum is coming on the heels of the recent attack on the indigenes of the area.

‘’Orhiomwon is a pure agrarian area, since we can’t identify those perpetuating the evil activities. After the evacuation, we will carry out proper documentation of those who wish to graze in our land.”

“I can no longer stomach the atrocities and satanic activities of these murderers and thieves. We have been living together for many years peacefully, since they have decided to turn our hospitable act to weakness, they should look for somewhere else to rare their animals.”


COVID-19 lockdown: Stop beating people – Apostle Suleman tell Nigerian soldiers

Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries has urged the Nigerian Military to stop beating up Nigerians while implementing the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) stay at home order.

Apostle Suleman made the remark in a tweet on his official Twitter page on Thursday.

He wrote:

“Please everyone stay at home, but soldiers, the way you are beating up people is uncalled for.

“Chase them back indoors, not these furious beatings. If the Govt had palliative measures in place to reduce hunger, it would have been okay.

“Some people are dying of hunger…my opinion.”

Meanwhile, the Defence Headquarters has rubbished the torture videos being circulated on social media alleged to have been perpetrated by the personnel of the armed forces while implementing the Coronavirus stay at home order.

Maj.-Gen. John Enenche, the Coordinator, Defence Media Operations, in a statement on Thursday, said the videos being circulated were the handiwork of mischief makers to tarnish the image of the Military.

“The attention of the Defence Headquarters has been drawn to some video clips trending in the media,” the statement read.

“The clips are being used by some mischievous elements to tarnish the image of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

“Members of the public are hereby advised to disregard those videos.”

The number of Coronavirus cases in Nigeria is at 174, according to NCDC.


Nigeria: Gallant soldiers neutralises bandits, others injured in Niger.

Gallant soldiers of the Operation Gama Aiki of Nigeria Air Force have neutralised some bandits at their hideout located about 10km Southeast of Pandogari in Niger State.

In a statement on Wednesday by the Acting Director Defence Media Operations, Brigadier General Bernard Onyeuko, the “attack was undertaken on 31 March 2020, sequel to credible human intelligence reports indicating that the bandits had assembled under a group of trees at Kalaibu Village near Pandogari.”

According to him, the move is continuation of air operations aimed at flushing out armed bandits from the country.

“A Nigerian Air Force attack helicopter dispatched for an armed reconnaissance mission in the area spotted and engaged the bandits, neutralizing some, while others managed to escape with gunshot wounds,” the statement partly read.

While reiterating the commitment of the Armed Forces to securing Nigeria’s territory, Onyeuko said the offensive will be sustained “against the enemies of our Nation until our mission is accomplished.”


Nigeria: Apostle Suleiman releases fresh prophecy in April.

The general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministry (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman has released the first wishes and prophecy for the month of April.

As usual, Apostle Suleman is known for his monthly and weekly prayers, prophecies to his followers online, congregations, Nigeria and the whole nations at large.

The clergyman who recently joined hands with the likes of former presidential aide under Goodluck Jonathan‘s administration, Reno Omokri, gifted about hundreds of Nigerians five thousand nairas each as a support to the ongoing total lockdown in the country.

An act that was highly appreciated by Nigerians as it could go along in their welfare at this time of stay-at-home order due to the outbreak of Coronavirus codenamed COVID-19.

Suleman took to his Twitter handle to wish everyone a happy new month as he further prays that the month becomes a month full of testimonies.