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Are waist trainers good for you? (See the goods and bads).

As with most products, there are both benefits and risks. Here are the health implications of using a waist trainer.

Waist trainers are worn to reshape the waistline and shrink the stomach. Waist-shaping corsets aren’t new – in fact, tight lacing (also known as corset training) was quite common in the late Victorian era and came into existence in around 16th century.

However, the Kardashians and other celebrities popularized the trend with pictures of their tightly-cinched tiny waists and the body-shaping movement kicked off. People nowadays wear it for a quick fix. Unfortunately, a waist trainer isn’t going to magically give a naturally thinner woman a curvy body, that’s for sure. Some women also wear it during workouts. It might make you slim at the waist and lead to temporary weightloss, but it doesn’t get rid of body fat in the long run.

So what exactly is waist training and what are the implications? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Skin irritation

One of the most common effects of waist training is skin irritation. Having something so tightly fastened to your skin for a prolonged amount of time will cause chafing that can cause serious discomfort. You may think a rash is a cheap price to pay for the ‘perfect’ hourglass figure, but you may not feel the same way if it leads to infection and your shape is the same as it always was.

Dr. Galyna, an aesthetics specialist says: “Tightness and repeated use of your waist trainer can cause cramps, discomfort and pinching if it is too tight. This restriction and tightness around the waist could interfere with the appearance and general health of your skin.”

2. Organ shifting

“With waist training, the upper organs move upwards, and the lower organs shift downwards. This can then put a similar pressure on the abdomen – which has been known to cause constipation,” says Dr. Galyna.

3. Acid reflux

“The shifting of organs can also increase the chances of heartburn as your stomach shifts up beyond your diaphragm causing acid reflux,” says Dr. Galyna.

By compressing your mid-section, the waist trainer is also pressing on your stomach up higher increasing your chance of heartburn and indigestion. Not only can it cause pain, but recurring acid reflux can cause long-term damage by eroding the walls of the esophagus.

4. Causes Dehydration

“You might see an increase in body temperature and excessive sweating whilst ‘waist training’ during exercise, which can cause dehydration,” says Dr Galyna. “To minimise any symptoms, we would advise people to stay fully hydrated.”

5. Breathing

As well as putting pressure on your stomach, your entire internal network is being pushed to fit the shape of the cincher. By restricting your diaphragm, you’re reducing the amount of oxygen you can take it. This can leave you feeling short of breath, light-headedness and even cause you to faint. To this, Dr. Galyna says that “the quality and depth of your breathing, particularly if wearing your ‘waist trainer’ while exercising, is also impacted.”

6. Bruising

Unlike traditional corsets, modern waist trainers don’t have the same strength to affect the shape of your bones. This will means you will be left with bone bruises as the trainer compresses your body. You may not think this sounds that bad but bone bruises are significantly more painful and long lasting than regular bruises. With social media users getting younger and younger, there is a far greater risk to children whose bones have not formed fully as cinchers could actually affect the development of their bone structure. Hence it is not advised to be used by people who are still growing.

7. Numbness

Not only will your blood flow be limited by the compression, your nerves may also be affected. This could cause you to experience pins and needles or numbness in your legs.

8. Affects back muscles

Prolonged waist training means your abdominal muscles aren’t as active, even if you are exercising regularly. Dr. Galyna points out that the waist trainer has a potential to weaken the abdominal muscles as one isn’t using the muscles for support when the trainer is on.

“The corset provides the support, not the muscles, and if the muscles are not used they will waste.”

9. Restricts eating

Waist trainers are designed to cinch at the waist, which can lead to an unhealthy, unsafe decrease in the amount of food you eat because you’ll feel fuller, faster.

10. Psychological addiction

Although a waist cincher will make your waist appear slimmer while you’re wearing it, every time you take it off your unhappiness with your shape will be perpetuated through comparison. Your brain associates the perfect figure with the waist trainer. This false hope can even leave you with the belief that diet and exercise is no longer necessary, as well as becoming addicted to the wearing the cincher. In the long-run, you’ll most find the whole experience rather distressing when the desired results are not met.

“There is anecdotal evidence wearing a corset can be addictive to those people with an obsessive personality,” says Lemon.

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Actress Dayo Amusan Hit The Media. Says, “I get my money not only from Nollywood.”

Actress and filmmaker, Dayo Amusan has lamented over not making any money from Nollywood even after shooting 12 movies and still counting.

Amusan in the interview with The Media disclosed that she does other things that generate money for her but however expressed hope of making money from Nollywood someday.

“I do a lot of things that generate money for me. I have always done business even before I came into Nollywood and I am still in business. I came into Nollywood as an actress before becoming a movie producer and to date, I have shot 12 movies and still counting. Truth be told, I have not made money from Nollywood yet. After 12 movies I have not made the kind of money that I should make but I know I will make it. You see, there is a difference between making a huge profit and then, just getting your money back on your investment. I haven’t broken even” she said.

She also disclosed that her major challenge is that her movies are not yet being shown in cinemas.

“I love doing good movies and putting up good content. I think my major challenge now is that my movies are not showing in all cinemas in the country like I hoped and it saddens me. Their excuse is that my movies are indigenous and the titles are local but I am like ‘we get to watch foreign movies indigenous to different parts of the world yet subtitled and these movies are been shown in our cinemas so I ask the question ‘why can’t we encourage our local content?’ I want to believe that even if a movie is 100 per cent indigenous, that does not stop it from showing in cinemas as long as the movie is well subtitled.

“It has greatly affected me as an independent film maker, I do most of my productions from my purse. It is not like I get grants and it really eats moviemakers up when we don’t get the opportunity to showcase what we have.

“Even if they feel we are not getting it right, there is a way they can inform us that this is what you need to achieve this and that. But they just label it local content, indigenous this and indigenous that, giving what we do all sorts of names but the fact is, when you preview a job and story wise you have it, picture wise you have it, quality wise and artistic whatever you have it, then why the barrier? Why can’t such a movie be seen in all cinemas across Nigeria.

“But they are giving excuses that when cinema going audiences hear the title, they will not like it. Who says so? Yes, a title could have a very positive impact on a production but a title is a title, be it local or English or what have you. An indigenous title cannot stop a good film from flying at the box office,” she adds with emphasis.


Men should be allowed to marry 2 wives to reduce rate of adultery – Gospel singer, Stella Aba Seal.

Popular Ghanaian gospel singer, Stella Aba Seal has openly advocated for men to be allowed to marry 2 wives as long as they can take care of them.

Speaking in an interview with Becky on E with Becks, Stella said a polygamous marriage will help reduce the high rate of adultery on the part of men and women.

”If a married man is responsible and I’m his first wife and he wants to marry [another wife] and he can take care of both of us…I don’t have a problem with that,” Stella Seal said.

“If you think you love the woman enough, do the needful or fix your marriage. I speak to ladies who tell me they have four to six boyfriends just because they don’t know who will give them security,” she added.


Sensitisation On Depression By Olamide Noble.

Noble Gi-stars

+ What is depression?
+ Symptoms of depression
+ Causes of depression
+ Effects of depression
+ The way out / possible solutions to depression.

*What is depression?*
Depression, according to psychologists is a mood or emotional state that is marked by feelings of low self-worth or guilt and a reduced ability to enjoy life.
Depression is common and serious medical illness that negatively affected how you feel, think and act.

*Causes of depression*
! An unfavourable life event can increase a person’s vulnerability bro depression or trigger a depression episode.
! Negative thoughts about oneself and the world the world are also important in producing and maintaining depressive symptom.

*Causes of depression*
– Feeling of sadness
– Hopelessness or pessimism
– Lowered self-esteem
– Heightened self-depreciation
– Decrease or loss of ability to take pleasure in ordinary activities.
– Reduced energy and viability.
– Slowness of thought or action.
– Loss of appetite
– Disturbed sleep or insomnia.

_Note_ – Depression is different from simple grief or mourning which are appropriate emotional responses. Depression is disproportionately long or severe vis-a-vis the precipitating event.
The distinction between the duration of depression, the circumstances under which it arises, and certain other characteristics underlie the classification of depression into different types…

Depression varies from person-to-,person. I.e., it is contagious.
Example – When a lady has a depressed boyfriend which she couldn’t change despite staying together always, it is then, certain that she gets depressed as well.

*Effects of depression*
1. Depression leads to lack of productivity. I.e the victim would not be able to carry out their duties as regard the organization’s requirements.
It is not possible for a depressed person to be productive.
2. Depression is contagious. Depression spreads from person to person.

*Way out/possible solutions*
1. Eat healthy.
2. Talk to someone.
3. Focus in your strength and think less of the problem.
4. Take life one step at a time.
5. Definitely, addiction is not a way out – Like an anonymous wanted says – *_Drink more water ~than sniper_* 😆


#Noble Gi-stars

‘Buhari In Russia, FEC Sets Deadline For Minimum Wage [Dec 31st]’. (Talktime With Damilare).


Talkime with a service Corp, Olatunji Damilola on the newly minimum wage deadline by FEC [31st Dec]. The Service Corp gave his point and views concerning the minimum wage.

Read… Oyo/Osun, Who deserves the ownership of LAUTECH. (Talk time with PenKraft).

During the interview with Newsworthy3.news.blog,

He said;

Giving a deadline for the minimum wage is just an option for the CEO not to pay their workers on time but the only chain on their(company’s owner)neck is the kick start date that is a date the implementation should start.


Oyo/Osun, Who deserves the ownership of LAUTECH. (Talk time with PenKraft).

Talk time with an ex member of NYSC, Edo state, Egor council. His nick PENKRAFT, a writer and an innovator openly exposed in the talk time with Newsworthy3.news.blog concerning the state to own Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology.

He said;

Anyway, the now Osun State was part of Oyo State. The school was founded during the period.

The main campus is located in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, while its teaching hospital is located in Osogbo.

The problem started when Oyo State was created from Oyo State.

Osogbo became part of Oyo State.

Alao Akala, the former Governor of Oyo State, has established another teaching hospital for the institution in Ogbomoso.

You can seek more clarifications on Google.



Save A Breast & Save A Live With Oghale Omuta And Glory Odoemenam. [Photos]

Sensitization On Breast Cancer Awareness For The Month Of October.

According to the sensitization done by the whole Editorial group, Edo state NYSC secretariat, Egor L.G. The chief speakers, Oghale Omuta and Glory Odoemenam.Pressing further by Newsworthy3.news.blog ask for the meaning of ‘Mamography’ and ‘Radiation’.Mamography is a scan, Cancer scan, Oghale Omuta.Radiation is a radio wave in which if the person going for the cancer check up is underage [I.e, below 30], it may affect their breast because the radiation would be too high for unmarried youths, Glory Odoemenam.

Avoidance of Breast Cancer

1]. Avoid putting on bras for too long.

2]. Avoid putting on dirty bras.

3]. Avoid putting on right bras.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer.

A]. Rashes.

B]. Decoloration.

C]. Breast Discharge of blood and water.

D]. Sudden dimpling of the breast.

E]. Increase in size.

F]. Discovering lumps around the breast.

G]. Multiple lumps in the nipple.

If a lady discovers any of the above, she should contact her doctor immediately.

Note –

Check your family history to be sure you don’t have any history of anyone have breast cancer.If you don’t have history of cancer in your family, it is advisable to go for mammography checkup from age 40/above, once in a year.Observing of family history, if anyone finds an history of cancer in their family, it is advisable to go for mammography checkup from age 30/above, once in a year., C.S, Oghale Omuta.

Before Ages of checkup for affected and infected, it is good for a lady to do self-examination, by lying down on the floor or stay in front of mirror, raise your hands (left/right) and use hand (right/left) to massage your breasts to see if there isn’t increase in the size of breast, lumps Or rashes., Chief speaker Oghale Omuta hinted.

If an underage goes for mammography, it may lead to radiation since the breast is still intact and haven’t pass through stress, chief speaker, Glory included.

Question Time [Answer]

Does men have breast cancer?

Over the years, it has not being heard of men having cancer, but recently where I serve [UBTH, Cancer registry], a man diagnosed Of breast cancer revealed that he has a pet (dog) which lick his nipple when he was shirtless, anyways, it is normal for a dog to play. The man didn’t count it as anything until his breast started bringing out milk and very painful, it gets worst that The man’s breast got amputated. So if anyone has a pet(s) let’s be careful with the way we play with them. Third speaker from group answered.

Is it true that cream causes breast cancer?

It is not advisable to rob cream on breast because the breast skin is lighter and hereby chemicals may easily penetrate.

Why is it that if a lady is still breastfeeding, breast lactating, she is liable to contact cancer if she didn’t want to breastfeed; If she stop breastfeeding, breast still lactating, she isn’t liable to cancer?.

When you are still breastfeeding, it is full but if you stop breastfeeding, lactation will reduce because the milk won’t rush like before.

Originally, there is a lump in the nipple, does it means it causes cancer?

No!, But if a lady notice sudden multiple lumps In the nipple, it may be the sign.

Symptoms may mean nothing but early detection saves live

Save A Breast, Save A Live!!!