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NECO 2020 result is out! – Check now!!


NECO also derecognised 12 schools for their involvement in mass cheating and cases of malpractice.

The National Examinations Council (NECO) has released the internal Senior Secondary School Examination (SSCE) results for 2020, showing a two per cent increase in candidates who made five credits and above in all subjects.


The Registrar, Professor Godswill Obioma, confirmed this at the NECO Headquarters in Minna.

Obioma said the schools derecognised include four schools in Adamawa, two in Kaduna, two in Kastina, Two in Niger, one in Taraba and one in FCT.

He said that 24 supervisors were blacklisted for various offences ranging from poor supervision, aiding and abetting, connivance with non candidates to write answers on chalkboards.


“Yes, it is true. The results have been released.

“To check, visit and input your details”. A NECO official has confirmed.



Charlie Charlie The “Demonic” Teen Game – All You Should Know (History)


If you are one of those crotchety people who believe the kids these days are somehow less inspired than generations before, then I come bearing new evidence: Even their superstitions are lamer than ours!


“Charlie Charlie,” a game/Internet urban legend of sudden and inexplicable popularity, surged to the top of the global social media charts this weekend after kicking around on the Spanish-language Internet for much of eternity. As of this writing, #CharlieCharlieChallenge has been tweeted more than 1.6 million times. More people are Googling “Charlie Charlie” than virtually any other news event.

What’s all this about?! Below, our no-nonsense explainer for the old/unimpressed.

How do you play Charlie Charlie?
Simple! You could, if you wanted, even do it at your desk.

Step 1: Open your Vine and get the camera rolling. (If you don’t have Vine, you ARE too old for this.)
Step 2: Draw an X on a piece of paper.
Step 3: Label two of the resulting quadrants “no,” and the other two “yes.”
Step 4: Place two overlapping pencils on each axis of your grid, crossing them in the middle.
Step 5: Say “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” and ask a question. (i.e., “is one of my friends going to die soon,” “will I go to prom next May.” )
Step 6: Scream, probably.


Where did this come from?
While it’s hard to pin down an exact country of origin, Charlie Charlie (also spelled Charly Charly) has a long history as a schoolyard game in the Spanish-speaking world. According to one seven-year-old Yahoo! Respuestas thread — that’s Yahoo Answers to you — kids have played a version of the “classic game” in Spain for generations.

Traditionally, this version with the crossed pencils was called the “Juego de la Lapicera” — a term that still turns up lots of creepy stuff on Google — and “Charlie Charlie” was a distinct game, played with colored pencils. At some point in their Internet and playground travels, the two games seem to have merged. In either case, both have always had demonic or supernatural connotations; one site calls Lapicera “the poor man’s Ouija board.”


Why is it popular again right now?
It’s always hard to say exactly why these things trend, but the latest bubble seems to have begun in late April in the Dominican province of Hato Mayor, when a local TV news station broadcast a very alarmist (and unintentionally funny) report about the “Satanic” game overtaking local schools. From there, social media users in the Dominican Republic began tweeting, Instagramming and Vining about the game; by mid-May, the phrase “Charlie Charlie” was trending on Dominican Twitter, an easy jump away from the rest of Spanish-language Web.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, a 17-year-old girl in central Georgia Instagrammed her game and slapped it with the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge. That hashtag was, apparently, all the kids needed: It’s been tweeted 1.6 million times since then.

Who is Charlie, anyway?
Per various corners of the Spanish-speaking Internet: a child who committed suicide, the victim of a fatal car accident, or a pagan Mexican deity who now convenes with the Christian devil. The Mexican deity bit, at least, is demonstrably untrue.


“There’s no demon called ‘Charlie’ in Mexico,” said Maria Elena Navez of BBC Mundo.

Is this as dangerous as some of the other viral teen challenges going around?
Given that no one’s setting themselves on fire, inhaling a caustic substance or deforming their lips, Charlie Charlie looks … pretty harmless.

That said, according to popular legend, Charlie haunts players who fail to say goodbye before they close out of the game. And there are, predictably, a whole lot of people who don’t love the kids-summoning-demons thing.

Why should I care? (Should I even care?!)
I mean, you should definitely care if you’re seeking supernatural answers to your life questions. (Excepting questions about love, death and money, which — per certain versions of the legend — Charlie will not answer.)


Even if that doesn’t exactly describe you, though, Charlie makes a killer case study in virality and how things move in and out of languages and cultures online. You’ll notice, for instance, a lot of players and reporters talking about the game as if it were new, when it’s actually — and more interestingly, I think — an old game that has just recently crossed the language divide.

This is also, pretty notably, yet another example of the power of the teenage Internet. Write off their little games as silly, sure — but we never trended “Bloody Mary” or “Ouija board.”

Note: Project Originally Posted to The Washington Post dated 2015, copied to Noble Reporters Media for awareness.



All You Need To Know About Capricorns [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20]


Capricorns are born between December 22nd and January 20th, and belong to the Earth element of the zodiac (along with Taurus and Virgo – who they happen to be incredibly compatible with, romantically). The Earth sign crew are all practical, self reliant, stoic and ambitious. You’d want them in your corner… but maybe not at a party.

Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn aka, the “task master”, as are Aquarians (or they were until people decided it was actually Uranus, so, looks like Capricorns are on their own. AGAIN)


To get an idea of the classic Capricorn personality traits and types, we need only to look to some of the most famous celeb Capricorns: Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton, Bradley Cooper, Zayn Malik and Liam Hemsworth, to name a few.


AMBITIOUS (read: workaholic)

Driven to do their utmost bestest, Capricorns never let themselves off the hook. They’re determined to show other people what they’re made of. And, let’s face it, a little bit obsessed with status and the trappings of success.

PERSISTENT (read: relentless)

Caps may not be the fastest, cleverest, or the most talented, but hard work beats talent every time when talent doesn’t work as hard. That’s why so many Capricorns make it – they never give up.

REALISTIC (read: pessimistic)

There are literally no flies on them as clear-eyed, perceptive, down-to-earth and worldly-wise characters. Their feet are so rooted on the ground that sometimes their gaze tips downwards, and they’ll focus on the negatives rather than the “possibles”.


SENSITIVE (read: touchy)

Capricorns have zero tolerance when it comes to being made fun of, like, ZERO. They will hunt someone down if they feel mocked or undermined by them. It’s a sin that won’t be forgotten in their book.

PRACTICAL (read: dry)

Capricorns aren’t ones for flights of fancy or dreaming up new worlds, but instead interested in making things better in the real world. They’re always smart and intuitive about how things work, and like to get involved and just do it (rather than read/write/watch/listen to it).


DISCIPLINED (read: uptight)

If the 12 signs were given that toddler test about eat the sweet now or wait and get two sweets… guess who’d be a winner? Right. Any Capricorn could sit there in that laboratory for years if they thought this was a battle of wills with a tangible reward. Caps can make sacrifices. They can control their urges. They are rock solid.


Munneh. It’s the most tangible way to measure their success, and success is their catnip.

Puzzles and games. Really really difficult ones – something like Escape Rooms but extra. Tasks which are absorbing and complicated (ideally “never been completed”) that they can set their methodical mind to solving… and prove to others how brill they are.


Diy And Gardening. Capricorns LOVE being at home, and doing something useful, practical and improving around the house or garden. Pottering-with-intent…

“There is a big kid inside every Capricorn”

Reading. Not in a flippant way, oh no no, but to stockpile precious knowledge, learn how to do things, and to outdo other people by acquiring surprising super-skills!

The Earth sign crew (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) all get on well with each other. They’re on each other’s wavelength and share similar priorities and values – to a degree, anyway. There’s a pragmatic, materialistic, hard-headedness to them. They have no interest in the ethereal or imaginative realm, it’s all money/appetite/status/reward, thank you very much.


This Earthy vibe works romantically, professionally and on a friendship level. It’s one big, weird love-in. They can all judge, pressurise and critique each other to the ends of the earth. And the other signs just have to leave them to it, because it’s just something the Earth crew do!

The hot tip for hot sex for Capricorns is to find a Cancerian lover. This astrological combination creates sparks from the opposites attract energy around it. Capricorn is all strong and protective, and Cancer loves to be loved and cared for, illiciting sympathy and protection (which Capricorn will provide). In return, Capricorns value loyalty above all, and Cancers will deliver that in spades. There’s an old-fashioned feel to this pairing, but it endures.

Capricorn’s are the most sincere people you will ever meet. Until you make us mad that is.

— Capricorn (@CapricrnQuotes) January 15, 2019


Capricorns will cross swords with Fire signs, because their confidence (arrogance) will rile the zodiac’s goaty grafter. Geminis will infuriate them with their fickle and nonsensical ideas and schemes.

All in all, sometimes, Capricorns actually just like to be left the hell alone. But we love them too much to do that.



Nepotism?! Daughter of Alaafin of Oyo, Princess Adedoja, crowned “Miss Oyo 2020”


Princess Adedoja walked away with a Toyota Camry and other amazing prizes after wining the pageant.

Princess Adedoja Adeyemi, the Alaafin of Oyo’s 24 years old daughter has been crowned Miss Oyo, 2020.


The daughter of Oba Lamidi Adeyemi defeated other contestants who represented the 14 Federal constituencies of the state.

The new beauty queen is a graduate of History and International Studies from the Osun State University.

After being crowned Miss Oyo state, Princess Adedoja visited the palace to get her father’s blessings.

She expressed gratitude to God for making it happen. She also thanked family and close friends for their support and encouragement.


She also took to social media to make an appreciation post. She wrote;

“it still feels like dream to me. First, I would like to thank God for keeping me and making this a reality. Truly, the grace of God surpasses human power. I appreciate the organizers of Miss Oyo pageant for giving me a chance to participate. I also thank my family and close friends for encouraging,supporting and standing by me all the way. I do not take the love and support for granted. Truly, it’s not the quantity of friends but the quality. Thanks to all my well wishers as well, May good things fall in place for you all.
Being a queen is not just about the title, but the impacts. I pray God gives me the wisdom to make positive impacts in my community. I am open to suggestions, contributions and collaborations.
Thank you, Miss Oyo State 2020/2021.”



This new way of buying Bitcoin with ease in 2021 will get you overwhelmed


Somehow, all the wild Bitcoin predictions you heard earlier this year don’t seem so wild anymore.

Google searches for how to buy Bitcoin in 2021 have exploded since Bitcoin passed ? 11 million for the first time ever.

You may also be wondering whether it’s too late to buy Bitcoin as 2021 knocks on our doors. Like this video says, it’s better to look at it in terms of how valuable Bitcoin will be in the future. And it’s best to start planning for that future now.

So how exactly do you join the Bitcoin club? The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is through a cryptocurrency exchange. This is an online platform where you can deposit money in a normal currency like Naira and convert it to a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin at the current exchange.


What to Look Out for When Buying Bitcoin

When looking for a cryptocurrency exchange to use, there are some things you should look out for.

  • First, you want a fast exchange. Because of how quickly the price of Bitcoin goes up and down, you’ll need to be able to buy and sell quickly. Always look out for an instant buy and sell option.
  • Secondly, you want an exchange that will allow you to send your Bitcoin to people and receive Bitcoin from people quickly if you need to.
  • You’ll also need an exchange with at least 1 stable coin. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is tied to the price of a normal currency so that it doesn’t swing up and down wildly. For example, Tether also known as USDT is a stablecoin and it’s tied to the US Dollar. So 1 dollar is equal to 1 USDT. You need a stablecoin so that when Bitcoin is unstable and you want to wait for things to cool down, you can quickly convert to a stablecoin and back.

Where to Buy Bitcoin in 2021

A few years ago, you had to change your money to dollars or run around Bitcoin trading groups (some of which were scams) just to buy Bitcoin. But now, you can do it from the comfort of your house because there are several cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to buy Bitcoin with Naira.

Some exchanges have websites, mobile apps, or both and you can choose which platform to use depending on what works best for you.


For example, exchanges like Quidax have a website, and a mobile app for iOS and Android. So you can pick what works best for you.

The most important thing is for you to find a fast, secure, and reliable exchange that will help you enjoy your Bitcoin journey.



Why iPhones, Androids will no longer run WhatsApp from January 1, 2021


By implication, Whatsapp said all iPhone models up to the iPhone 4 will from January 1st, 2021 begin to lose support for the messaging platform.

Some WhatsApp enthusiasts may have cause to worry as their phones may no longer run the Whatsapp app from January 1st, 2021.

Some of the affected phones include iPhones and Android smartphones.

According to the company, the move is to withdraw its support for older versions of Operating System (OS) from next year, noting that several Android and iOS phones may no longer be able to run the app going forward.


Information released by WhatsApp said the company will only be compatible with phones running the Android 4.0.3 operating system or newer as well as iPhones running on iOS 9 and newer devices.

It listed affected mobile phones like iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6S.

Others in the Android category are: HTC Desire, Motorola Droid Razr, LG Optimus Black, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 will lose WhatsApp support as 2020 ends.

It, however, explained that the instant messaging platform will keep the app running for select phones with KaiOS 2.5.1 OS or newer, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2.


To check which OS in the iPhone category is running, go to the Settings menu, then to the General and Information option, Software and the users will be able to see the OS running that particular iPhone.

Similarly, for Android users, go to Settings, then About Phone to see which Android version their smartphone is running on. Meanwhile below are some of the phones that would lose WhatsApp support from January 1, 2021: Apple iPhone 1-4; Samsung Galaxy S2; HTC Desire; LG Optimus Black; Motorola Droid Razr; Any Android released before 2010. These phones will need to update to at least iOS 9 or Android OS 4.0.3: Apple iPhone 4S; iPhone 5; iPhone 5S; iPhone 6; iPhone 6S; Samsung Galaxy S3; Samsung Galaxy Note; HTC Sensation; HTC Thunderbolt; LG Lucid; Motorola Droid 4 and other newer devices. Other phones that need to be updated include Samsung Galaxy S2; HTC Desire; Motorola Droid Razr; LG Optimus Black and any Android released before 2010.



Lil Pump banned from Airline after refusing to use face mask


The site claims that Lil Pump refused to comply with JetBlue’s mask policy, and later said he was sneezing and coughing into a blanket without his mask.

Lil Pump has been banned from flying with a US airline after refusing to wear a face mask during a flight, according to NoRM‘s known Media.

The rapper, 20, was on a JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles on Saturday when he reportedly “became verbally abusive” to members of the cabin crew and took off his face mask before refusing to put it back on when asked.


JetBlue allegedly called into LAX Airport to tell them to have police on standby but Lil Pump was not arrested when the flight landed.

He’s later said to have complied and worn his mask, but when the flight landed he criticised the airline on social media.

In a now-deleted Instagram video, Lil Pump said:

Fk JetBlue. Fk everyone that’s working there! All 2020, 2021, I ain’t wearing no mask. I ain’t gotta wear no f**king mask, bitch, corona’s fake.

JetBlue’s policy requires all passengers aged two and older to wear a face-covering throughout the flight.


A JetBlue representative according to the Mirror said that Lil Pump “became verbally abusive with crew members after being asked multiple times and refusing to comply with JetBlue’s face covering policy,” which resulted in law enforcement involvement.

The representative added:

His return reservation was cancelled and he is no longer welcome to fly on JetBlue. The safety of all customers and crew members is JetBlue’s first priority.



One slap could have wake “Abdul-financial terrorist” Maina – By Omobolaji Waliyullah


When I heard that that pension terrorist slumps in Court, what’s that his name again sef ? Shey na MAINA abi na Abdul-financial terrorist ?

On a lighter note, one very correct slap would have returned him to consciousness.

It isn’t coincidence that they slump or come in wheelchairs when made to appear in Courts or before some committees to come explain how they had embezzled public funds.


Those stunts of theirs are always the results of their deceptive rehearsals.

Unfortunately, our lawyers.. too will waste no time but play along most of the times to grant them leave to go treat themselves just to have their cases prolonged, delayed and discarded at the end…



Jimi Agbaje’s “Politics of recriminations” – By Omobolaji Waliyullah


Beyond his oratorical prowess, uncle Jimi Agbaje appears to be appealing more to our emotions, and forgetting that some people are pretty discerning and could decipher and differentiate between “issue-based campaign and that of recriminations.

He probably would have done himself a lot of good if he could raise the bar by dwelling more on life-transforming policies and take a break from politics of recriminations and divisive tendencies that will only make him appear to some minds as lacking what it takes to bring in fresh ideas that could rapidly turn things around in Lagos State.


Only emotions could do it in some other States but not in a highly sophisticated State like Lagos State, where captains of industries are driven by government policies and even the artisans who form the largest chunk of the voting population have come to a conclusion that the alleged Political god-father is more of a benefactor to them than a predator!

To me, the alleged god-father might be worthy of emulation, however not in all ramifications, his political brilliancy and dexterity, his vision to identify potential leaders is quite enviable and commendable, and that stands him out amongst several of his likes in Nigeria today, whose god-fatherism posture in their State is overly parasitic and without vision and the inner sight to propel and position their respective States for meaningful development.



Sex Scandal: Nigerian embassy in Germany fires Security Officer


The voice behind the camera accused Oni of wanton sexual encounters he had in the past in exchange for delivering his official duty.

Nigerian Embassy in Germany has sacked a senior security official after he was found guilty of sexual abuse and corruption.


“The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has terminated with immediate effect the contract of Mr Martins Adedeji Oni, a security officer at the mission,” the embassy said in a tweet on Tuesday.

“His dismissal follows an investigation into allegations of corruption and sexual misconduct,” it added.

Oni’s dismissal comes less than a month after a video of him surfaced on the internet.


In the footage, Oni was caught with his pants down in a hotel room after he had allegedly asked an unnamed lady to have sex with him before he could release her passport.

“Let me explain, please. Please, it is not like that,” a shocked Oni said on camera.

When asked to explain, he kept saying “please, please, please.”

“Your cup is full, Martins. Your time is up,” the voice said.


Nigerian Ambassador to Germany, Yusuf Tuggar in reaction to the viral video said that the embassy has “zero-tolerance policy towards abuse of office and especially of sexual misconduct.”

Ambassador Tuggar explained that investigation into the matter would be done with urgency and due diligence.



Just in: CNN calls out Lai Mohammed again. [Video]


The minister for information Lai Mohammed, has said that he would sue CNN for what they have done.

The international news channel called CNN, has released strong evidence which shows what actually happened during the protest, at Lekki toll gate in Lagos state.

With the video being released, it has created tension around the country Nigeria.

NoRM has learnt that it is standing by its report, given about the Lekki toll gate incident.

They also said that Lai Mohammed did not provide any evidence, to show his words about them being “irresponsible” with their evidence which he claimed was “one-dimensional, and lacking in balance.”


Recall with NoRM that Lai Mohammed claimed that the Nigerian army, only shot empty bullet on peaceful protesters at Lekki toll gate.

CNN also said the Nigerian army, and the lagos state government hasn’t commented anything about the evidence released, because most of their reports were based on testimonies from witnesses, and photos gotten by CNN.

CNN also revealed that they examined videos gotten from people present at the time of the incident, and protesters by using time stamp, and data from the video files.


Experts preaches community involvement as Tuberculosis death toll rise over 0.1M


Osakwe also advocated that a certain percentage of programme budgeting be reserved to support CSOs and CBOs as this will ensure continued operation.

As this year winds down, more than 100,000 would have lost their lives to tuberculosis, according to the global TB statistic from the World Health Organization.

The statistic estimated 157,000 TB deaths for Nigeria in 2019, with about 429,000 new cases, and 302,467 undetected cases.

Experts predicted these deaths and infection could even be much higher with this year’s COVID-19 lockdown and fear reducing hospital attendance, hence the need for urgent intervention.

The experts made the call at virtual Civil Society Accountability Forum 2020 TB pre-conference in collaboration with Stop TB Partnership Nigeria themed; ‘Integrating Community Systems Strengthening for effective HIV, TB, Malaria and COVID-19 Response in Nigeria’.


According to the chairman of the board of Stop TB Nigeria, Dr. Ayodele Awe, about 75 per cent of these undetected TB cases are found at in communities. Hence, need to integrate a community-based approach to find the missing/undetected TB cases in Nigeria.

“Integrating community system strengthening for effectively controlling HIV, TB, malaria and COVID-19 response is very important,” he said.

“For us in TB, community level is the operational level for TB. It is at this level that we were told In a previous survey carried out in 2012 on TB, that 75 per cent of the TB cases that we are not detecting are in the community and we don’t know them.

“We need to increase our collaborative activities to ensure that we are able to detect cases.


“We are happy that some key civil society organisations are already working at the community level, but we are hoping that there will be a more integrated civil society organisations because we are still not doing well in TB detection at the community level, particularly because of COVID-19 pandemic,” Dr. Ayodele, said.

“TB is a major public health problem in many parts of the world, one third of people estimated to have it in Nigeria are either not reached for diagnosis and treatment by the current health systems,” said Chijioke Osakwe , national community TB Taskforce.

“For those patients who are identified, TB is often diagnosed and treated late,” he added.

According to Osakwe, the role of communities and community based organisations cannot be overempahsised especially in finding missing TB cases and treatment.


“Lockdown and fear of COVID-19 reduced hospital attendance by almost 50 percent. Some facilities closed down as a result of infection of health workers with COVID-19, while diagnostic efforts reduced significantly.

“It is advisable for a wider range of stakeholders already involved in community-based activities to be engaged in order to reach the unreached and to find TB patients early in the course of their ailment,” he said.

However, ending the TB epidemic by 2030 is among the health targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Nigeria ranks first in Africa with the highest number of TB , according to the Global Report of 2019.

Nigeria is still missing 302,467 TB cases out of over 409,000 cases expected to be identified, which implies a large potential for continuous transmission of the disease in the country.


“Community Based Organisations (CBOs) should be engaged in the local government areas to implement and find missing TB cases and there is therefore the need to strengthen the integration and functioning of community steering committees in the various programs, create enabling environments and advocacy, form community networks, linkages, partnerships and coordination, and improve resources and capacity building,” said Osakwe.

In other to change the approach in tackling the prevalence of TB, Bethrand Odume , executive director of KNCV TB Foundation Nigeria said Nigeria need to begin to work with the partners that are already rooted within the community.

According to Odume; “COVID-19 actually made us rethink our strategy and now we are focusing more on community-based interventions because due to the outbreak, all the parameters for TB interventions decreased to an average of 60 percent across the entire TB cascade.

“I think that we really need to partner with the CSOs that are already rooted since we started moving into the communities.”


“Various programmes need to be integrated to implement uniform activities in the communities instead of working in silos. CBOs/CSOs are better suited for CSS because they present in the community and interact with community members. They react quickly to community needs and issues and provide direct services to communities and advocate for improved programming and policy environments,” Osakwe added.

On some of the roles and benefits of community involvement in TB projects, Osakwe said that the community played a role in collecting samples from patients and in giving drugs, noting that they can also ensure adherence and help in ensuring initiation of treatment.

“Health interventions by communities are cost effective. Many of the community members have passion for the project and they know the people. They have greater acceptability.’’

He also emphasised on the need to be involved in design and implementation but most important, there must be an agreement with CBOs on what they can actually do in the communities.


Emperor Ubochioma, Programme Management Team, NTBLCP/Global Fund, said that CSS was based on community interventions that are critically looking into issues, stating that integrating services with other areas and entities working on malaria, HIV and even those currently working on COVID-19 are essential for us to implement.

According to Ubochioma, if we want to look at health outcomes, we must look at the approach where the communities are involved in issues of designing the programmes, delivering them and also participate in monitoring and evaluating those services and activities.

“It becomes very vital that every person in the community should be engaged. It is imperative that during our planning and strategic process, all entities and all those involved at all levels should participate to ensure that things are carried out appropriately.”


Gist+: Girl who gets 9 A’s in WAEC meets with Gov Lalong, secure scholarship


The Plateau State Coordinator on SDGs, Mr. Sam Damla, led the family of Ulan to the government house situated in little Rayfield to meet with the governor.

Sylvia Ulan Andrew has again proven herself to be worthy of excellence as she smashes this year’s WASSCE in flying colors.

After the release of the results of the West African Examination Council exams, Sylvia Ulan, a Plateau State indigene and student of Premier Academy, Lugbe Abuja, got all nine As in her result.


Raised by a single parent, Sylvia’s father died even before she was born and therefore she was raised single-handedly by her mother.

During her Primary education, she passed the National Common Entrance exam with ace and this got her a scholarship from Shell Petroleum Development Company.

Six years after her studies in Premier Academy, Abuja, she has yet again achieved an academic excellence of a higher order as she made all As in her WAEC result.

Amazingly, she has been offered another scholarship. The scholarship came from her state governor the executive governor of Plateau State, Barr. Simon Bako Lalong. Sylvia Ulan will now have the opportunity to study her dream course, Chemical Engineering.


Governor Simon Bako Lalong was pleased and happy to receive her. He stated that he wasn’t surprise because there lies abundant talents like hers in Plateau State. The governor however was proud of her and congratulated her for the feat and praised her mother for raising her.

Sylvia Ulan Andrew who hails from Bokkos Local Government Area of the State was overwhelmed with joy and thanked the governor and his wife for their warm reception. She promised not to disappoint him and the people of Plateau State as this is a privilege and dream come true for her.


Economist debate price war against imported rice


The economic expert said the high cost of rice in some parts of Nigeria was not caused by any government but as a result of lack of honesty, greed and inordinate ambition of some Nigerians.

An economist, Prof. AbdulGafar ljaya, has called for a price war against imported rice.

Ijaya, who teaches economics at the University of llorin, made the call on Monday in llorin in an interview with the Noble Reporters Media

He said the price war would crash the price at which smuggled rice is being sold in Nigeria,

The don, who was reacting to the more than N30,000 which a bag of rice is sold in llorin and some other parts of the country, noted that with a price war the price of the rice would drop and affordable.

“There must be a price war to crash the price of imported rice being smuggled into our country so that the downtrodden can afford it,” ljaya said.


He noted that the Federal government had spent so much to improve the local production of rice which, he said, was being ridiculed by some unpatriotic Nigerians.

“Some traders will travel to the northern part of the country to buy rice at cheap price only to re-bag it in bags with foreign names and later sell them at triple the price,’’ he said.

Ijaya called for attitudinal change, discipline, patriotism, honesty to allow the price war against imported, smuggled rice to succeed.

He advised Nigerians to always patronise “Made-in-Nigeria’’ goods to enhance the nation’s economic growth and development.


US Election: Donald Trump must accept defeat now – TB Joshua spills


Trump was soundly defeated by President-elect, Joe Biden, but he has refused to accept the outcome of the poll, alleging that the poll was rigged in favour of Biden.

Founder, Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua has said President Donald Trump should accept his defeat at the US election.

But Joshua, in one of his sermons, said elections in any democratic country should never be about one person as the country is bigger than any single individual.

Though he did not mention the name of Trump, the SCOAN founder was ostensibly referring to Trump who feels he is bigger than the US and has refused to accept the reality that he was soundly defeated at the poll by Biden.

According to Joshua, on his twitter handle, whatever happened, losers of elections must accept the outcome and then look to the future.


In his words: “Politics, campaigns and elections in any democratic country in the world are never about one person; it is about the country we care for and love.

“Whatever happens, we must accept the outcome and then look to the future – to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Don’t forget – democracy is all about accommodation.

“All democrats must value the process of democracy more than the product.”

Joshua had earlier predicted the outcome of the US poll, which seems to favour Biden, because he said he had something else to say, but after a new US president has been inaugurated.


Chloroquine: Doctor set to face charges over this..


On Thursday, the Order confirmed it had given the go-ahead for a disciplinary hearing after reviewing the complaints against Raoult. A hearing will likely only take place next year.

A controversial French professor who touts the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment — without evidence, scientists say — will appear before a disciplinary panel charged with ethics breaches, an order of doctors said Thursday.

Marseille-based Didier Raoult stands accused by his peers of spreading false information about the benefits of the drug.

His promotion of hydroxychloroquine was taken up by US and Brazilian presidents Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, who trumpeted its unproven benefits in a way critics say put people’s lives at risk.

No clinical trials have yet found in favour of using hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19, and critics say that due to potentially serious side effects, treating coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine is worse than no treatment at all.

In June, the British-led Recovery trial team said that hydroxychloroquine does nothing to reduce coronavirus mortality.


A group representing 500 specialists of France’s Infectious Diseases Society (SPILF) filed a complaint with the national Order of Doctors of the Bouche-du-Rhone department, which includes Marseille, in July.

They accused Raoult of breaking nine rules of the doctors’ code of ethics.

Other doctors and patients have also lodged complaints.

Raoult’s lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio confirmed they had received notice of the decision, but insisted his client would be cleared.


If found guilty, Raoult could be fined, merely warned, or barred from practising.

Raoult, who heads the infectious diseases department of La Timone hospital in Marseille, said in March that his study of 80 patients showed “favourable” outcomes in four out of five treated with hydroxychloroquine.

But his peers insist there is no scientific evidence to back up the claim.

French President Emmanuel Macron visited the colourful scientist with shoulder-length blond hair and a grey beard on April 9 at the height of the pandemic, when the French were observing strict stay-at-home rules.