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Hilarious: Funke Akindele Rocks Trending Corona Hairstyle. (Photo)

Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele has flaunted her new hairstyle just days after such was described as corona hairstyle by an international media house.

The hairstyle which has been around in Africa for a long time has suddenly become a trend due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The corona hairstyle makes the wearer’s head look like the depiction of COVID-19 which has killed thousands across the globe.


A Kenyan hairdresser, Sharon Refa told Associated Press: “Some grown-ups don’t believe that the coronavirus is real, but then most young children appear keen to sanitise their hands and wear masks,” she said.

“So many adults do not do this, and that is why we came up with the ‘corona hairstyle”.


Margret Adenya who rocks the corona hairstyle stated that it’s a cheap alternative to expensive hairstyles.

“This hairstyle is much more affordable for people like me who cannot afford to pay for the more expensive hairstyles out there and yet we want our kids to look stylish,” said Margaret.

A mother, Mariam Rashid, 26, said “Covid-19 has destroyed the economy, taken our jobs from us, and now money is scarce.


‘I, therefore, decided to have my child’s hair done up like this at an affordable 50 shillings, and she looks good.

“The hairstyle also helps in communicating with the public about the virus,” she added.

Funke Akindele rocks Corona hairstyle

Without concern about the new name the hairstyle bears, Funke Akindele shared a picture showing her rocking it.


She captioned the picture with hashtags #ajankokolo #puffpuff which shows the original name of the hairstyle.

She wrote: “Hair on lockdown! #ajankokolo #puffpuff #iamnotmyhair #borrowmehair #jenifasdiary #sceneonetv #funkeakindele #funkeakindelebello”.



I and my partner don’t have sex in relationship – Former Jenifa’s Diary 3 Actress.

Jenifa’s Diary actress, Juliana Oloyede has revealed that there is nothing like s*x in the relationship between her and her partner.

In an Instagram live chat, the actress stated that people find it hard to believe that relationship without s*x can exists.

According to Juliana Oloye who revealed that she’s not a virgin, she decided to embark on a s*xual purity journey after she realized that she could change and make things right again.

She said, “Some of us that are promoting this movement are not virgins.


“In my book, I told people I’m not a virgin. I lost my virginity to my music teacher, that’s a long story that I don’t even want to go into.

“That’s why it was so much of a controversy when I said that I am an advocate of s*xual purity.

“Because it dawned on me that just because you made a particular mistake doesn’t mean you can’t change.


“When I tell people that I’m in a relationship in which we don’t have sx, they are like ‘you don’t have sx? What are you even doing there?’.

“People feel like it is impossible to be in a relationship leading to marriage and not have s*x”.



How Funke Akindele handle community service question from troll will shock you.


Actress Funke Akindele has refused to disclose how far she has gone with the community service duty she was sentenced to by a court in Lagos.

Funke Akindele bagged the sentence after she threw a party at her Ibeju Lekki residence with singer Naira Marley and over 50 people present.

The actress was arrested after a social media outcry over the likelihood of a spread of coronavirus due to the flouting of the restriction order in Lagos by the actress’s decision to throw a party with that much guests.

A Twitter user who is yet to forget about the whole incident decided to find out if she has completed the sentence she was given.


He tweeted: “Lady, have you finished your community duty?”

Funke Akindele responded by using a Yoruba term to describe his poke nosing attitude. She said, “Elenu gboro”.



[Nigeria] Don Jazzy Reveal His Respect For Funke Akindele. #WCW

Don Jazzy has applauded actress Funke Akindele-Bello for owning up to her mistake after her faceoff with the Lagos state government.

Recall that the actress and her hubby, JJC Skillz, were arraigned before an Ogba Magistrate court by the state government for holding a house party in their Amen estate home on April 5 despite the social distancing order. Funke acknowledged her mistake and thereafter apologised to Nigerians.

In a post shared this morning, Don Jazzy says he has more respect for her for making such a mistake and owning up to it.

‘‘#WCW I have always admired your talent and hard work but I have more respect for you now as a person. You made a mistake and you owned it. This takes courage and you have shown all of us that you are courageous. As humans, we must make mistakes. Only God is perfect. My prayer everyday is that I don’t make a mistake that will cost me my life or reputation.

You have made yours and the whole world has seen. Thankfully, it didn’t cost you your life or anyone else’s. Just a tiny reputational damage that in my opinion you have already restored because you have paid the price with jara on top. If you dey shame, stop am o, because as TuBaba talk, “nobody holy pass”. I pray that henceforth, you continue to be the good example that you have always been to us all. Amen. One more thing, I don dey act now o. Tenks! #IDJA cc @funkejenifaakindele” he wrote


All of you are mad – Peter Okoye blast Funke Akindele, JJC, others over disobeying STAY-AT-HOME measure.

Following Funke Akindele and her husband’s prosecution, Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye has expressed his bitterness at the way the case was judged at the court.

Recall with NobleReporters that Funke Akindele and her husband, JJC was taken to court on 7th of April, 2020 after being arrested for flouting the lockdown directive.

They were fined N100,000 naira each and sentenced to community service for 14 days.

Moments after the sentence, Paul Okoye in a live video stated that all police and journalists at the court room also flouted the same rule they were sentencing Funke Akindele and her husband for.

Paul in his words, described the police and journalists as “fools and idiots”. He also said “all of them are supposed to pay 1 million naira each and go to 10 years in jail”.


Nigerian lawyer argue why Funke Akindele, others conviction cannot stand in law.

A Nigerian lawyer has explained why Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz’s conviction for violating a lockdown order issued by the Lagos state government, cannot stand in law.

Recall that we reported earlier that the couple were handed a fine of N100,000 each and also sentenced to 14 days community service, three hours per day excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Constitutional Lawyer, Inibehe Effiong who reacted to the development pointed out the flaws in the law which aided the conviction.

He wrote;

Why The Conviction Of Funke Akindele Cannot Stand In Law


The trial and conviction of actress Funke Akindele and her husband is legally flawed. The fact that they pleaded guilty does not foreclose a discussion on the case because the flaws that I intend to highlight are constitutional and jurisdictional in nature. Issues of jurisdiction can be raised at any time.

I have read the following: The Charge Sheet filed by the office of the Attorney General of Lagos State against Funke and her husband; the Public Health Law Cap. P16 Vol. 9 Laws of Lagos State, 2015; and the Lagos State Infectious Disease (Emergency Prevention) Regulations 2020.

I submit that Funke Akindele and her husband (the defendants) were convicted for a non-existent offence. The charge sheet shows that the two defendants were arraigned on a one count charge for gathering with more than twenty persons contrary “to the social distancing directives of Mr. Governor of Lagos State.”


The charge sheet against the defendants also state that the said social distancing directive contravened by the defendants was issued by the Governor in line with the regulations made by the Governor pursuant to the Public Health Law. In other words, the defendants were not charged under the Quarantine Act.

They were charged under Section 58 of the Public Health Law of Lagos State. For clarity, Section 58 of the Public Health Law cited in the charge sheet provides as follows:

“For any contravention of the provisions of this Law or any Regulation made under this Law for which no other penalty is provided, the offender commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000.00) or to any non-custodial sentence and if a corporate body, to a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000.00).”

The defendants were convicted for gathering with more than twenty persons. The material question is: is it an offence under the Public Health Law or Infectious Disease Regulations to do so? There is no provision under the Public Health Law or Infectious Disease Regulations that makes gathering with more than twenty persons a criminal offence.

The Infectious Disease Regulations purport to give the Governor the power to issue the social distancing directive. The legal defect in the directive on gathering is that it cannot be the basis for criminal liability. A subsidiary legislation like the Infectious Disease (Emergency Prevention) Regulations 2020 derives its authority and validity from a substantive law (the principal legislation). The regulations cannot extend such authority.

Since the Quarantine Act and the Public Health Law of Lagos State specifically limit offences to contravention of regulations made by the governor, it is outright illegality to charge Funke Akindele and her husband for contravening a directive of the Governor (which is outside the regulations itself). See Din V. Attorney-General of the Federation (1988) 4 NWLR (Pt.87) 147.

An act or omission is only a crime if it is so prescribed in a written law. By virtue of Section 36 (12) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended), every person is guaranteed the fundamental right not to be convicted unless the offence is defined and the penalty is prescribed in a written law. It states as follows:

“Subject as otherwise provided by this Constitution, a person shall not be convicted of a criminal offence unless that offence is defined and the penalty therefor is prescribed in a written law, and in this subsection, a written law refers to an Act of the National Assembly or a Law of a State, any subsidiary legislation or instrument under the provisions of a law.”

Let me reiterate that the Governor’s social distancing directive that restrict gathering in Lagos State which the defendants purportedly contravened is not an Act of the National Assembly, or a Law of the Lagos State House of Assembly, neither is it a subsidiary legislation or an instrument under the provisions of the law.

Therefore, by the authority of Section 36 (12) of the Constitution, and the Supreme Court decision in Aoko V. Fagbemi & Ors. (1961) 1 All NLR 400, the conviction of Funke Akindele and her husband is unconstitutional.

As I contended earlier, there is no provision in the Public Health Law of Lagos State or the Infectious Disease Regulations that makes a gathering of more than twenty persons or any gathering for that matter a criminal offence.

Regulation 8(1)(a) of the Infectious Disease (Emergency Prevention) Regulations 2020 cited in the charge sheet against the defendants provides thus:

8(1) “The Governor may –

(a) restrict or prohibit the gathering of persons in the Local Area, such as conferences, meetings, festivals, private events, religious services, public visits, and such other events, save where the written approval of the Governor is obtained for such gathering.”

The above provision does not codify any offence. It only empowers the governor to restrict or prohibit gathering. The Infectious Disease Regulations 2020 should have expressly and specifically prescribed that gathering is restricted and prohibited in Lagos State before it can be relied upon to convict a violator in line with Section 36 (12) of the Constitution.

Since neither the Public Health Law of Lagos State nor the Infectious Disease Regulations has prescribed that gathering is an offence, the purported directive of Governor Sanwo-Olu remains an advisory.

The Court of Appeal in the case of Faith Okafar V. Governor of Lagos State & Anor. (2016) LPELR-41066 (CA) made it abundantly clear that the directive or order of a governor is not a law and that violation of same cannot result in criminal liability.


The Infectious Disease Regulations was made by Governor Sanwo-Olu pursuant to Section 8 of the Quarantine Act Cap. Q2 LFN 2004 and the Public Health Law of Lagos State. However, Section 8 of the Quarantine Act only empowers the governor to make such regulations where the President fails to do so.

On 30th March, 2020, President Buhari issued the COVID-19 Regulations. In his regulations, the President made specific provisions restricting movement and imposing a lockdown in Lagos State. By the constitutional doctrine of covering the field, the regulations made by Governor Sanwo-Olu went into abeyance the moment the regulations made by President Buhari came into effect. Both cannot coexist.

The doctrine of covering the field was applied in the case of Attorney General of Ogun State V. Attorney General of the Federation (1982) 1-2 S.C. (Reprint) 7. where the Supreme Court per Fatayi-Williams, JSC, declared that the Public Order Act 1979 repealed all existing State laws on public order.


It should be further noted that under Section 53 of the Lagos State Public Health Law, the power to make regulations pursuant to that law is expressly vested in the Commissioner for Health; not in the governor. This raises more serious legal questions on the validity of the Infectious Disease Regulations issued by the governor.


Section 1 (1) of the Regulations Approval Law Chapter R4 Laws of Lagos State 2015 unequivocally provides as follows:

“Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in any Law in the State, no regulation shall have effect unless laid before and approved by the House of Assembly.”

Section 3 of the Regulations Approval Law further mandate that “all regulations made pursuant to the provisions of any enactment in the State shall be published in the Official Gazette after its approval by the House of Assembly.”

The inescapable consequence of the above condition stipulated in Section 1 (1) of the Regulations Approval Law is that the Infectious Disease (Emergency Prevention) Regulations 2020 issued by Governor Sanwo-Olu to tackle coronavirus pandemic has not taken effect since it is yet to be laid before and approved by the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Since the charge against the defendants was brought under a regulation that has not been approved by the House of Assembly as required by law, the entire case – from the charge sheet, to arraignment, conviction and sentencing of Funke and her husband, is a nullity.

We cannot put something on nothing. This singular point is enough to nullify the conviction.


Apart from the above legal flaws, the punishment imposed on the defendants by the trial court is clearly overreaching and illegal. Section 58 of the Public Health Law of Lagos State under which Funke Akindele and her husband were convicted provides for only two forms of punishment. It provides as follows:

“For any contravention of the provisions of this Law or any Regulation made under this Law for which no other penalty is provided, the offender commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000.00) or to any non-custodial sentence and if a corporate body, to a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000.00).”

The trial court sentenced Funke Akindele and her husband to 14 days community service each, to start from 9.00am to 12 noon each day during which they are to sensitize the public on the COVID-19 pandemic in ten major areas of the state. They are also to pay a fine of N100, 000 each after which they would observe the period for isolation.

The implication of the expression “OR” as used in Section 58 of the Public Health Law is that the court can either impose a fine or a non-custodial sentence; the trial court cannot impose both.

The 14 days community service cum public enlightenment and the self-isolation imposed on Funke Akindele and her husband can be regarded as a non-custodial sentence. It was wrong for the trial court to additionally impose a fine of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100, 000.00) on each of the defendants.

Continue reading Nigerian lawyer argue why Funke Akindele, others conviction cannot stand in law.

Nkechi Blessing react to Funke Akindele’s arrest – says…

…you can never be wrong in my sight

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has taken to her social media handle to react to the recent sentencing of her colleague, Funke Akindele.

Recall with NobleReporters that Funke Akindele-Bello was arrested, charge, pleaded guilty and sentenced by a Lagos Court over the house party hosted in her house to celebrate her husband’s birthday on Saturday at their Amen Estate residence.

The actress apologized and explained the reasons behind her action after she received heavy bashing online.

Taking to Instagram, her Nollywood colleague, Nkechi Blessing shared a photo of her colleague with the caption;

“In my own eyes, you can never be wrong🙏🏻 After all the explanation? It’s well✌…Love and light Maami



He who has obeyed ‘total lockdown’ 100% should cast first stone – Uti back Funke Akindele, JJC, others.

Uti Nwachukwu has slammed ”hypocrites ” while reacting to the arrest of Funke Akindele-Bello who was picked up by authorities on Sunday for holding a party during the Coronavirus lockdown in Lagos.

The media personality said those who have obeyed lockdown 100% should cast the first stone, while noting that ‘the same ones admiring you are the same people that clamour for your persecution at the slightest misstep.’

Uti also pleaded with Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to fine and release the actress after she and her husband Abdulrasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz, pleaded guilty to the one count charge of defiling the orders of the Lagos state government on public gatherings and social distancing.

He wrote: ‘#freefunkeakindele .NIGERIA: the same ones screaming I love u! The same ones Begging you for help , the same ones admiring you ARE THE SAME PEOPLE That clamour for your persecution at the slightest misstep.’

one of the first lessons I learnt early : don’t fall for most of the praises of the ones that claim they are FANS! Unless tried and tested . They ache to see you fall from grace !! But not this time!! STAND STONG FUNKE! .

He who has obeyed this SHUTDOWN 100% should cast the First stone …She has apologised … She has even tweeted that she is broken , if that that doesn’t scream remorse I don’t know why else would

H.E @jidesanwoolu Please Please Please impose a Fine and Free #freejenifa


N6 react to Funke Akindele’s arrest – says, she must serve her punishment.

Media personality, Nnamdi Nwabasili, aka N6, has disagreed with those asking that Funke Akindele be shown mercy following her arrest.

The actress and her husband, JJC Skillz, appeared in court today where they pleaded guilty after Funke defied the Coronavirus lockdown to throw a party for her husband.

Afterwards, Nigerians took to Instagram and Twitter to plead for the authorities to show mercy to the much-loved actress.

Daddy Freeze took to Instagram to acknowledge that Funke did wrong but he stated that she has apologized and asked the authorities to “temper justice with mercy.”

However, N6 did not agree and he pointed out that Funke “must face” this “punishment” as she “contravened the law”. He added that “as an ambassador” she should “have known better”.

He said he loves Funke, JJC and everyone involved but their actions put people at risk. He said it also didn’t help that JJC went to Instagram Live a day after “to jeer at people”.

Read what he wrote below.


Police arrest Funke Akindele over house party

Jenifa’s Diary star, Funke Akindele, has been reportedly arrested by members of the Nigerian Police Force for hosting a party in her Amen Estate property; an acts that violates the lockdown order issued by Lagos State and the Federal Government.

NobleReporters report that men of the Lagos Police Command stormed the thespian’s home in three patrol vehicles and took her to State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba, for questioning.


Nigerians demand arrest of Naira Marley, Funke Akindele, JJC, others.

Nigerians took to social media on Sunday to criticize entertainer, Afeez Fashola known as Naira Marley.

The criticism was stirred by the party hosted by Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele and her husband, Abdul Rasheed Bello, Nigerian singer, and producer, better known as JJC Skillz.

The couple went against both Lagos State and Federal government orders on Saturday as they hosted a house party in celebration of JJC Skillz’s birthday amidst coronavirus lockdown.

The party was crowded with popular faces such as Naira Marley and Eniola Badmus in attendance.

The couple even went ahead to showcase photos and videos on social media.

Nigerians are now calling for the arrest of the celebrities including Naira Marley who is under trial for his alleged involvement in credit card fraud.

@NotJustSalmanPR, “Sidney pranked us, he got away with it. If the government doesn’t arrest everyone that attended that Funke Akindele’s house party, Maybe everyone should just go back to their normal lives and let the virus kill all of us.”

@Ewaoluwa wrote: “NCDC ambassador, Funke Akindele and everyone at the party should be locked up now.”

“You’ll see Naira Marley in anything that has to do with stupidity,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another said: “See the Crowd at Funke Akindele’s Party with Naira Marley in attendance, Eniola Badmus and people who just barely returned from the UK.

“The height of irresponsibility!”

However, in a now-deleted tweet, Funke Akindele said everyone who attended the house party was camped in her Estate before the lockdown.

Below are some reactions to Funke Akindele’s explanation:


Nigeria – Funke Akindele celebrate husband, JJC skillz @ 43.

Nigerian singer, JJC Skillz clocked 43, today, and his beautiful wife Funke Akindele Bello took to Instagram to celebrate him with a sweet message.

The mother of two shared these photos of her husband and herself posing together and then wrote: ‘Happy birthday my darling husband. The Lord will Grant you longer life and good health. Thank you for being a sweetheart! Our home will always be peaceful and the Lord will continue to bless us. Enjoy your day my King @jjcskillz #babaibeji.’



AMVCA7: See Full List Of Winners – Funke Akindele, Mercy Eke, Others.

The 7th edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards which held at the Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday night has ended in grand style.

Anchored by seasoned broadcasters Amina Abdi Rabar and Ik Osakioduwa, the star-studded show had some of Africa’s brightest filmstars clinch the coveted AMVCA plaques.

Music legend, 2baba serenaded the crowd while Cobhams Asuquo performed an emotional musical tribute in honour of Nollywood fallen stars.

The likes of Frank Dallas, Patience Oseni, Kelvin Osang Abang, Samuel Alabi Yellow, Victor Olaiya and many other Nigerian entertainers were acknowledged in the performance.

Leading the night was ‘Living in Bondage’ with a total of four wins. ‘Ratnik’ followed closely with three wins.

See the full list of winners below:

Best Makeup Category – Lilian Omozele Paul (God Calling)

Best Costume Designer – Dimeji Ajibola (Ratnik)

Best Picture Editor – Tosin Igho and Byryan Dike (Elevator Baby)

Best Sound Editor (Movie/TV Series) – Cristina Aragon (Living in Bondage)

Best Lighting and Designer (Movie/TV Series) – Cardoso (God Calling)

Best Cinematographer – John Demps (Living in Bondage)

Best Documentary – Beverly Naya (Skin)

Best Soundtrack (Movie/TV Series) – Larry Gaaga and Flavour (Living in Bondage)

Best Writer (Movie/TV Series) – Asinogu Nicole and CJ Obasi (Living in Bondage)

Best Indigenous Language (Movie/TV Series) Swahili – Raveet Sippy Chadha (Subira)

Best Indigenous Language (Movie/TV Series) Hausa – Muhammad T. Finisher (Tuntube)

Best Indigenous Language Movie/TV Series Yoruba – Yewande Famakin (Alubarika)

Best Indigenous Language Movie/TV Series Igbo – Victor Iyke (Nne)

Best TV Series Drama/Comedy) – Anis Halloway (Truth)

Best Short Film or Online Video – Bola ‘Enigma’ Akanbi (Thorn)

Best Multichoice Talent Factory Film – Promises (East Africa)

Best Movie Southern Africa – Dalitso (Abraham Kabwe)

Best Movie East Africa – Plan B (Sarah Hassan)

Best Movie West Africa – Living in Bondage (Steve Gukas)

Industry Merit Award – Peter Igho

Best Supporting Actress in a Movie or TV Series – Gloria Sarfo (The Perfect Picture: 10 Years Later)

Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or TV Series – Pascal Tokodi

Best Actress in a Comedy (Movie/TV Series) – Funke Akindele (Moms At War)

Best Actor in a Comedy (Movie or TV Series) – Chibunna “Funny Bone” Stanley (Smash)

Best Actress in a Drama (Movie/TV Series) – Toyin Abraham (Elevator Baby)

Best Actor in a Drama (Movie/TV Series) – Timini Egbuson (Elevator Baby)

Best Dressed Male – Mike Edwards Best

Dressed female – Mercy Eke

Trailblazer Award – Swanky J.K.A

Best Director – Ramsey Noah (Living in Bondage)

Overall Movie – Living in Bondage


JJC Skillz declare his love for Funke Akindele. (Video)

JJC Skillz took to Instagram to declare his love for Funke Akindele alongside a video of an Imam sharing the secret to a happy marriage.

In the video shared by JJC Skillz, the Imam is seen granting an interview broadcast on Eman Channel.

The Imam said: “If my wife were to phone me now and tell me, ‘move to the left.’ I’d move to the left even if there’s no place. Out of love. That’s it. So what? If that makes her happy, it makes her happy.

“You know, people might say this guy is a chicken. I don’t mind being called a chicken. I’ll even quack quack for you a little bit, so long as she’s happy. Mashallah

“Yeah, if that’s what makes your marriage, let it be.

“I’m telling you and I know that you might be surprised. It’s a reality.”

Reacting to the video, JJC Skillz wrote: “HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE @funkejenifaakindele I’ve got you 24 Hours. 24/7 Til the end of time.”



Award winning actress – (everything you need to know about Funke Akindele Bello)

Funke Akindele Bello has become a household name in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Slowly but steadily, Funke Akindele has created an image for herself as a Nollywood legend. The 42 year old actress started out as a child actor in the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) sponsored TV series, I Need To Know that aired on the National Television Authority (NTA) between 1998-2002.

Akindele, from Ikorodu, grew up in Lagos with her family. She studied Mass Communication in the Ogun State Polytechnic bagging an OND, after which she secured a law degree from the University of Lagos.

After her time at I Need To Know, Akindele found it difficult to land roles in spite of all her attempts. Funke sharing with Guardian Life had this to say about her struggles,

‘After ‘I Need To Know’, I didn’t get any more roles, I went down; I got back to attending auditions and lobbying, calling people and knocking on doors but none opened. I felt I had lost my chance.’

Funke Akindele veered into Yoruba movies full time, where she kicked off her acting career, gradually working her way up again in the industry, she appeared in Ojo Ketala, Akorede, Maami, Aja, Aje Meta, 1 and 2 Asiri Nla, and others. Jenifa the movie was created in 2008 featuring Funke Akindele as lead actor. The movie scored four nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2008 and won Funke Akindele the Best Actress in a Leading role for her performance as Jenifa. She subsequently started the Jenifa’s Diary series in 2015 and that has changed the course of her career forever.

Through Jenifa’s Diary, Funke Akindele created a persona (Jenifa) that audiences could connect with. Her unrefined often hilarious experiences endear audiences to her. The Jenifa’s Diary series has seen a bunch of actors grace its screen at some point or the other. Banky W, Waje, Beverly Osu, Alex Ekubo, Ali Nuhu, Toke Makinwa, Amechi Mounagor, Wunmi Obe. Jenifa’s Diary has been successfully running for about five years now with fans always asking for more.

Speaking at the 4th edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NEC) held on April 20, 2016, at Landmark Event Centre, Oniru, Lagos, Funke shared her challenges launching Jenifa’s Diary, ‘When I started Jenifa’s Diary. I went to an agency, which I won’t mention. I thought they will be ready to do business with me because Jenifa to me was huge, but they asked me for my pilot.’

The Jenifa’s Diary series has been widely successful and has spurned a spinoff – Aiyetoro Town.

Funke transitioned from TV series into movies again with her appearance in Maami in 2011 which earned her a Nollywood Movie Award for Best Lead Actress in an Indigenous Language in 2013.

Funke Akindele is also CEO of Sceneone Productions, with her husband Abdul Resheed Bello, JJC Skillz whom she married in 2016.

Akindele has honed the ability to tell a story that is a balance of humour and seriousness at the same time. She has also featured in several movies where she gave stellar performances – A Trip To Jamaica, Moms At War, Chief Daddy and others. She recently made her directorial debut in the EbonyLife Film, Your Excellency, where she also made an appearance.

Funke Akindele has deployed her writing, producing and directing skills to amass several awards through the years.

Best Actress Leading Role at Africa Movie Academy Awards 2009
Best Actress at Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2009
Best Actress at Nollywood Movies Awards 2012
Best Actress (Indigenous) at Nollywood Movies Awards 2013
Best Actress (Comedy) at Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2014
Brand Ambassador of the Year at ELOY Awards 2014
Best Actress (Leading Role) at Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2014
Best Actress in Comedy at Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2016
Best Actress of the Year at Africa Entertainment Legend Awards 2016
Best Actress in Comedy Movies at Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award 2017
Best Lead Actress at Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2017
She is one of Nigeria’s most awarded actresses.

#Newsworthy. .

Feb’14: 10 favorite celebrity couples. {photos} Val’20

° Bankole Wellington (Banky W) and Adesua Etomi Wellington

° Simi and Adekunle Gold

° Temi Otedola and Mr. Eazi

° Annie and 2face idibia

° Chioma Avril and David Adeleke (Davido)

° Stefflon Don and Burna Boy

° Busola Dakolo and Timi Dakolo

° Linda Ejiefor and Ibrahim Suleiman

° Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz

° Bam Bam and Teddy A


Feb’14: Funke Akundele celebrate Valentine’s day in Ankara outfit. #Val’20


Tope Alabi attend her dad’s burial in styles (videos)

The final burial of Gospel musician Tope Alabi‘s father, Joseph Akinyele Obayomi, is presently happening in Oshodi, Lagos.

Unlike actress Funke Akindele who chose to shun her dad’s burial, Tope Alabi ensured she participated in all the burial activities of her late dad.

NobleReporters learnt that the late Obayemi was aged 89 and is survived by children and grandchildren.

In celebrating his passing away, Tope Alabi had a wake keep yesterday at 4pm, folowed by a praise night that held between 5:30pm and 11pm.

The praise night was led by gospel singer, Big Bolaji and Tope Alabi herself.

Abraham collapsed during pregnancy
For the wake keep, Tope Alabi and family settled for white native attires, with a gele mix of silver and green, while an emerald lace was used for the praise night.









AMVCA: Shola Shobowale, Funke Akindele, Reminisce Among Nominees

Remilekun Safaru, a Nigerian rapper-turn actor, better known as Reminisce, has been nominated for the 2020 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

On Thursday, the nominees for the seventh edition of AMVCA were announced in a live broadcast anchored by Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman, two Nollywood actors.

The 39-year-old singer was nominated in the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ category for his role as Makanaki, an ambitious political thug plotting to oust his boss, in Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King of Boys’.

Others who were also nominated are Ramsey Nouah, Kate Henshaw, Richard Mofe Damijo, and Nkem Owoh for their roles in several other movies.

For the 2020 AMVCA, awards will be presented in 28 categories, with seven open to public voting and 21 being categories to be decided by the AMVCA panel of judges.

See the full list of nominees below:

Best Short Film or Online Video

  • Oga John – Bolanle Akintomide
  • Thorn – Bola ‘Enigma’ Akanbi
  • Prueba – Stanlee Ohikuhare
  • Tokunbo – Bio Arimoro

Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or TV Series

  • Damijo (Rmd) – Seven Richard Mofe
  • Ramsey Nouah – Living In Bondage
  • Nkem Owoh – God Calling
  • Remilekun ‘Reminisce’ Safaru – King Of Boys
  • Pascal Tokodi – Disconnect

Best Supporting Actress in a Movie or TV Series

  • Toni Tones – King Of Boys
  • Eucharia Anunobi – The Foreigner’s God
  • Tina Mba – The Set Up
  • Mary Lazarus – Size 12
  • Gloria Sarfo – The Perfect Picture: 10 Years Later

Best Cinematographer

  • Living In Bondage – John Demps
  • Ratnik – Niyi White, Gbenga Fifolabi and Abiola Ladipo
  • The Set-Up – Mohammed Attah

Best Lighting Designer in a Movie or TV Series

  • God Calling – Cardoso
  • Ratnik – Abiola Ladipo
  • Elevator Baby – Eleaxu Texas
  • Plan B – Odhiambo Walter

Best Costume Designer Movie or TV Series

  • Living In Bondage Olohigbe Nwagwu
  • The Foreigner’s God Ifan Michael
  • Ratnik Dimeji Ajibola
  • King Of Boys Yolanda Okereke

Best Make-Up Category

  • God Calling – Lilian Omozele Paul
  • The Foreigner’s God – Jude Odoh
  • King Of Boys – Hakeem Effects
  • Coming From Insanity – Bio Arimoro

Best Actor in a Comedy (Movie or TV Series)

  • Uzor Arukwe – Smash
  • Chibunna “Funny Bone” Stanley – Smash
  • Uzor Arukwe – Size 12
  • Ramsey Nouah – Merry Men 1
  • Etim Effiong – Plan B Daniel

Best Actress in a Comedy (Movie/TV Series)

  • Toyin Abraham – Bling Lagosians
  • Bimbo Ademoye – Looking For Baami
  • Funke Akindele – Moms At War
  • Abraham – Kasanova
  • Ebele Okaro – Smash

Best Actor in a Drama (Movie/TV Series)

  • Swankey J.K.A – Living In Bondage
  • Timini Egbuson – Elevator Baby
  • Efa Iwara – Seven
  • Gabriel Afolayan – Coming From Insanity
  • Ramsey Nouah – Levi

Best Actress in a Drama (Movie/TV Series)

  • Shola Shobowale – King Of Boys
  • Zainab Balogun – Sylvia
  • Zainab Balogun – God Calling
  • Toyin Abraham – Elevator Baby
  • Kate Henshaw – The Ghost And The House Of Truth

Best Writer in a Movie or TV Series

  • BB Sasore – God Calling
  • Tosin Igho – Seven
  • Vanessa Kanu – Sylvia
  • Biodun Stephen – Joba
  • Nicole Asinugo and CJ Obasi – Living In Bondage
  • Akay Mason and Yusuf Carew – Elevator Baby

Best Documentary

  • Hidden Euphoria – Aderogba Adedeji
  • Skin – Beverly Naya
  • Against All Odds: A Tale Of Resilience – Aderemi Davies
  • Ibadan: Yoruba Heritage – Tunde Oladimeji

Best Indigenous Language Movie/TV Series Swahili

  • Raveet Sippy Chadh – Subira
  • Timoth Conrad Kachumka – Sema
  • Victor Gatonye – Dream Child
  • Joan Kabugu – Toy Car

Best Indigenous Language Movie/TV Series Yoruba

  • Ronke Odusanya – Ajoji Godogbo –
  • Yewande Famakin – Alubarika
  • Oyebade Adebimpe – Adebimpe Omo Oba
  • Wumi Olabimtan – Intent

Best Indigenous Language Movie/TV Series

  • Tuntube – Muhammad T. Finisher
  • Mariya – Abubakar Bashir
  • Abarawa Rai – Muhammad Adam and Tundun Murtala
  • Sadauki – Hassan Giggs

Best Indigenous Language Movie/TV Series Igbo

  • Isianyaocha – Brown Ene
  • Nekwa – Paul Igwe
  • Nne – Victor Iyke
  • Obiakpor – Evan Okechukwu

Best Movie Southern Africa

  • Kukuri – Philippe Talavera
  • Dalitso – Abraham Kabwe
  • Kwacha – Cassie Kabwikta
  • The Beautiful Hen Behind Yao Mountain – Imran Kaisi

Best Movie East Africa

  • Disconnect – Iman Mueke
  • Lost In Time – Edijoe Mwaniki
  • Plan B – Sarah Hassan
  • 94 Terror – Mulinwa Richard

Best Movie in West Africa

  • God Calling – Momo Spaine
  • Seven – Tosin Igho
  • Elevator Baby – Victoria Akujobi
  • Living In Bondage – Steve Gukas
  • Ratnik – Dimeji Ajibola

Best Television Series Drama or Comedy

  • Jenifa’s Diary – Funke Akindele
  • Truth – Anis Halloway
  • Life As It Is – Uche Odoh
  • Women – Uchenna Mbunabo

Best Picture Editor

  • God Calling – Holmes Awa
  • Ratnik – Dimeji Ajibola
  • Living In Bondage – Antonio Rebeiro
  • Seven – Tosin Igho and Bryan Dike
  • Elevator Baby – Emiola Fagbenle
  • Best Art Director Movie/TV Series
  • Living In Bondage – Victor Afrigold, Ayanda Carter, Jim Franklin, Zimasa Ndamase
  • Ratnik – Dimeji Ajibola, Iwaotan Olusola Roberts
  • God Calling – Omotola Alade
  • The Bling Lagosians – Bolanle Austen Peters

Best Sound Track Movie/TV Series

  • King Of Boys – Sess, Reminisce & Adekunle Gold – Original Gangster
  • Living In Bondage – Larry Gaga & Flavour – Tene
  • God Calling – Ighwiyisi Jacobs – Stay With Me
  • The Gift – Mercy Aghedo – The Gift
  • Run -Timzil – Run

MultiChoice Talent Factory Award

  • Life of Bim – West Africa
  • Dreamchaser – West Africa
  • Ensulo – East Africa
  • Promises – East Africa
  • Savana Skies – Southern Africa
  • The Painting – Southern Africa

Best Director

  • Living In Bondage – Steve Gukas, Ramsey Nouah
  • God Calling – Bb Sasore
  • The Set Up – Niyi Akinmolayan
  • King Of Boys – Kemi Adetiba
  • Ratnik – Dimeji Ajibola
  • The Ghost And The House Of Truth – Akin Omotosho
  • Seven – Tosin Igho


Eniola Badmus: I pray Nigeria can be like Dubai

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus says she pray Nigeria become as fine as Dubai.

Speaking via her official Instagram page on Friday, 24th January, Badmus further gushed about the middle East country by exclaiming; ‘Dubai is fine shaaa.’

The screen diva and friend, Funke Akindele have been holidaying in Dubai in the last few weeks.

This is coming few weeks after they both amended their differences.

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus

She wrote:

Dubai is fine shaaaaa……..I pray my country can be like Dubai


My life turned around for good after kissing mercy aigbe – Actor Adeniyi

Nollywood actor Adeniyi Johnson, in a new interview revealed how he was told to kiss Mercy Aigbe in a movie, despite being an up-coming actor.

The actor recounted the incident in the interview with The Punch , where he spoke on how he met the actress while he auditioned for the movie Return of Jenifa.

He said,