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More than 30 French studies under way into COVID-19 treatment.

More than 30 studies are under way in France — of a world total of 860 — in search of drugs to treat the COVID-19 disease sweeping the world, infectologist Florence Ader said Sunday.

The research is “extremely active” in France involving some 1,600 patients, Ader told a news conference.

Ader heads up a study dubbed Discovery in collaboration with several other European countries, with researchers conducting clinical trials of four potential treatments including the controversial hydroxychloroquine.

Of some 3,200 patients in Europe, at least 800 are in France. All are in hospital and severely ill with COVID-19.

Around the world some 150 projects seek to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. France’s prestigious Institut Pasteur will carry out trials on humans by this summer, Ader said.


Griezmann and the Red Cross team up against coronavirus with Pogba

Antoine Griezmann has collaborated with the Red Cross to raise funds for the fight against coronavirus.

The Frenchman will go live on Twitch, playing video games and carrying out a series of activities, with the participation of Manchester United’s midfielder Paul Pogba.

His 24-hour marathon will kick off on Friday and the money raised will be donated to the French Red Cross.


French virus doctor receive surprise visit from President Macron.

President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday held a surprise meeting with the Marseille-based French medical professor who has caused controversy within the country’s scientific community for insisting the anti-malaria drug chloroquine can beat the coronavirus.

Professor Didier Raoult met Macron at his specialised infectious diseases hospital in Marseille, in a visit that was not announced in advance, the French presidency said.

The meeting lasted three and a half hours and, unusually, media were allowed no access.

The findings of Raoult, a prominent figure in France with shoulder-length blond hair and a grey beard, have divided opinion, with some hailing him as a saviour but others deriding his work as fake.

The Elysee has said that Macron intends to consult a broad spectrum of voices before giving his third address to the nation on the coronavirus epidemic on Monday.

A French presidential official insisted that the meeting did not represent any kind of “recognition” of the professor’s methods ahead of his speech on Monday.

“The president wants to take into account all the tests and studies, including those of professor Raoult. It is not for him (Macron) to settle the debate, this must be done by scientists,” added the official.

‘Strong legitimisation’
Macron is expected to announce that a lockdown that began on March 17 will be further extended beyond April 15, and further measures amid a persistently grim daily death toll, but also signs of gradual improvement.

Raoult has claimed that a new study he has conducted confirms chloroquine’s “efficiency” at combatting the virus.

He was expected to share the findings at the meeting with Macron who has yet to publicly share his opinion on the controversy.

Frederic Dabi, deputy director general of polling firm Ifop, said Macron was seeking to show he was consulting a broad body of opinion.

It is a “way of controlling the comments of Didier Raoult because now he cannot say no one ever listened to him” while also a “strong legitimisation” of a figure who remains hugely controversial.

Raoult, whose theory has been taken up by US President Donald Trump, said his new study of 80 patients showed that four out of five of those treated with the drug had “favourable” outcomes.

He had earlier reported that after treating 24 patients for six days with hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin, the virus disappeared in all but a quarter of them.

The research has not yet been peer reviewed nor formally published in a medical journal.

France on Thursday reported its first fall in the number of patients in intensive care suffering from COVID-19 since the coronavirus epidemic began, with 82 fewer people in intensive care units compared with the day earlier.

The total combined death toll in hospitals and nursing homes now stands at 12,210


Coronavirus: 200 French people stranded in China ..

The daughter of a Chinese tourist who is seriously ill in a Paris hospital has become the fifth person in France to be confirmed with the coronavirus, officials said Wednesday.

Her 80-year-old father was the fourth confirmed case in France of the new coronavirus that has killed more than 100 people since it emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December.

“A fifth case has been detected,” Health Minister Agnes Buzyn told a news briefing.

“It’s the daughter of the Chinese tourist who was hospitalised recently in intensive care in a serious condition,” Buzyn added.

The woman in her thirties, “whose condition has worsened, who needs oxygen,” has also been placed in intensive care, Buzyn said.

The minister said a first plane was due to fly Wednesday evening to Wuhan, the epicentre in China, to repatriate 200 French people stranded there.


23 years old French player, Nathael Julan died in car accident

A young French striker has died in an accident at the age of 23

Nathael Julan, who last played as a forward for the French club Guingamp, died in a car crash after a training section on Friday, January 3, 2020.

The French Ligue 2 announced the sad news on social media with a statement, which reads: “L’En Avant Guingamp is in mourning,” said the club. “The club had the immense pain to learn this afternoon of the accidental death of its player Nathael Julan.

“On this tragic day, all members of the club join together to express their sad condolences to Nathael’s family.”

The club didn’t give further details as they only revealed he died in a car crash after a training session.

Nathael Julan

French striker Nathael Julan, 23, dies in car crash in France

Nathael Julan was raised at Le Havre where he made his professional debut in Ligue 2 in 2015. He made 42 appearances for Le Havre, scoring nine goals, before joining Guingamp in January 2018 when they were in Ligue 1.

The striker was later loaned to Valenciennes in January last year and returned to Guingamp in June, before they were relegated to French Ligue 2 last season.



(Video) After surviving injury, French Montana show off his new Bugatti.

French Montana has splashed $1.5million on a new supercar just weeks after he was discharged from hospital after suffering severe stomach pains, nausea, and an increased heart rate.

The 34-year-old American-Moroccan rapper took to Instagram to show off his new blue Bugatti which was delivered to his house in Las Vegas.

In the video, French Montana labeled the vehicle as a ‘lil gift’ to himself and that ‘a boss move like a boss and taste like a boss’.

‘FRESH OUT OF ICU WOKE UP IN THAT BUGATTI!’ the rapper captioned the video.


Claudine, James Bond Movie Star died at 78

Claudine Auger, the French actress best known for her role as a Bond Girl “Domino” in 007 film ‘Thunderball’ is dead at the age of 78.

Auger who featured in the 1965 James Bond movie ‘Thunderball’ alongside Sean Connery, died at her home in Paris last Thursday.

James Bond star, Claudine Auger dies at 78

The first French star, began her career as a model and represented France at the 1958 Miss World competition. She took acting lessons at that time and got small film roles including 1962 film The Iron Mask, about the Three Musketeers.

During her career in the movie industry, she appeared in French, Italian and English speaking films. Her last role was in 1997 French TV movie The Red and The Black, as Madame de Fervaques.


No stylist – French Montana ft. Drake. (MP3 Download & Lyrics) >> N.Rs


French Montana steps out official with “No Stylist” a collaboration with Drake.

In his verse, Drake continues to fan the flames of his beef with Kanye West.

French first had dropped a teaser of No Stylist on Twitter, August 19, 2018. The song was previewed at Tao Downtown nightclub in New York City on August 21, 2018 and eventually got released today on Beats 1 Radio and Apple Music.

Mp3 Download

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Download No stylist remix with Quavo

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Yeah, louder
Hey, hey
I’m in London, got my beat from London
Iced out (stylist), no stylist (stylist)
New Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci bag (huh, ha)
Lifestyle (stylist), no stylist (stylist)
Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, that’s on you (ha)
Diamonds on my neck, frozen tears (tears)
Hoppin’ out the jet, Lears (Lear)
Bad bitches gettin’ wet, here
Yeah, don’t call me ’til the checks clear (clear)
Fuck they talkin’ ’bout? Fast talk, runnin’ laps
Now I’m not playin’ that shit
French Vanilla, sippin’ on, Lear jets pickin’ up
Hong Kong, Morocco, I’m here
No stylist
And I ain’t playin’ with these bitches, they childish (ha)
Yeah, look around, they quiet
She said I ain’t got no heart, bitch, find it
Iced out (stylist), no stylist (stylist)
New Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci bag (huh, louder)
Lifestyle (stylist), no stylist (stylist)
Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, that’s on you (ha)
Diamonds on my neck, frozen tears (tears)
Hoppin’ out the jet, Lear (Lear)
Bad bitches gettin’ wet, here
Yeah, don’t call me ’til the checks clear (clear)
I got the game in a squeeze
Who disagree? I wanna see one of y’all run up a B
Yeah, two open seats, we flyin’ at 7 and packed for the beach
Yeah, keepin’ it G, I told her don’t wear no 350s ’round me
Iced out, no stylist
No Chanel, Nike track, doin’ road with some waps
And that’s Capo in the back, and that’s swole in the back
Don’t need Gucci on my back, TV Gucci got my back
Don’t know where y’all niggas at, I’ve been here, I’ve been back
In Delilah, word to Zack, I need action, that’s a fact
Iced out, no stylist (stylist)
New Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci bag (huh, ha)
Lifestyle, no stylist
Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, that’s on you (ha)
Diamonds on my neck, frozen tears (tears)
Hoppin’ out the jet, Lear (Lear)
Bad bitches gettin’ wet, here
Yeah, don’t call me ’til the checks clear (clear)
Iced out, no stylist (stylist)
New Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci bag (huh, ha)
Lifestyle, no stylist (stylist)
Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, that’s on you (ha)
No stylist
No stylist

Credit: Video


Writing on the wall – French Montana Ft. Post Malone, Cardi B (MP3 Download & Lyrics) >> N.Rs


French Montana gifts us a new hit song today titled Writing On The Wall featuring Cardi B & Post Malone.

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Posty (haaan)

From the block, now we snipin’ on the yachts like Somalians (uh-huh)
Egyptian cloth on my body, diamonds like 6ix9ine hair (hair)
And we comin’ through the back, we don’t go to the concierge
Now that boy run fashion, Cardi in that Fashion Nova gear (haan)
We started the wave, now everybody lookin’ the same
Tell me how you want it (whoa)
Shorty buss’ it down, give us the money, keep the crown
Tell me how you want it
I been around the globe in the Global Express
Ten O’s in my net worth, yeah (haan)
Neck work, then the leg work (work)
We’re the stars like the network (Montana)

You see the writing on the wall
Hold onto me and I’ma hold you
You see the writing on the wall
I’ll bring it back, bring it back, yeah

Got a lil’ mama in my telephone, she jumpin’ all up on me yo (ayy)
Hoes all in my section, I don’t want ’em, kick them bitches out like “vamanos” (ayy, ayy, ayy)
We can work it out, lil’ mama, all we need is just a little cardio (ayy)
Yeah, she the type of woman if we cannot do it, I will catch a body for (ooh yeah, yeah)
Call my accountant, bought my bitch new Beamer, she whip 7 Series, yeah (ooh yeah, yeah)
I spend whatever, girl, I do whatever to show you I’m serious (ooh yeah, yeah)
That sound familiar, they just talkin’ shit because they feel inferior
Ooh yeah, that’s just how we go

You see the writing on the wall
Hold onto me and I’ma hold you
You see the writing on the wall
I’ll bring it back, bring it back, yeah

All the millions make ’em horny, Montana
Cardi, we the hottest out the South Bronx, yeah
Made me holla’ for a dollar, got my makeup on your collar
You’ll be callin’ me tomorrow, yeah
And my diamonds like water, you’ll be callin’ me tomorrow
Then them dress gettin’ shorter (uh huh)
Make you push a little harder, little faster, little deeper (skrr skrr)
‘Fore I promise I be keepin’ ya

Said it’s all about the level up, booty like a Jell-O cup
Bitches hella’ jealous, wishin’ it was them instead of us
I done got hot, dog, relish she ain’t catchin’ up
Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Balenciaga, I got Margiela, ah
Standin’ ovation, the broad of the nation
Me and babe racin’ the Wraiths, we adjacent
Wish that we could take them rumors to the bank (to the bank)
We don’t have no more room inside the safe (woo, woo)
But I’ma ball it like an athlete, tap it like it’s jazz-feet
Hold the door for me, then pop me on the ass cheek
Ain’t too rich to get it poppin’ in the backseat
Next time you want another bitch, you better ask me, ah
Ike and Tina that ass, you better take a bitch to Nordstrom and Nieman as fast
And now we’re rollin’ down the freeway, talkin’ ’bout a threeway
Started workin’ out, but he gon’ eat me on his cheat day off

You see the writing on the wall
Hold onto me and I’ma hold you
You see the writing on the wall
I’ll bring it back, bring it back, yeah

La-la-la, la-la-la
La-la-la (okurr) ohh
La-la-la (what you want?)
La-la-la, ohh

Credit: Video


Rapper, French Montana announce new album release date as he shares new photo.

French Montana has given his fans updates concerning his health and forthcoming album.

The 35-year-old American-Moroccan rapper announced that his anticipated MONTANA album is set for release on Friday (Dec. 6).

Sharing a photo of himself doing push-ups in his hospital room, he wrote: “CANT KEEP ME DOWN !! Been workin hard on my new album and I’m so proud to announce it’s coming THIS FRIDAY !!! #MONTANA The music is keepin my spirit alive. THANK YOU to my fans, love y’all for ridin with me thru this journey.”

French Montana was rushed to the hospital on Thursday, November 21, after he experienced severe stomach pains, nausea, and an increased heart rate.

Sources close to the rapper said they believe his health scare could be a result of him being exposed to contaminated food following his recent visit to his birth country, Morocco, where he celebrated his 35th birthday.


French fan wave flags to cheer as UEFA set to sell 1 Million tickets for Euro 2020.

One million tickets for Euro 2020 will go on sale to supporters in December, UEFA confirmed on Saturday ahead of the draw for the tournament in Bucharest.

While the format of the tournament, with 12 cities across the continent hosting matches, has come in for criticism, UEFA reported “very strong demand” for tickets when they first went on sale in June and July this year.

A total of 19.3 million requests were made for the 1.5 million tickets on sale during that period, out of a total of three million.

The latest wave of tickets will go on sale to supporters of the 20 teams who have already qualified from Wednesday, December 4 at 1300 GMT up until December 18 for a competition that will begin in Rome on June 12 and conclude with the final in London on July 12.

In between, matches will be played from Bilbao and Dublin to Saint Petersburg and to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

“We said that this Euro will have a different flavour, a European flavour, and we want to take this festival all over Europe,” UEFA’s deputy general secretary, Giorgio Marchetti, said at a press conference.

“That is why we are not afraid and the big success of ticket sales earlier this year demonstrates that people have a real appetite and real desire for this tournament.”

The cheapest tickets will cost 30 euros ($33) for games in Baku, Bucharest and Budapest, and 50 euros elsewhere.

Meanwhile, UEFA expressed hope that the tournament will not be marred by incidents of racism such as those during England’s win in Bulgaria in qualifying in October.

“In our experience, the Euro has been always a very festive event, at least within the stadiums, so we are confident this atmosphere will take priority over stupid and sometimes criminal things which from time to time happen in football,” said Marchetti.

If needed, UEFA will stick to their so-called three-step procedure to help officials deal with racist incidents in stadiums.

The procedure first involves announcements being made within stadiums asking supporters to stop any racist behaviour. If that fails, referees can suspend games and take players off the pitch, before abandoning matches as a last resort.